Backroom Antics Consume Yonkers City Council’s Assertions of Transparent Governance By HEZI ARIS

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Yonkers City HallThe Yonkers City Council has become consumed in outmaneuvering one another in a power play over succession to the retiring Joan Deierlein. Animosity and one-upmanship has reared its ugly head while lines have been drawn in the sand over whether making the public aware of the circumstances or not. Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick, and Councilmembers Christopher Johnson and  Michael Sabbatino want transparency over this issue, asserting Majority Leader Wilson Terrero, Minority Leader John Larkin, and Councilmembers Dennis Shepherd and Michael Breen belief the public is knowledgeable of the potential candidates considered open for Yonkers City Clerk is not the case. The positions in question are Yonkers City Clerk, and 1st Deputy Clerk, and 2nd Deputy Clerk.

Joan Deierlein is the present Yonkers City Clerk; she will be stepping down by the end of June 2012. Vincent Spano is presently Acting First Deputy Clerk. Since the departure of Barbara Flatley, the Yonkers City Clerk’s office has not had a third member in that office. 

Yonkers Tribune was first to advise the games being played in the various backrooms at the Yonkers City Council.

The Democrats are furious over Minority Leader Wilson Terrero (D-2nd District) working out a deal with Mssrs Larkin (R-6th District), Shepherd (R-4th District, and  Breen (R-5th District) and on Monday, June 25, 2012, casting their vote against having an interview of those standing for the office of Yonkers City Clerk before the cable television cameras after the conclusion of Budget Chair Johnson’s Budget Committee Meeting at 7 :00 p.m., on Tuesday, June 26, 2012. Asserting the candidates should be given public notice and a public airing are Mssrs. Lesnick (D-President), Johnson (D-1st District, and Sabbatino (D-3rd District).

Bringing about interviews of the candidates being considered did not win the time of day. Recrimination was acridly expressed in a bevy of email correspondences that flew among the seven members of the Legislative Branch of office.

Transparency has been securely anchored behind a locked door with an opaque window through which little light has escaped.

The deal is not done; the games are still being played. Only one thing can be said, the light of day continues to be dimmed. At issue now is whether Yonkers will ever learn to curse the darkness?  


eHeziBackroom Antics Consume Yonkers City Council’s Assertions of Transparent Governance By HEZI ARIS

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  1. No need for 3 clerks. 2 is more than enough. What’s really needed here is a civil service open competition and take the politics out of the records office.
    This friends and family nonsense is just costing us a fortune.

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