Allegations of Impropriety By Westchester County D.A. DiFiore Unproven By HEZI ARIS

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DiFiore_JanetYONKERS, NY — May 29, 2012 — In an article written by Chuck Bennett of The New York Post today, May 29, 2012, in an EXCLUSIVE reports, “DA Improperly Got Her Maid Welfare: Probe”, referring to Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore. The article asserts Ms DiFiore “pulled strings” to obtain food stamps, cash assistance and Medicaid benefits for her family’s live-in housekeeper, and bases the foundation for these statements on an internal report obtained from Westchester County’s Department of Social Services by Dhyalma Vazquez, a county anti-fraud investigator, as well as, an officer of the Yonkers Independence Party and office holder with Westchester County Independence Party Chairman Dr. Giulio Cavallo.

The New York Post notes that in an internal email of June 30, 2011, Dhyalma Vazquez, recognized that it was “completely unacceptable” for DeFiore’s housekeeper, a 58-year-old Jamaican immigrant, Marina Buchanan, to have been granted welfare benefits after having been denied those same benefits in three previous applications. Ms Vazquez asserts that Ms DiFiore had Buchanan’s case file re-opened after the Yonkers branch office denied benefits.

Buchanan is said to have been paid $200 a week in cash by DiFiore, and received at additional. Under suspicion is whether Ms DiFiore paid appropriate Social Security taxes on Buchannan’s stipulated wages. 

Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore’s spokesman, Lucian Chalfen, had this morning advised he would make some comment today. 

In discussion with D.A. DiFiore with this reporter, Ms DeFiore denied any wrong doing on her part. “I’ve done nothing wrong in any respect. The person quoted in this illegally leaked email has a well-known political agenda that she has been carrying on against me for at least a decade and this appears to be more of the same.”  

Ms. DiFiore holds the chair of the Joint Committee on Public Ethics, which is charged with investigating potential wrongdoing by state lawmakers. When Governor Andrew Cuomo announced in December , 2011, announced her appointment, he said, "I am confident that under the leadership of Chair DiFiore and the other board members, the Commission will be the toughest ethics enforcer in our state's history."

eHeziAllegations of Impropriety By Westchester County D.A. DiFiore Unproven By HEZI ARIS

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  1. wow, have a so-so opinion of DiFiore, but the thought of Dhyalma Vazquez, of all people, being the arbiter of injustice is incredibly laughable and ludicrous.

  2. what rock did you crawl out from under? difiore is a hack that is far from principled.
    difiore cares more about her b.s. conviction record than taking good cases to trial….she is a politcal flip flopper and should be voted out of office during her next election

  3. Dyalma is the alleged girlfriend of Cavallo! How can Cavallo get away with what he has done and the US Attormey has it so maybe he will be next!

  4. Dhalma needs to get a life! She has been on this hate-filled vendetta for a long time. She rants and raves like some kind of lunatic and expects to be taken seriously? Leaking confidential documents from the Department of Social Services is a crime and Dhalma should know that.
    DiFiore, on the other hand, has proven herself to be a fair, highly principled, straight-shooting prosecutor. DiFiore is a former judge and has amicable relations with those on both sides of the political aisle.

  5. Janet can clear this up by publishing two things:
    Her domestic employee payroll and tax records.
    The email and the name of the sender.
    My question is why is the DA paying servants in cash???

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