Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Executive Budget Proposal Amended and Presented to Yonkers City Council By MIKE SPANO

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Spano_MikeOutdoorI hereby submit to the City Council amendments to the proposed Executive Budget which was originally submitted to the City Council on April 16, 2012.

These amendments reflect changes in revenue and expenditure estimates based upon the most current information. Due to an increase in tax assessments, we will be able to reduce the proposed tax rate to 3.40 %. The amendments also include restorations of positions in Police and Parks based upon agreements with the respective unions. As a result of ongoing negotiations, we have been able to restore 19 Teamster positions and are continuing to negotiate to restore the remaining 13 positions in DPW. In addition, the amended proposal avoids layoffs in the Fire Department while eliminating vacancies. 


Funding to restore:

  • 25 Police Officers
  • 5 Sergeants
  • 6 Fire Department Personnel
  • 1 Parks Youth Advisor
  • 1 Parks Aquatics Supervisor
  • 5 Parks E.M.W.’s
  • 19 DPW employees
  • 1 Office Services Reproduction System operator

Yonkers Public Library

  • $560,000 was restored to the Yonkers Public Library
  • $2.5 million was added for the Larkin Garage Guarantee
  • An increase of $930,000 in Estimated Sales Tax Revenue based upon latest economic forecast
  • A decrease of ($700,000) revenue in income Tax Surcharge due to the decrease in New York State Income Tax Rates

These and other changes contained herein are required to balance the Fiscal Year2013 Executive Budget.

As stated in my original Executive Budget Message of April 16, I regret having a proposed budget for your consideration that still contains position reductions and some slight service cuts. However, this budget reflects the austerity of our current economic climate, preserves basic services and public safety for our residents while living within the New York State Tax Cap. We have and will continue to work closely with our Commissioners and employees to ensure public safety and the quality of life for our residents in the most cost efficient ways possible. Please be assured that I fully intend to restore our department to full strength when funds are available and the City is in a better fiscal condition.


The beginning of the Fiscal Year is rapidly approaching. Urgent action on all of our part is required. Please be advised that the City’s cash position will be dangerously low by the beginning of July. Therefore, a budget must be adopted as soon as possible to allow for certification by the State Comptroller, and sufficient time to mail the tax bills, in order for the City to continue to operate. I look forward to closely working with the City Council for the needs of the great citizens of Yonkers.

Mike Spano is the mayor of the City of Yonkers.

eHeziFiscal Year 2012-2013 Executive Budget Proposal Amended and Presented to Yonkers City Council By MIKE SPANO

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  1. Don’t forget, the fireman get paid to sleep, and Sanitation….Haah what a joke. They work 3 hours park their truck and go to the gym to work out. DPW…changing a light bulb takes 3 guys, 2 weeks……

  2. I hope not, what will the city do. All the Dunkin Donuts, Delis, and car washes will go out of business. Oh yeah, they don’t pay anyway.

  3. this administration quickly put the chicken shit firemen in their place. I heard YFD was invited to the table, but continued to bully. How do Spano’s nuts taste, bitches?

  4. Your comments suggest that even a moron like you passed the test and people with no balls like yourself get accepted.You have apparently spent most of your life in make believe land.

  5. You still haven’t included the top YPD salaries yet huh? It’s easy to find…just look at all of the names above these guys on the list.

  6. “WHAT DO I MAKE?? I make holding your hand seem like the biggest thing in the world when someone just tried to hurt you. I make 3 minutes seem like a lifetime when I am fighting a suspect while waiting for back up. I make those annoying sirens seem like angels when you need them. I can make your children breathe when they stop. I make myself get out of bed at 430am to risk my life to save people I’ve never met. I make it possible to keep back the chaos everyday. I make going to work for your family’s safety a duty that I will die for. I make myself work holidays, nights, during storms and other disasters. Today, I might make the ultimate sacrifice to save your life. I make a difference, what do you make?”

  7. The police will never give up working
    traffic OT on construction sites.It is too
    lucrative and plus it all counts in the pension,
    contrary to public belief. Remember all ranks,
    other than chiefs and the PC are working it, so
    everyone from the captains on down are making a
    killing. It could be curbed but never stopped, to
    many hands in the pie.

  8. Hey Carpet layer you sound like the whiney asshole,you are bitter that the only thing you get to lay is CARPET, and make around 5.00 and hour. Dont be bitter asshole get a life.

  9. Yonkers fireman are stereotyped as whiney bitches. Their union president is an embarrassing, ignorant moron. Spano just smiles as the firemen convince the public that they are d-bags.

  10. Every one hates the civil servant… You all were either to stupid to pass the tests or dont have any balls to do the job.. Stop hating on our perks….

  11. Let’s create peace amoung all of us. Take what you need and deserve, don’t abuse the system, save jobs, save lives. Be happy. The mayor has done a good job with what he has.

  12. when I am not installing carpet, I do not get paid. why does a fireman get unlimited sick pay???
    the worst part is that the priviledge is abused.

  13. Ridge Hill does, and if I do recall there was a YFD deputy chief hired on overtime every day during the lengthy M29 project last year. What was the reason for that?

  14. So they’re still shutting down the 2 firehouses and getting rid of the first responder program?
    HAHAHAH. Stupid foiafightas! You’re boy Mikey got you guys good!

  15. There has ALWAYS been police OT on road construction sites. Why is it necessary when its a private construction site, but when its a city operated site, there isnt a single patrol car. Who is paying for the police overtime up at Ridge Hill?

  16. So let me get this straight: the mayor has a problem with firefighter sick leave so she closes 2 firehouses and cancels medical response by the fire dept. Is this addressing the problem or avoiding it? I’m confused

  17. Sue, could you list all the political patronage job salaries for 2012 while you are on the payroll site? And for good measure how about flipping over to the tax arrears site and listing all the amounts owed to the city. Thanks.

  18. They say that the only things for sure in life are “death and taxes”. Mayor Spano has found a way to encompass both in just 6 short months.
    p.s. I just thought of a third certainty: The firehouses being closed will not be in Mayor Spano’s neighborhood.

  19. The only way to save any money by “eliminating vacancies” is to close the firehouses and eliminate the 1st Responder Program. Spin it any way you want but this is FAR from preserving public safety. You are playing Russian Roulette with peoples lives plan and simple. Sleep well Yonkers…

  20. Knew it, said it,this is an Amicone trick, AS always Yonkers is a farce and this is why it’s a city of hills. Not one of these politicians has any balls,especially those on the silly council.

  21. Si what exactly did the YPD and DPW have ti give back in order to save jobs? Remember, there are no active contracts fir the past three years, and ot doesnt look like there will be any negotiations in the near future. The city is negotiating for givebacks over fear.

  22. Let the 2011 Yonkers Fire Dept payroll numbers speak for themselves…
    Just a sampling…top eight.
    Joe Cetola $222,301.33
    William Fitzpatrick $225,802.42
    Frank Hammer $201,496.70
    George Kielb $224,144.71
    William Locher $205,245.84
    Michael Melillo $203,427.85
    Cornelius McCaffrey $194,268.88
    Ralph Multari $192,841.31

  23. What about the limo that picks up and drops off Sue Gerry from Bedford to City Hall ? Surpisingly she made it to Mulford Gardens, but I guess she didn’t know how to get to Vark St………

  24. good job mayor! no crisis no drama you just did your job…it is refreshing…keep th progress moving forward mayor!!!

  25. Well I’ll be…
    Mayor Mike has found roughly $15,000,000
    Ain’t that pretty…
    Lowerin your tax rate too…
    Sounds familiar doesn’t it?
    Wait, listen…
    I hear it now..yes…it is getting louder, LOUDER…

    Audio: Wagners RIDE OF THE VALKYRIES…
    Here comes Nick riding down from Albany on a white horse on the New york State Thruway with bags of money at the 11th hour to save Yonkers. Stop the layoffs, lower the tax increase….
    I have written this in years past.
    Except now Brunhilde is Mike Spano…playing the same old game…as much as I love Wagner….
    Don’t get me wrong, less layoffs and lower taxes are great; I just do not believe that this was not contrived and I have no way to know if this is the best use of the money.

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