BREAKING NEWS: Yonkers Fire Commissioner George Kielb Forced to Step Down By HEZI ARIS

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Kielb_George-Yonkers Fire CommissionerUPDATED at 3:20 P.M. with Mayor Mike Spano's Statement.

YONKERS, NY – June 28, 2012 – Yonkers Fire Commissioner George Kielb, designated and appointed by Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano as his choice for Yonkers Fire Commissioner was today forced to officially resign. Rumor to this eventuality has been circulating for some time. Many people familiar with this situation rationalize Commissioner Kielb being forced to step down because the Spano Administration, in particular Yonkers Deputy Mayor Sue Gerry has been dissatisfied Commissioner Kielb has not been able to silence the Yonkers Fire Department and specifically Local 628. The Spano Administration is miffed because the Firefighters’ perspective regarding Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano’s Adopted FY2012-2013 Budget was derailed when New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli concurred with the issues that illegally transgressed on their legally binding contractual agreements.

George Kielb is a 32-year veteran of the Yonkers Fire Department and a former officers union head. He was sworn into office on January 1, 2012 by Mayor Mike Spano.

Yonkers City Hall has yet to make an official statement with this regard.

ADDENDUM – Mayor Mike Spano said, "We thank Commissioner Kielb for his dedicated years of service to the Yonkers community. Before the Commissioner steps down next week, we will announce an interim commissioner for the fire department. In the meantime, we wish the Commissioner all the best in his future endeavors."

eHeziBREAKING NEWS: Yonkers Fire Commissioner George Kielb Forced to Step Down By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Spano let the former commisioner resign peacefully…..from what I understand, he could have been fired..Spano uncovered something trecherous during his 6 month’s…..F@ck George and his lackies the Dronzek’s!

  2. said in reply to NYC Union…
    Shout out to my brother George, I have your back no matter what you do as long as you are happy and can look at yourself in the mirror every day. For all those that wanted you to become a liar, a cheat and a crook at there expense shame on them. You will always be the brother that I look up to for all the right reasons.jdronzek
    Are u freaking kidding me?….a Dronzek speaking about liars, cheats and crooks!…Hey Dronzek family, is’nt that like the pot calling the kettle black!…So sorry your brother Georgie was let go!…Tee-hee-hee!

  3. what are you an asshole. In a city this big you want to bring in volunteers. where the hell do you live we can put them in your neighborhood.

  4. Right ,the first thing the man from fdny is gonna do is add 2 men to every rig ,the same as they operate in queens .

  5. Nothing wrong with not making felony collars. Still answer the radio calls, and give them the summons quota, thats it.

  6. Do you know what a rubber stamp does? It bounces. Commissioner kielb doesn’t bow to anyone. If you think their should be drug testing, Maybe the city should request that for the contract. Were you in any of the negotiations? I highly doubt that or you would have the facts straight. When you look at the sick time, look and see how many are out on job injuries and how many are out for long term and who calls in for their shift. While they are running into a burning building what are you doing? Running out. Don’t be coward and hide behind a log in under sorry Georgie. And by the way, if you don’t know him, it is Commissioner Kielb!

  7. I can’t believe all the bs I am reading. Commissioner kielb is a decorated fireman who worked on the line for 32 years. As for him retiring, I don’t think he needs to give any reasons. He is a gentlemen and that should speak volumes. I do think he was bullied and maybe they should lose their jobs. He has integrity and wouldn’t put the lives of the residents in danger. I have lived in Yonkers all my life (which is more then i can say for our deputy mayor did she move yet) and I have never felt so fed up with the politics going on. I voted for mike and I admit that. I thought he would do what was right for the city and the residents, boy was I mistaken. All he has showed me is that he is a figurehead. I was hoping for the much needed change but it is back to politics as usual. I commend the Commissioner for a job well done. I’m sorry that you couldn’t put your vision in place. I wish you well on your retirement.

  8. Fredo is Mcgooooey he screwed his guys. Mayor just treats you like the laborers u are. i cant wait for a professioal commisioner . he is going to make mcgooy resign because the fireman are going to have accountability no swap pools and no b jobs if you sytematically acbuse sick time

  9. I never worked administrative duties in my life. The EPD has no such details for Patrol. Why make up blatant lies. Better yet, why remain anonymous? Are you scared of a old retired cop who made no felony collars? I guess you are! JM Tuckahoe, NY

  10. I agree with you Jeff the rat Spanos did that for Lou the invisible man Mosiello, after he stepped aside because the Spanos knew he could not win his election.Then they gave him a position on the nys parole board. He was a cop in Mamaroneck,who went out on a disibility because he was useless

  11. I have two questions for jeff Meyer- What did you do before you became a police officer?- it is rumored that you can count the number of felony collars you had on one hand and still have five fingers left over and is also true that you were ordered to get a new holster because the cobwebs in it were so so bad and that you mommy came to your job every day to make sure you were ok from you exhaustive admin duties.

  12. You are calling the Mayor Corrupt because he wanted to curtail the abuse of sick time? Commisioner kielb was a rubber stamp for the union also is it fair that ther are no random drug tests. the fire department is corrupt and george didnt have the balls that is the fact of the matter. georgie couldnt cut the abuse so that being said you owe an apology george didnt even give reasons.

  13. In my comment above may have been a little heated and do not mean to call anyone a liar a cheat or a crook I apologize.

  14. so sorry to hear this news ……… yonkers is as bad as ever …it will never end……i hope you at least fight them,i hope you can get your position back

  15. Shout out to my brother George, I have your back no matter what you do as long as you are happy and can look at yourself in the mirror every day. For all those that wanted you to become a liar, a cheat and a crook at there expense shame on them. You will always be the brother that I look up to for all the right reasons.jdronzek

  16. Scott Williams Lesser men would compromise their principles and betray their brethren just to keep a job. George resigning has to be a huge embarrassment for the city, exposing their corruption all the more. Crooks never want to deal with honest men and they don’t come any more honest than George Kielb.

  17. I didn’t think you can get a second pension within the same system. I thought the waiver only allows you to get a full salary with no additional pension benefits, less benefits paid out by whatever municipality you would work for on the second job thus a savings for that municipality but no new pension.

  18. An example of “double dipping” would be if a police officer retires and is collecting a pension from the NYS pension system and then get a full time job that works within the same system thus receiving a pension and salary under the umbrella of the same system. If I am collecting a pension because I retired from Eastchester I could not get hired as a Tuckahoe police officer. It is illegal except if one gets a pension waiver from the NYS Comptroller (very hard). However, I could work as a police officer in another state or for the federal government since it is another pension system. JM Tuckahoe,NY

  19. Was I talking to you? Maybe my intelligence is limited but I thank God and my union that I am doing fine. Worry about yourself and learn the facts before you post. Jeff Meyer Tuckahoe, nY

  20. BIY, were you complaining about pensions 7 years ago or is it just a recent epiphany? Your point of double dipping is a red herring. Very few get said option. If you know as much as you claim regarding the NYS pension system then you would know said waivers are hard to get. I beg to differ that pensions are crushing the NYS economy. The NYSGRF is valued in excess of 150 billion dollars. It is self sustaining. Like every other state it is the housing bubble collapse that is the major factor in this recession. Try responding with some FACTS if you are capable. Jeff Meyer Tuckahoe,NY

  21. Hey Jeff please come up with some new material-that you could not pass the test & still live with mom & dad rhetoric is so old & played out it actually shows the limit of your intelligence.

  22. Exactly you moron. That is what this whole mess is about !!! You said that “Your Pension I just fine” Well, in our eyes, your pension and that of many many many civil service workers is OUTRAGEOUS and TOO MUCH (Yeah, and please don’t give us the crap that you and your union leaders worked and negotiated “soooo hard” to get the pension plans that you all have now, some of you which then take and then get other civil service position and DOUBLE DIP on your pensions (and please don’t tell us that that doesn’t happen). WELL, your pensions are KILLING THIS ECONOMY and thus the reason why Cities are cutting their budgets because they can’t afford to provide services because they have to continue to fund these pensions. Mayor Spano is now Fighting This and For Good Reason. STOP THE MADDNESS

  23. Why do Yonkers fire commissioners wear uniforms? They are civilians or did somebody forget to tell them? As is said fairly often ’round these parts, stoopid foiafightas.

  24. Really Turk? I was my PBA President for 11 years and not once did anyone run against me. I hang out with EPD officers all the time yet you say they hate me. Why don’t you go back down into your mommy’s basement and put on your fireman’s uniform and stare at yourself in the mirror. If only you could pass the test. BTW, I don’t need to double dip. My pension is just fine. Jeff Meyer Tuckahoe, NY

  25. Jeff hows it feel to be the most hated excop in eastchester what no double diping for you why not please tell us tuff guy ???didnt you get a good beat down from your brothers in town hall.HA HA

  26. Exactly. Where are you D**k182? You seem to have alot to say from behind a screen but when someone asks you to identify yourself you run away.

  27. Hezi,
    Why don’t you revamp your site with Facebook enabled comments so people have to put their face next to their comments? Just a thought.

  28. What was the deal with that YFD commercial where the whole row store blew up? When and where in Yonkers did that happen or did the YFD hire some special effects company to make it seem like stores are exploding all over town?
    Combine the job with paid and volley. Save some money and for the big jobs (anything other than outside rubbish or activated fire alarm) call in the big boys down from down south, FDNY. There is only ONE job.

  29. Look out fire jerks! Can you say accountability? Never before has that word been used by the joy boys, until now. Have fun and enjoy.

  30. Don’t let me hear anyone put down the Police Commissioner now. I went to high school with him, too. I have high respect for Chucky and I am very proud.

  31. So who has a new neighbor named Gerry in Yonkers? She is supposed to live in Yonkers with 180 days of being made Deputy Mayor. So come on and tell us what neighborhood her and her family are living in. Maybe she chose a nice apartment on Locust Hill, so she can walk to work.

  32. I don’t think that anyone who has posted on here has a single bad thing to say about George Kielb. I believe that the MAIN ISSUES are between Mayor Spano and his administration and Barry McGoey and a certain percentage (not all of YFD but some) of his Union Constituants (aka: Fireman Good Squad). I personally believe that Commissioner Kielb did a very good job for the short time that he was in the job as Commissioner. I think that he got caught between the Union and His Boss (The Mayor) and he didn’t like the position he was in “Politically” so he decided to retire. Can’t wait to see what the POLICE COMMISSIONER does now with the Fire Department, now that he is temporarily in charge of it.

  33. Good for you George! Go Proud Classmate! Screw the whole bunch of them…and don’t listen to these pseudo intellects that THINK they know the ‘inner’ goings on! They’re all idiots! Yonkers is less now, for having let you go!

  34. I went to grade school, high school, and college with George. I was very proud of him when he became Commissioner. He is a fine man.
    All of you who are putting him down – GROW UP! GO DO THE JOB AND SEE HOW FAR YOU GET!
    I have great respect for anybody who becomes a fireman and retires as a fireman. Enjoy your retirement George. You deserve it after 32 years. Take care of yourself and don’t listen to these assholes.

  35. Fredo is getting just what he wants. All of the attention on Gerry.
    People are getting wise to his two-faced act. Stop blaming Sue…..she’s following orders.

  36. Hey Turk, why such hatred against the YFD and YPD. Did you fail the tests? Are you jealous of other workers success? Is living in mommy’s basement that terrible? Why don’t you practice what you preach and say something to someones face instead of hiding behind a screen name from an 80’s B movie. Jeff Meyer Tuckahoe, NY

  37. Hey Porky, since you and Local 628 are now uses references to “The Godfather” movie (Fredo and Michael Corleone), I guess that you are now gone hollywood. Oh yes, forgot that the Academy Award Winning Public Service Message that Local 628 recently ran on TV (the one with all a re-creation baloney and not an actual thread of direct reference to real Yonkers Firefighting Efforts) allows you the license to now reference Fredo and Michael. While your at it, why not mention THE TOWERING INFERNO, LADDER 49, or RESCUE ME starring the YONKERS FIRE DEPARTMENT?

  38. Over 50 comments why not say something to the mayors face or Jerrys to scared to lose pension and cant pass pepe test thats why. Jerrys got more BALLS then the whole crew.Better wise up and shut up MIKE got more for you he is just getting started.

  39. Could not have said it any better. When Mayor Spano came into office, he cleaned house. Pagano left town and then when the writing was on the wall that Fitzpatrick was not even given a sliver of consideration for the job, he stomped his feet up and down, ranted and yelled and then he too retired
    MAYBE FINALLY MAYOR SPANO WILL BUST UP THE FIRE UNION and then, and only then will the City Of Yonkers be able to afford to build new firehouses and hire on additional fire personnel and thus add companies rather than reducing them. THE YONKERS FIRE UNION CONTRACT is totally one sided and you can CRY ALL NIGHT LONG about the fact that the city (previous administrator) negotiated the contract in good faith, those negotiations STUNK with Political Overtones so bad that the DPW refused to pick up the crap.

  40. First place you should put that bullying memo is in Fredo’s office.
    Those with limited intelligence must always resort to other means to try to get their way.
    Fredo Corleone: I’m your older brother, Mike, and I was stepped over!
    Michael Corleone: That’s the way Pop wanted it.
    Fredo Corleone: It ain’t the way I wanted it! I can handle things! I’m smart! Not like everybody says… like dumb… I’m smart and I want respect!

  41. 628 made a choice to make a play with the media instead of negotiating in good faith and it backfired and now you guys have to live with the fallout from your actions.
    You guys have lived high on the hog for a long time. You have a full fleet of rigs and a full back up fleet. You have a ton of special equipment, most of which you will NEVER use including a tanker in a city that not only has complete hydrant coverage but has bodies of water running all through it.
    You guys had UASI and lost it through your own stupidity. Instead of being arrogant, you should have been a little more humble and tried to negotiate.
    You guys look like a bunch of over paid cry babies !!!!

  42. Allot of Major Cities, some the size of the City of Yonkers have “Combo” Departments (Paid and Volunteer) and run “JUST FINE” (without people any deaths because of it). Scaring the Citizens of our city like this IS BULLYING !!

  43. Isnt’t it Spano, Gerry and Cuomo doing the bullying into trying to get what THEY want at any cost, at the risk of any lives, with clear ulterior motives ??

  44. Bullying YFD Firemen and YFD Officials Please Read Below and Beware (it could cost you your job !!!)
    Posted Date: 6/28/2012 2:00 PM
    Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano and Councilmember Michael Sabatino joined forces today to promote legislation that implements a zero tolerance policy on workplace bullying. Councilmember Sabatino initiated the legislation which passed unanimously last month by the City Council.
    As part of the resolution, the Human Rights Commission will work with the Human Resources Department to create appropriate training materials to instruct City of Yonkers employees on how to best identify potential signs of bullying. Additionally, the City of Yonkers Corporation Counsel will define the classifications of bullying in the workplace and will require workplace bullying to be integrated into the ethics training.
    “There is no excuse for the mistreatment and bullying of others – whether it’s in schools or the workplace,” said Mayor Spano. “I commend Councilmember Sabatino and the City Council for recognizing the need to address and support those who need our support.”
    “Everyone is affected by bullying; the person subjected to bullying, those who witness it as well as the person who bullies,” said Councilmember Sabatino. “It creates a toxic and hostile work environment. We all should feel comfortable and safe in our work environment, so what better place to start then our city offices.”
    The City of Yonkers also will promote the appropriate anti-bullying information on proper workplace behavior in designated areas in city buildings, workplace and on the City’s intranet.

  45. and Toy Caldwell – you 2 guys are exactly members of the YFD Goon Squad that have been involved in the department going way back to Fatzy Fitzpatrick and now McGoon-McGoey. You guys are NOT part of the City of Yonkers, your attitude is part of the cancer within the City of Yonkers that needs to be cut out, period.

  46. MAYOR SPANO IS WORKING ON A VOLUNTEER FD. JUST LIKE THE PD THEY HAVE VOLUNTEERS. It would be An awesome cost savings…ha ha new commissioner this one is mayors choice. Ha ha you had your chance and blew it. So sorry jerkoffs

  47. OK, up until last year, you had people like the former Local 628 union heads acting like idiots and now McGoey. You had a “while on the job” a decorated Chief Of Operations, acting like a moron, bashing people who were outside of the department on the internet, having to be repremanded by the mayor. Now you have the Firefighters acting just like the immature idiots that the DPW workers did, when they had their slow down a few years ago, with the DPW union leaders calling people out in city hall meetings and on line. REAL PROFESSIONALS DPW WORKERS AND UNION MEMBERS back then and NOW, REAL PROFESSIONAL YFD WORKERS AND UNION MEMBERS NOW !!! – Instead of coming up with viable solutions that solely look at the city of yonkers as a whole as the one who would benefit, instead of individual person/group interests. No one benefits from all of this goon squad crap. Remember Firefighters, this country has an huge effort going on to curb Bullying. This not just involves school bullying, but bullying by adults as well. Better look in the mirror at yourselves as the citizens of our city certainly are looking at you.

  48. Your putting words in my mouth McFly..I said FF will be more reluctant to put THEIR lives in danger knowing there is no backup enroute…and I said people could/will die if volunteers are incorporated (which will NEVER happen by the way)

  49. Holden: If the Fire Dept. has a slow down because of this and people get hurt or die in fires because of the slow down – the dept will not be very opouar among the people. The blood of the innocent will then be on YOUR hands.

  50. Nick is still a FELON. And you jackasses supported his puppet of a brother. Well while Nick is away someone needs to run the show so from here forth either refer to him as Mike Spencer or Mike Gerry

  51. And they run city hall ,lol. Must suck so bad to be a hater. Don’t worry, maybe just 3.5 more years If your lucky. Now go get a cat out of a tree. Tool

  52. If you haven’t figured it out yet, Holden Caulfield / Mustaffa/ Jim Morrison are the same petson and not a member of YFD. Nice try pal.

  53. Its fdny. No wonder why you failed the test! Looks like the hose draggers won this one. Haha. I heard fdny fires burn hotter and their 10 story buildings are 20 stories. 9 out of 10 chance he will be on disability.

  54. Sue Gerry is a bitch know nothing hatchet woman hired by liberal scumgab cuomo to ruin yonkers that never lived in yonkers

  55. Call the volunteers and people will die to their lack of response time and ability
    For everyone wanting volunteers….maybe volunteers should do your job also..

  56. We need people who live here to work here. They speak bad about sue Gerry but I bet 25 pct of fireman live out of state. Probably 20 pct live in th YO

  57. Just what Yonkers needs, a reported fire and 500 blue light specials responding to the scene blocking traffic so that firetrucks, police, and ambulances cant get to the scene. Volunteers serve a purpose, especially in less populated towns and villages but for christ sake, Yonkers is the 3rd largest city in the state. It needs to be properly staffed 24/7 by professional emergency staff.

  58. Its not a threat asshole..its the reality of the situation..firefighters will do the job to the ability of the backup and manning they have. END OF STORY take it any way you want… NOT A THREAT PLAIN REALITY…noone is going to be willing to go the extra mile without backup for themselves coming.

  59. Yes and Pagano was absolutely a stand up guy, let’s see…..we’ll start with “As long as I’m commissioner there will never be a woman on the YFD”. Hmmmmmm, anyway moving on…. ” The day they close companies I will resign”, Kielb did the right thing, for 30k why deal with these people in city hall. We didn’t back you against Amicone and we shouldn’t have backed you now. It’s clear whose running the city, Mikes to busy being on News 12 all the time. The city should bring in volunteers, that’s exactly what we need vollies flying across the city and getting to fires just in time to watch your house and the two houses next to burn down. So just like this administration you sir have no clue what to do.

  60. Why does this sound like a threat… it will behoove you to watch your comments because this sounds like a threat coming from a person who claims to have been led by the commissioner (hence a YFD employee)…. an interpretation like this does not look good on the YFD

  61. Heh George in the 100 plus years of the Yonkers Fire Department no one has lasted only 6 months…. What a loser you are….. You cried like a baby over the last 8 years cause Pagano got the Commisioners job over you !!!!! and all you did was call my friend an asshole and the worst Commisioner we ever had…… You even quit as President of the Officers Union cause you couldn’t handle it ….. Well tony last 8 years as Commisioner and over 15 years as Union President……what kind of a man quits a job after only 6 months….if My parents taught me 1 thing it was to never be a quiter. Why did you even apply for this job….. How could guys think you are a stand up guy, you couldn’t take a little heat so you quit. …???.?.?.?.???..?

  62. This is the City’s loss. The mayor has dumped a very capable, caring professional. He will be missed by the citizens and the Fire Department of Yonkers long after the reign of Mayor Spano ends.

  63. kielb did not put citizens first. He only took orders from mag gooey trying to screw the people of Yonkers. Make it 30 percent volunteers. That would save a boatload of money. the fire department wants to do this but the Mayor does not want volunteers. I feel he is makiing a huge mistake. Let’s save money. Let’s rally behind the fire departments idea and save the city money……

  64. Way to go Mayor bring in a NYC Chief that knows the job, It says in the charter that you can have a partial volunteer fire department. Tell the bully fireman to F off and congrats on a new boss for them

  65. Hezi, here’s an interesting idea: Once Commissioner Kielb is officially retired, interview him and find out all the things Mayor Gerry asked him to do. A little insight into the behind the scenes working of Mayor Gerry.

  66. Sue Gerry could care less what happens in the City of Yonkers RE; Fires as she does not live in Yonkers. What happen to Mayor Mikes statement that his administration would be comprised of City of Yonkers residents.

  67. Goes to show what this arrogant administartion wants. My way or the highway. I wonder if they already have some “yes man ” lackey waiting in the wings???? What a friggin’ disgrace! God help Yonkers.

  68. The mayor is trying to cut a department that operates under budget every year and is working without a contract for 3 years. They risk their lives everyday and the Dept. never takes off. While citizens are sleeping every night, opening your presents on Christmas, eating turkey on TG, they are up at all times of the night helping people. If they cut the dept. staffing there is only one thing the Firefighters are going to put ahead of the good of the city and that’s their lives because they are not going to be able to efficiently do their jobs so the city and the citizens will suffer and the last chance they had of avoiding the disaster thats going to happen was to keep this awesome Commissioner.

  69. POSTED BY THE EDITOR for someone who intends to maintain their anonymity.
    The forced resignation of Comm. Kielb is a disgrace. Mayor Spano is further demeaning himself by pushing out a dedicated firefighter because he wouldn’t push out lies put forth by this administration. I hope the people of Yonkers will not allow theie safety and the safety of firefighters to be compromised by cuts in the department. Good luck in retirement George, and thanks for not being one of Spano’s lackies.

  70. Thanks George for your years of dedicated service.Its a shame Spanos lackies are pushing you out because you are standing up for the citizens and firefighters of the city of Yonkers.

  71. Comm. Kielb would not cut corners when it came to the safety of the citizens and firefighters of Yonkers. Thank you for your years of service, you will be sorely missed. Mayor Gerry will now bring in a lackey that will have no qualms about making dangerous cuts to the Fire service. People of Yonkers should demand that they get their essential services and that the IDA stop giving tax breaks to the developers.

  72. Best of Luck Chief, you were leader a who looked out for the safety of the YFD . Sue could care less about the safety of the job and will be on the other end of a wrongful death suit in the near future .

  73. Godspeed citizens of Yonkers..if you think we are going to siy and take our leader being forced out because he stepped up for us……you have another thing coming….better make sure the smoke detectors are working

  74. This is truly a shame. Comm. Kielb is a professional, not a politician. Now, he should retire and laugh all the way to the bank. The mayors secretary Sue doesnt like what the unions say, well thats their job to protect their membership. Its not a commissioners job to silence a unions voice.

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