CIA Foils Underwear Bomber Mimic Plot By Al Qaeda in Yemen By HEZI ARIS

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AlQusoThe day following the death of Fahd al-Quso, a senior al-Qaeda operative leader operating out of Yemen was killed by a US drone strike, CIA agents are said to have disrupted a plot to detonate an upgraded version of the failed 2009 “underwear bomb.” FBI agents are said to be examining the devise which was initially seized by CIA agents.

Initial reports do not designate a specific target for which the device would have been planned. Neither was the device been placed in a specific plane or tickets purchased for a specific airplane route. Neither have the whereabouts of a would-be bomber or bombers been divulged.


Further still, it is unclear who built the device. Officals have advised the device shares some of the features incorporated with the bomb sewn into the underwear of Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab when he attempted a suicide bombing on a plane bound for Detroit on Christmas Day in 2009.

The most intriguing aspect of the bomb revealed today is that it includes extremely powerful industrial grade explosives that would have likely passed detection since no metal was used in its making.

White House Spokesperson Caitlin Hayden advised the plot was revealed to President Barak Obama in April.


eHeziCIA Foils Underwear Bomber Mimic Plot By Al Qaeda in Yemen By HEZI ARIS

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