Carl Paladino Endorses Diane DiDonato Roth for New York State Senate

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Paladino_Carl-Headshot DiDonato-Roth_Diane-headshotBUFFALO, NY — June 25, 2012 —  Businessman and 2010 GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Paladino today announced his endorsement of Diane DiDonato Roth for the New York State Senate, 37th District. "Diane will take on the entrenched establishment of both parties and be a strong conservative voice for reform and economic growth,” Paladino said. “Diane’s call for lower property taxes, fiscal responsibility and limited government is just the message Albany needs to hear."

Diane is fighting to win the Republican primary to be held on Thursday, September 13th against the liberal Republican, Bob Cohen, who the RINO establishment recently relocated to the district.

Paladino said, “Cohen will be a patsy for the Albany special interests and out-of-control Cuomo, Silver, Skelos (three men in a room) government. Diane has a proven track record and offers the people of the 37th district the real conservative change we need in Albany. As an elected member of the Town Board of North Castle, Diane’s voting record demonstrates real fiscal responsibility and restraint. She voted against every proposed property tax increase, voted for all town employees to contribute to their healthcare premiums, and eliminated costly fringe benefits to elected officials. She also personally declined to participate in the state pension plan as well as the town-provided health care plan.”

“Diane understands the costs and burdens imposed by Albany’s endless regulations and mandates on small businesses and local government. Her strong leadership and convictions will make her an effective Senator for all New Yorkers. She will be a loud, clear voice for, less bureaucracy, less regulation, limited government, fiscal responsibility, integrity, and ethics in Albany. 

You can help Diane carry her Common Sense Conservative message to Albany by volunteering, contributing, and speaking out in support. Please visit her website at for more information.

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eHeziCarl Paladino Endorses Diane DiDonato Roth for New York State Senate

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  1. these are NOT real conservatives..they are posers…tea party types who think that cutting taxes stimulates the economy…it doesn’t and it doesn’t
    create jobs either…cohen 64 roth 36

  2. I kinda liked Diane before she accepted support from this nut Paladino. Who else we she get in bed with to defeat Cohen.

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