Yonkers Turkey Drive Ends Culminates with Three Count indictment Against Lorraine Lopez

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DiFiore_Janet LOPEZ-LORRAINEWHITE PLAINS, NY – April 19, 2012 — Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore announced that a three count indictment was unsealed today against Lorraine Lopez (DOB 10/19/66) 202 Hayward Street, Yonkers, New York charging her with:

  • one count of Grand Larceny in the Third Degree, a class “D” Felony,
  • one count of Tampering with Public Records in the First Degree, a class “D” Felony,
  • one count of Official Misconduct, a class “A” Misdemeanor,

in connection with the November 22nd 2011 charity Turkey Drive run by the City of Yonkers.

Between November 7th, 2011 and January 17th, 2012, the defendant, who at the time of the larceny had just retired as a Special Assistant to then Mayor Philip Amicone, was tasked with running the City’s annual charity Turkey Drive.  

The Turkey Drive is an annual charity event conducted under the auspices of the City of Yonkers, and donations are solicited to pay for the purchase of Turkeys and various other dinner trimmings.

The major contributors to the 2011 drive were the management and employees of Yonkers Contracting Corporation Inc., a construction and engineering firm located in the City of Yonkers.

The defendant received approximately $6,900 in donations for the express purpose of purchasing ingredients for Thanksgiving dinners that in turn would be given to various charities.

The defendant cashed the donation checks that were received through the Yonkers Parking Authority. 

The larceny came to light when Yonkers Contracting contacted City Hall after January 1st, 2012 asking about the success of the Drive. When no record of any purchases or disbursements could be located, the Office of Inspector General was contacted and an investigation was initiated. 

The defendant surrendered to the Yonkers Police this morning. 

“The allegations in this indictment are stark; this defendant pocketed thousands of dollars in donations made expressly for a charity holiday food drive, putting herself and her wants and desires before those of hundreds of needy families in the City of Yonkers. It is this kind of conduct that erodes the public’s trust and confidence in our government.” said District Attorney Janet DiFiore after the indictment was unsealed. 

Bail was set at $2,500. 

Her next court appearance will be on May 8th, 2012.

The defendant faces a maximum of seven years in state prison on the top counts of the indictment.

Assistant District Attorney Brian Conway, Deputy Chief of the Public Integrity Bureau, will prosecute the case.


In compliance with Disciplinary Rule 7-107A of the Code of

Professional Responsibility, you are advised that a charge is

merely an accusation and that a defendant is presumed

innocent until and unless proven guilty.



SOURCE: Office of Westchester County District Attorney. 

eHeziYonkers Turkey Drive Ends Culminates with Three Count indictment Against Lorraine Lopez

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  1. I agree with MeterMan#1 and quite honestly people need to get their facts straight. Its not the YPA cashing checks its the Yonkers Parking Violations Bureau. From what I’ve told this has been a common practice there. So if people are going to throw stones get your facts in order.

  2. Not everybody at the YPA is crooked and politically connected. There’s plenty of hard working, civil service test passing individuals who are not happy about the current situation and shouldn’t have to keep worrying about their jobs day in and day out because of Yonkers politics. Rolling it into city government is definitely NOT the answer. Yonkers needs to do another search for an outside professional like Bob Jean who straightened out the last mess at the YPA back in the 90’s. Just sayin’. As for Sweet Lorraine, any body who spits in a cops face deserves what she has coming down the road. Karma, whatever…..

  3. Anyone associated with this transaction
    should be investigated by the DA. How
    many more transaction like this took
    place? Did anyone get a kickback for
    cashing the check?

  4. The voters are the “stupid bastards”, clueless and oblivious.
    It’s amazing – the unusual and extraordinary concentration of dumb voters in one place. This is probably a phenomenon never known to man in any other time, place or society.
    It would be a good subject for a history channel documentray. Maybe it could be entitled “Yonkers, Why So Many Dumb Voters?”

  5. Up Yours AmiCon
    and Up Yours SpaNo
    Keep stealing and I’d wager Yonkers gets a guillotine setup in Getty Square right outside the BID Office.
    The other million dollar scam.
    Stupid Bastards.

  6. She’ll be coming round’ the mountain when she comes,
    She’ll be coming round the mountain
    When she comes,
    She’ll be coming round’ the mountain
    She’ll be coming round’ the mountain
    She’ll be coming round the mountain
    When she comes!
    Ain’t Yonkers great.
    Up yours Amicone
    This gutter puppy is gonna sing like a bird.

  7. Amicone’s comments in the JN story today were astoundingly moronic. He actually defended her as a great city worker. That is a joke of the same magnitude as his entire time in office.
    Then again, Philly, Johnny S., Liam, Richie Martinelli, Bill Raygun & Co beter speak well of her, publicly, try to convince her that they will help her (but they can’t) otherwise a former street girl like her could easily give them up, if she can.
    The feds should indict for the federal aspects of the crimes. She is part of the Yonkers RICO and would be invaluable in delivering a great portion of the organization to them for justice..

  8. I hear bill regan told his girl t the parking authority that it was ok to cash checks mde payable to the city of Yonkers and that this was not the first time. Frank McGovern should go like Carl and Jerry. Why are u protecting him mayor?

  9. I want to hear the process of how a charity donation was “cashed” at the YPA and a list of all who okayed that.
    Secondly the fact that the YPA was able to facilitate this makes you wonder what amounts of cash do they have lying around?
    All lead back to their master Amicone, who was surrounded by all of these people. Amicone will go down as the worst Mayor in the history of Yonkers.

  10. One would think that a six figure salary would surpress the need to steal from the poor, who would have benefitted fro the turkey dinners.
    This is not the first time she has been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. There was a time she was “borrowing” from Shoprite. Someone at City Hall got her out of that mess. The atmosphere of dishonesty is quite pervasive.

  11. Just wondering if the ok to cash the checks originated at the top, and filtered down the chain of command to the office clerk that cashed them for Lorraine. I wonder if it went something like this: Lorraine tells the mayor that she has some donation checks to cash, can she cash them to buy turkeys, the mayor says sure, so he directs the deputy mayor who just happens to be chairman of the parking authority, call down to the head of the parking authority to cash the checks. You would think cashing a check payable to thr COY and endorsed by a individual, instead of being deposited would fly a red flag, unless the approval came from the top.

  12. It’s obvious the whole parking authority and all who work there need to be investigated. Let’s not forget the real estate deals while we are at it.
    How can a monopoly such as parking lose money? Only in Yonkers. They need to get rid of the SUV’s and get Hybrid cars, for going around the city. A 5th grader could run this authority better. It all needs to be rolled into the City government and lets get rid of all of these retirement homes for the politically connected, most of whom could never make it in the real world.

  13. OK, so does the Parking Authority usually “launder” checks in this double endorsing way? Time to open the books. How many double endorsed checks have they processed through their accounts? What’s going on here. What are they propping up with this kind of “service.”
    And we all knew on this site that Lopez was waayy overdue for getting caught AND punished. It seemed she’d get caught and her hand slapped every time and there’d be chuckles about it. No way did she earn that 6 figure salary so why give it to her for YEARS. What did she REALLY do or what does she know.
    Lorraine, it is time to sing loud and clear about what’s been going on. You claim to be very ill now, so what have you got to lose with these people who used you? Was it worth it? NO! So just sing already and that will redeem you in a lot of people’s hearts around town.

  14. Who is her partner in the YONKERS PARKING CROOKS DEPT. Theres got to be alot of FINGERPRINTS on that check.Time to sing LORRAINE and do it fast this is getting very exciting WHOS NEXT ??????????

  15. according to lohud: “The charges against Lopez mean that all three officials who held the 2nd District seat on the Yonkers City Council between 1999 and 2009 have now faced criminal charges.”
    “It is this kind of conduct that erodes the public’s trust and confidence in our government.” said District Attorney Janet

  16. Do you think that Spencer & Amicone might be worried?
    There never was any “legitimate” reason for those two idiots to keep this nasty, unqualified, down & dirty person on the payroll at $140G per year.
    Therefore there must have been an “illegitimate” reason.
    Throw them to the wolves, Lorraine. They can’t and won’t help you anymore.

  17. I heard her boyfriend is the YONKERS FIREMAN that stole 100,000 from his BROTHERS at the HOUSE.Good job MIKEY there all snicthing on each other WHO IS NEXT.
    JANET got a large pile of names good job lets see when they play lets make a deal.

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