Diane DiDonato Roth Denounces Extremist GOP Congressional Candidate Jim Russell

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DiDonato-Roth_Diane-headshotCalls Russell’s Hateful Views Totally Incompatible with The Party of Lincoln and Reagan

YONKERS, NYJune 14“The Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan must never provide a platform for the heinous views expressed by Jim Russell. On Tuesday, June 26, 2012, I am urging all decent-minded Republicans to cast their vote for Joe Carvin. By doing so, it will send a message to extremists like Russell that the Republican Party will not serve as their vehicle and platform for espousing views that are racist and anti-Semitic,” said DiDonato Roth in a statement released today.

“I believe that the Republican Party should always embrace the “big tent” philosophy meaning that there is room inside for all people who believe in the Party’s core principles – namely smaller government, individual liberty, and policies that promote economic growth. But, that does not mean we should allow right-wing extremists to be our standard-bearers.”

“Jim Russell’s writings provide a window into his beliefs – beliefs which include racism, eugenics, anti-Semitism, and romantic portrayals of other writers and historical figures who have Nazi and other hateful ties.

“It wasn’t all that long ago that our nation’s Greatest Generation went to war to stop the fascist regimes that imperiled the world and its freedoms – fascist regimes that embraced ideologies like those held by Jim Russell.

America’s political process can do better. New York can do better. The Republican Party must do better. I urge my fellow Republicans to take a firm stand against hate on June 26, 2012.” 

Diane DiDonato Roth is a Conservative Republican candidate for New York State Senate.


eHeziDiane DiDonato Roth Denounces Extremist GOP Congressional Candidate Jim Russell

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