He’s One of Us – Oh Really? By DIANE DiDONATO ROTH

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DiDONATOROTH-photo(3)YONKERS, NY – In a statement released Wednesday afternoon, small business woman and life long resident of Westchester Diane DiDonato Roth (R-37) poses the following questions in response to Bob Cohen and his TV spot suggesting that Mr. Cohen is: "One of us"
Cohen – He’s One of Us – Oh Really?
Bob, how many of us?:


  1. Would move out of our hometown we love so much just to run for political office within 6 months of moving?

  1. Are landlords whose fortunes have bought two (not one) million dollar mansions – One in Scarsdale and one in a gated community in New Rochelle?

  1. Have dozens of NYC landlord friends who can write multiple $9500 checks in the names of their spouses and subsidiary LLC’s?

  1. Are candidates who benefit from the hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign spending by special interest groups like the New York State landlord lobby?
  1. Would even think of running for a higher office like State Senate before at least holding some local office first?

Get real Bob… You were never one of us and never will be.

As a small businesswoman, local elected official, and life long resident of Westchester,Diane DiDonato Roth, is truly one of us. As an elected member of the North Council Town Board and only True Conservative in this race Diane, has a voting record displaying real fiscal responsibility to back up the talk.

DiDonato Roth:

  • Voted against proposed property tax increase and will continue to do so when in Albany.
  • Voted for all town employees to contribute to their health care premiums.
  • Capped post-retirement benefits for town employees and demonstrated real fiscal restraint by eliminating costly fringe benefits to elected officials and part-time employees.
  • Declined to participate in the state pension plan and declined Town-provided health care, because we simply could not afford the costs.

Diane DiDonato Roth is truly one of us!… And alwas has been! [This line was previously incorrectly transcribed by the editor. My apology.]








eHeziHe’s One of Us – Oh Really? By DIANE DiDONATO ROTH

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  1. Bob Cohen is a shill for the One Percent who will vote as his masters on Wall Street will dictate. I’ve learned painfully the past dozen years that when a politician calls them self a “true conservative” it means bankers and corporations before teachers, nurses, garbage men and plumbers. That’s why I’m voting for Latimer.

  2. Leave it to the “crazy” Cohen people to avoid the question in front of them and attack an opponent instead. What’s crazy is Cohen’s people calling DiDonato “crazy” instead of answering the questions about his dealings with shady landlords. Questions that Cohen will not be able to avoid for too much longer. Cohen and his people seem to be holding hands, closing their eyes and praying for the RSA boogie man under the bed to go away. Cohen is clueless.

  3. OMG. Diane Roth is TRULY crazy. She’s writing her own press release rants now.
    From her release:
    “Diane DiDonato Roth is truly one of us!… And I have always been!”
    Yikes! Crazy alert!

  4. How does Bob think he can keep his association with the RSA a secret? When his underhanded deals are enevitably revealed he will take down the party. Go George! Go Diane!

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