EXCLUSIVE: YPS Superintendent Pierorazio Gets $300,000 Yearly Contract Extension to 2018 By HEZI ARIS

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PIERORAZIO_BernardYONKERS, NY – June 23, 2012 – Yonkers Tribune has learned that in an agenda that came before the Yonkers Board of Education Board of Trustees in its meeting this week, the Board of Trustees took an up and down vote in which YPS Superintendent Bernard Pierorazio was given an extension to his contract that has him employed until 2018. No advance notice was divulged and the new contract has been kept under wraps since the vote took place on Wednesday, June 20, 2012.

Superintendent Bernard Pierorazio earns approximately $265,000 per annum plus perks, for a sum of approximately $300,000 yearly.

The stealth of darkness maneuver to extend the contract in favor of Superintendent Pierorazio is a contract that can be clawed back. It must be reviewed post haste by the newly posted Inspector General.

No discussion, no advance notice that the issue would come to a vote, the contract not noticed in advance. All improper conduct. This contract had best not stand legal scrutiny. The vote was 7 for the contract, 0 against the contract, and 2 abstained, the newly appointed member to the Board of Trustees, D. Nader Sayegh, Esq., and John Jacono.




eHeziEXCLUSIVE: YPS Superintendent Pierorazio Gets $300,000 Yearly Contract Extension to 2018 By HEZI ARIS

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  1. LOL you make a good point. Except for a few things. He got the raise before Mike, The BOARD gave him the extension (and it’s now being fought), the Explorer was part of his contract – again – prior to Mike and his kids aren’t in YPS because there isn’t any college in Yonkers – which is how old they are. All of that and I’m not “Mike’s” biggest fan..but I can be somewhat objective 🙂

  2. You’re so ignorant and I wish you didn’t live in Yonkers. There are some people that actually prefer public schools for various reasons. The Mayor sends his kids to private school because the only fantastic school – PEARLS – (greatschools and schooldigger!) in Yonkers is on the South side and he probably would prefer they don’t go there. That too is ignorant. I’m neither poor, nor dumb. We live in Cedar Knolls, have good jobs and provide well for our “precious” children. We have no intention on moving out because we live in an amazing community – although most of our neighbors attend schools like Chapel. So you see I’m neither poor or dumb. However, I can’t say the same for you.

  3. The graduation rate appears to be 75%, while not high enough, higher than any other urban big city school. This public information provided by the state (https://reportcards.nysed.gov/files/2010-11/CIR-2011-662300010000.pdf) allows us to see who has planned in advance to go on to college too. Again, not enough. But the information is out there for the taking. I have been following the Yonkers Public Schools for five years. Now – specifically a few..via the “numbers” and conversations with friends of those “better” public schools. In the end PEARLS still appears to be the best choice and continues to achieve the highest test scores in Yonkers and as such are neck and neck with affluent districts around it. Although the middle school has fallen slightly in the last two years since the change in the state tests become slightly harder. That said, there are clearly many things that PEARLS used to have (like full language) that they no longer have and that’s a shame. Luckily, some of that is coming back next year. I agree, the school board should be ashamed of themselves for not allowing the public to have a say. The superintendent should be even more ashamed of himself for continuing to take raises AND asking for a new car this year! Disgusting!!

  4. Don’t think so-his appoinment is politically generated and as such he is and will be beholden to his political benefactor and do as he is told.

  5. Scars Res, I have news for you……anyone who can afford to send their kids to private schools in Yonkers… does (including the mayor)……..anyone who can’t afford private schools moves the hell out.
    Only poor and dumb people send their precious kids to Yonkers Public Schools…..
    Pierorazio is too smart to move here.

  6. Ed law 1711(3) prohibits more than a 5 year supt contract. Check your sources. He probable wasn’t. Given his performance bonus. Check the web video

  7. Heah Mikey with all your talk about Yonkers Yonkers Yonkers. Why than would you extend a contract for a guy who has control of over 50% of your annual budget but yet when you ask to see were all the money is being spent the BOE tells you to go fuck yourself. And now for the real kicker. Drum roll please this guy takes every dollar he makes puts it into The back seat of his TAKE HOME ford explorer and drives home to his nice manicured lawn house I’n SCARSDALE What the fuck mike. He doesn’t even send his own kids to the YPS .,,, and yet you give him a raise.

  8. Crappy graduation rates No real #s on how many actually go on to College the next year Bloated teacher contracts
    Dismantled PEARLS, the flagship grammer school in Yonkers Look at the test scores there now compared to just a few short years ago.
    An unmitigated failure and now this!
    School board should be ashamed of itself

  9. How could that be legal? An extension until 2018 without notice? The members of the board of education should be asked to explain this. I actually like the superintendent but this is just not right.

  10. $300K a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All that for failing schools, and the board of ed is always cryimg it needs more money Unbelievable.

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