100 Days Out: Updating the Shifting Tectonic Political Plates in Yonkers By HEZI ARIS

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It seemed as though the political prognosis for Chuck Lesnick, serving the last two-years of an eight-years-long, term limited stint in office would be his epitaph. Many had declared the affable and extremely astute, but too often conflicted Yonkers City Council President had run out of options. His lack of garnering party support, he is a Democrat, for the office of mayor against the victorious effort of now Mayor Mike Spano seemed the beginning of a torturous slide into oblivion.

His inability to be resolute on issues had become legendary. An example of his politically tarnished patina revealed itself over the departure first revealed by the Yonkers Tribune / The Westchester Guardian of Yonkers City Clerk Joan Deierlein. Once revealed, the scramble to fill the Republican seat and the long dormant Democratic seat consumed the backrooms of Yonkers political protagonists.

Former Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Patricia McDow was pushing hers name to be the next Yonkers City Clerk. She was not worthy of representing Yonkers in any way. Exposed for all the shenanigans she pulled in her eights years in office exposed her ineptitude and corruption by our telling, despite the political cover and support she had to attempt to stymie our ethical and prudent efforts. The “Diva” has quietly recoiled from the process; so much so, she now resides in The Bronx with the intension of conceivably mounting an effort to represent constituents in The Bronx. I am getting sick just writing this, but you can’t make this stuff up.

José Alvarado, the Honduran wunderkind that survived his disregard for the Yonkers constituents he should have ably represented but chose to instead serve the Westchester County Board of Legislators (WCBoL) to a fault as “their boy” rather than respectfully serve those who entrusted him to do just that. He fooled Yonkersites over and over. Eventually they tired of his “game” and catapulted the unknown Virginia Perez to succeed his lazy, arrogant, and dismissive demeanor. Despite the writing on the wall, the WCBoL pushed for him to find safe haven in Mayor Mike Spano’s administration, specifically in the Office of Constituent Services. Believing he could continue his lazy way, he has proven himself unworthy of being considered for Yonkers City Clerk, but he was heavy in the running. Not any more. Alvarado can no longer hide behind his crookedly feigned smile. So much for the patronage mill; pathetic, isn’t it?

Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick’s Chief of Staff Rachelle “Rocky” Richard was in contention from the sidelines, but Lesnick didn’t seem to have the juice to move her candidacy forward. The residue left from the Yonkers Mayoralty race did not subside. The Democrats were not pleased that Lesnick would not remove himself from contention.

Then Yonkers City Democratic Chairperson Symra Brandon threw her name in the mix, and others thereafter. All for naught. It became a free for all. Brandon had her own conflicts of interest that caused people to rail at her mention. She was disliked by too many to be seriously considered.

The political tectonic plates upon which Yonkers stand have now coalesced about George Kevgas, a fomer aide in Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick’s Office, and a candidate whose recent run against Legislator Bernice Spreckman faltered. Kevgas’ name solidifies consensus about Lesnick’s growing political support within his party and opens doors to political office that had seen him at the losing end of conjectured political confrontation. No longer, Lesnick seems in a better place than ever before.

Since January 1, 2012, Lesnick could be quietly recognized to right his political aspirations closer to safer shores. He wasn’t so much tempered by being exposed for the political games he played as he has learned to prudently build and find consensus within his own circle of influence. This, coupled with the impending conclusion to his final term in office, and the dimming prospects for higher office by circumstances of his own past doing, Lesnick may have at last snatched victory from looming defeat.

No one except he has a six-year’s resume on the Yonkers City Council. Three councilmen have two-year’s tenure, and three councilmen are serving the first days of their four-years’ long term. The young “elder statesman” is riding the coattails of Mayor Mike Spano in building consensus among the legislative representatives, specifically among the Democrats, and earning the respect that has eluded him during his years in office.

Being supportive of Mayor Mike Spano in an ethical manner with deference to what is best for the City of Yonkers is the ticket for Lesnick achieving higher political office. The prospect of U.S. Congressman Chuck Lesnick may not be as farfetched as once conjectured in derisive tones. It has now become the second rail ancillary to  Lesnick’s future prospects.

In the meanwhile, Yonkers City Clerk Joan Deierlein has yet to officially write a letter of resignation that would supersede her verbal  pronouncement. The Yonkers City Council has yet to publicly announce its formal action.

For those taking score… while Alvarado is down, possibly out, Lesnick can stand up a winner.

It was anticipated early on that Lesnick would challenge almost every task that would be visited by the Yonkers City Council, Instead, and because of the stated demeanor of Mayor Mike Spano, there may just be a better appreciation of the disparate agendas and people prudently needing to respectfully work together. Pragmatism is a wonderful thing and may prove politically expedient. But, and this is a powerful but, only if Yonkersites come out on top. 


eHezi100 Days Out: Updating the Shifting Tectonic Political Plates in Yonkers By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Hezi,Wondering why no mention of Vinny spano? He has been there for ten years, does that make too much sense for yonkers?


  3. further, this is great news that Pat McDow moved to the Bronx. Whew! So did she give up the apartment in Hudson Park, the one that she had a “special rate” for? Every time she is in a room, it may mean there’s a self-serving deal in the works, sooner or later.

  4. Rocky Richards would be excellent in the position, and frankly, it would bore the hell out of her to do that job, but she’d do it well anyway. The other person from Lesnick’s office would be using it as a political pit stop, so is this the right choice? Take Rocky for all she’s worth, which is a lot of heart and skill to do the job.

  5. Chuckles only option at this point is to make nice to Mike before the Control Board rides in to town with the hopes of slipping in to a minor NYS Deputy Commissioner seat through Cuomo. He will hope to ride the Cuomo train to DC in 4 years and become the undersecretary of uselessness and fecklessness.

  6. there is absolutely no way chuck will ever get a nomination for the US congress…the nita lowey seat
    will not be vacant for at least another 4-6 years and
    in terms of popularity inside the democratic party
    noam bramson mayor of new rochelle and amy pauln
    a new york state assemblyman are on the list way ahead
    of chuck..as for the elliot engel seat that too will
    not be vacant for an even longer period of time and that nomination will not come from westchester when
    it is time to choose..so chuck is not even on line
    for the seat and running a primary against whomever the
    party chooses would be useless

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