Dennis Sheehan on Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris

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SHEEHAN_Dennis WGRNLOGOListen this Monday, June 11th, from 10 am onward, when we review the latest news and events and reflect upon its impact on the political landscape on the Westchester On the Level radio show heard by way of the Internet Monday's guest is "Purchased Power" author Dennis Sheehan, and promoter of Books Without Borders event held this past weekend at the Riverfront Branch of the Yonkers Public Library situated along the daylighted Nepperhan River still under construction in the Yonkers downtown waterfront section of the city. The show will be conducted outdoors in order to test out out latest technology. Join the conversation by calling 1-347-205-9201. Please stay on topic.

Hezi Aris is your host today.

eHeziDennis Sheehan on Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris

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