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Spano_MikeOutdoor YFD patchDear Friends:

I was just recently informed of a wonderful story involving the life-saving actions taken by one of Yonkers’ Bravest while off-duty and would like to take a moment to thank the men and women of both our police and fire departments for the excellent work they do on a moment’s notice. We in Yonkers are fortunate to have a tremendously dedicated and highly trained emergency response workforce, many of whom reside here in Yonkers as well.

Just recently Yonkers firefighter and resident, Richard Rodriguez, was celebrating his daughter’s high school graduation with his family at one of Yonkers’ great local restaurants, LaLanterna. Upon hearing screams for help, Rodriguez sprang into action, first calling on a fellow patron to dial 911 and then performing CPR on the 80-year-old victim until additional emergency response assistance arrived on the scene.

It is my honor as Mayor to congratulate and thank Richard Rodriguez, not just for his dedication to protecting our safety as a member of our fire department, but for his heroic efforts as a resident of our city saving the life of another.

If only we could have a firefighter at each restaurant!

Again, thank you to our fire and police officers for all you do to protect our city.





eHeziHero Firefighter By MIKE SPANO

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  1. YFD gets the call before Empress does. Stands to reason that they will usually get there before them. YFD is just as guilty of skewing numbers to save their jobs when the system reveals they are overstaffed.

  2. Just want to know… Are you the ambulanteer who shows up at fires, takes pictures and then goes home and jerks off to them…? Ass!!!

  3. Go to the Yonkers website and look it up like I did. It is called being informed. You do a little research and then you can contribute to a conversation intelligently.

  4. Yeah there is a great idea, bring in volunteers. I am sure you will be the first to sign up. Volunteer companies throughout the country are moving to paid personnel because nobody has the time to volunteer except 17 year olds and those who have already retired. People do not have time to take all the training that is legally required and is continually ongoing.
    One rig or six rigs on a call, it is only one incident number. Get your facts straight genius before you post.

  5. ” I was just recently informed…..”. Really, you woke up from your nappy and Mayor Gerry filled you in ? By the way, your interview on WPIX was awesome, with the sweating and the gulp and all…..

  6. “WHAT DO I MAKE?? I make holding your hand seem like the biggest thing in the world when someone just tried to hurt you. I make 3 minutes seem like a lifetime when I am fighting a suspect while waiting for back up. I make those annoying sirens seem like angels when you need them. I can make your children breathe when they stop. I make myself get out of bed at 430am to risk my life to save people I’ve never met. I make it possible to keep back the chaos everyday. I make going to work for your family’s safety a duty that I will die for. I make myself work holidays, nights, during storms and other disasters. Today, I might make the ultimate sacrifice to save your life. I make a difference, what do you make?”
    We all hate repeat posts on different articles,but i felt this one was worth it.

  7. You are an ass…on one run or call in the FD all the units get the same ID/response number..its not 5 for one..keep trying to skew the facts moron

  8. Bottom line is that the fire dept. has been manipulating their numbers for years. Example: One call for service, five fire units respond, so they generate five separate incident numbers; one for each unit. So at the end of the year they show they had 100,000 calls for service when actually it was more like 250 calls. And most of those calls end up being handled by Empress Ambulance anyway. How many legitimate fires in are there in Yonkers every year? Maybe 5? They eat, sleep and drink in the firehouse all year long trying to justify their existence with trumped up calls for service. And by the way, Empress Ambulance arrive at scene most of the time before YFD, and they get paid a fraction of what YFD make. This is why all across America we have mostly volunteer fire departments,.. they just are not needed most of the year. It’s disgusting that Yonkers pays fireman $100,000 to $200,000 each to sit around, play cards, and sleep.

  9. this morning dispatch : 0848
    arrival 0851
    empress 0856
    call severe asthma3/4 mile from firehouse
    these are facts look it up

  10. If you would like us to be believe that it only takes you 2.5 minutes to get to any scene from the Firehouse, then I agree with some earlier posts. We need to drug test you guys immediately !

  11. no way i heard they start response time when they leave the building it is impossible to get 4 guys off the couch and dressed in 4 minutes

  12. The response numbers are logged through dispatch and the red alert system,which also serves as a gps. 4 minute response is legit.

  13. This is all a smoke screen for the YFD to institute their master plan. Get smaller response vehicles (Fly cars) and/or ambulances to respond to all medicals. All to increase their numbers. Instead of having an almost 1:1 ratio with the YPD they would be 2:1 ratio. More Firemen and less cops. Crime is up in Yonkers, not fires. Sorry they do a great job but they are seriously overstaffed. This 4 minute response is not an accurate number. It isn’t 4 minutes from dispatch. It is maybe 4 minutes from when the Engine begins responding from the Firehouse. It takes time to get everyone out of bed and dressed and onto a truck.

  14. Let the 2011 Yonkers Fire Dept payroll numbers speak for themselves…
    Just a sampling…top eight.
    Joe Cetola $222,301.33
    William Fitzpatrick $225,802.42
    Frank Hammer $201,496.70
    George Kielb $224,144.71
    William Locher $205,245.84
    Michael Melillo $203,427.85
    Cornelius McCaffrey $194,268.88
    Ralph Multari $192,841.31

  15. Enough with the Daily YFD news stories, the other 11 months out of the year we hear squat about the YFD. It is disgustingly obvious.

  16. Because the majority of runs that pass through dispatch always come in as life threatening with the non-emergency runs only being found out after the fire department gets there in 4 minutes.

  17. Pandering & Dumb. This is the depth of Mike Spano
    “If only we could have a firefighter at each restaurant!”
    Give me a break. Don’t give the fire union or the idiotic city council any ideas. They might try to implement this.
    Hey, that wouldn’t be such a bad job for some of the Spanos -assigned to a restaurant. Maybe Nick could get one of those jobs after his stint in Federal prison.
    Giulio’s would probably get special treatment and have two or three full time firefighters in the place at all times.
    Can we work in an overtime deal, or perhaps an overweight deal.
    It’s great that this firefighter was there to help this man and save him. That’s the job of a firefighter well done but to turn it into Spano pandering is an insult.

  18. The cops are first responders also..even if Mikey trims back FD it doesnt mean that they will not respond also Minor accidents and minor injuries do not send the fireman…. serious accidents and cardiac arrests send everyone… why cant yonkers do an ambulance program like nyc the paramedics are not firefighters down there. The fdny ambulance crew gets a much lower salary. fireman make the big money because the risks of getting killed in a fire so that being said lets bring in a nyc chief(as Commisioner) to help restructure this job it is long overdue………

  19. Another politician trying to take some form of credit when he had zero to do with it. Just because he is in charge doesn’t mean he had a hand in the outcome of this particular save. Thank you Rich for your hard work, dedication and and compassion for the citizens of Yonkers. The “mayor” can keep his sarcastic praise for one of our bravest. We don’t need a firefighter in every restaurant but Yonkers needs fire companies in every firehouse. Stop with all the extras for City Haul and keep the essentials.

  20. Let’s see.
    A FIREFIGHTER saves a man’s life and the Mayor thanks the police AND firefighters
    Then the Mayor goes on to say that the off-duty firefighter was assisted by other emergency responders but he fails to mention that the Fire Department responded within 4 minutes and Empress Ambulance didn’t arrive until 9 minutes after the 911 call
    Them the Mayor thanks all of the emergency responders in Yonkers
    I’m starting to see why the firefighters don’t trust this Mayor
    Keep up the good work YFD…..the PEOPLE know the truth and appreciate all you do

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