THE HEZITORIAL: Affording John Spencer Employment is a Disgrace of the Unabated Patronage Mill Gone Awry By HEZI ARIS

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Ehezi_charicature Spano_MikeOutdoor Spano_MikeOutdoorUPDATED: June 27, 2012 – See bottom

YONKERS, NYJune 23, 2012 — Yonkers Tribune has learned Al Ramsey, director of the City of Yonkers Department of Veterans Services, is soon to step down from his many years of exemplary work and effort on behalf of veterans, both men and women, who have served the nation as defenders of the United States. Rumor has it Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano is seriously considering replacing Mr Ramsey by sidestepping Deputy Director Daniel A. Morea, and appointing former Mayor John Spencer to director. The patronage mill stinks, as does John Spencer. More importantly is the fact that Mr Spencer is ill equipped to serve the veterans population because he is unfamiliar with the claim system by which services may be gotten for the benefit of the veterans in need. That is the sole reason he is disqualified to even be considered.

“The Mission of the Department of Veterans Services is to help veterans, spouses, and dependents obtain every benefit under the law. We pledge to treat you with courtesy, compassion, and respect at all times; communicate with you accurately, completely, and clearly; provide timely service to you; make our services accessible to you; fully answer your questions, concerns, and complaints.”

The Mission of the Department of Veterans Services is anathema to John Spencer. He believes himself the visionary adept to best delegate responsibility and follow through by those under him with little chance he will ascertain if those delegated are doing the right thing. He wouldn’t know if they did or didn’t; he is simply not qualified.

John Spencer, like his recently employed wife Kathy Spring Spencer are adept at arriving to work late and departing early. For both, it is a patronage job that will demand nothing of them, even showing up.

Mr Spencer has a record of accomplishment in the field of battle that dates to the days of the Viet Nam era. America will not forget those that sacrificed their lives for the freedoms we enjoy to this day. The men and women of World War I, World War II, The Korean War, The Vietnam War, The Iraq Wars, the Afghanistan War.

We too often forget those that have survived these conflicts with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), loss of sight, and limbs, the constant pain endured every waking moment, the emotional difficulty of adjusting to home life, and the lack of opportunity for employment, and being dismissed with little respect shown of them as human beings. 

If I had my druthers, I should like the City of Yonkers to step up to the plate, hire a worthy man or woman, let them be chosen from those least likely to be employed; someone who lost a limb, can get around by wheelchair, using a special vehicle to get to and from work. These are the people whose credentials are no longer part of their physical body but are the basis for their empathy toward their fellow defenders and innately resolute in abiding my the mission statement defined above.

Yonkers must step up to the plate with such an appointment so that it conforms under the guidance of present Deputy Director Daniel A. Morea. It’s time to live by our word. City Hall must abide by its promise to the electorate.

There is no reason to employ one of the many people who has brought Yonkers to its knees by affording John Spencer more riches to which he should not be privy. John Spencer should not be considered for this post. Appointing him will be the straw to break any sense of credibility Mayor Mike Spano’s Administration presently still maintains.

Affording John Spencer employment is a disgrace of the unabated patronage mill gone awry. When will the “Friends and Family Network” be kicked to the curb?

It's all about the money; no compassion, little care. This is not Yonkers. I refuse to believe it. Enough is enough! I guess I'll get my lesson in what Yonkers is in a week's time or so. I will not be holding my breath, will you?

ADDENDUN: June 27, 2012 — A representative for the Office of Mayor Mike Spano has today advised the Yonkers Tribune that former Mayor John Spencer is no longer being considered for the position with the Yonkers Veterans Administration Office.


eHeziTHE HEZITORIAL: Affording John Spencer Employment is a Disgrace of the Unabated Patronage Mill Gone Awry By HEZI ARIS

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  1. that is the best comment…… this is what we need for all vets, a good va off. in the city of yonkers and a good leader like LT. i am a nam vet. and airborne 11/12/67 to 10/01/69. i thank all vets. VETS NEED ALL THE HELP THEY CANT GET. PERRY,ABN. ALL THE WAY.

  2. airborne all the way. and r. l. t. w. to all my nam. vets. we need the va for the city of yonkers. we have your back.just call, perry.

  3. You keep citing as your justification of closing the Yonkers Veteran’s Service Agency as the a drain on the taxpayers of Yonkers. Is not the veteran’s property tax-exemption also a drain on the taxpayers which you seem not to answer based upon the premise that the City of Yonkers is on the brink of financial ruin. There is currently approximately a 900,000 backlog in VA claims which the VA seems unable to get a handle on. The suicide rates for veteran’s is at an all-time high with not enough mental health professionals available to address the problem(suggest you read the recent 9th Circuit Ct of Appeals decision in regards to this issue). 1 out of every 3 homeless males is a veteran and on any given nite more that 146,000 vets are looking for shelter. The unemployment rate for returning vet’s ages 18-26 is right around 30 percent and female vet’s is around 34 percent. I am quite sure that vet’s greatly appreciate any assistance they can get from whatever entity that can provide it. I think that before you start making unsubstantiated charges and criticism at the YVSA maybe you take the time and research exactly what the Yonkers office does instead of constantly buttressing your claims by basing a good portion your argument based on facebook and web pages. You should maybe avail yourself to some facts such as how many claims does the YVSA process and file each year for vet’s, how much money do they recover each year for vet’s and what other services do they provide which assist vet’s in need instead tosing out wild charge with nothing to support them except it is drain on the taxpayer. Sorry about my oversight: Vietnam Service Medal with 1 Silver Star & 1 Bronze Star-Vietnam Service 05/15/66 to 10/11/68- Units 1 yr with the Mot Tram Mot & 18 months with Viet Nam Cong Hoa Co Van Nhay Du

  4. Mikey boy might as well change his name to Mike Spencer the way John has made him his little bitch so far in his tenure as Mayor.
    I guess he has no problem benefiting Johnny for supporting him while bending the firemen over as a thanks for their support!

  5. wow anon, you really can’t seem to comprehend what everyone else here is agreeing on, the fact that the office is not necessary and is a drain on the tax payers.
    I just looked at all the posts and I haven’t seen where you have listed your military service. I see where you have called others out on their service, and I see where others have asked you about your service but you have yet to answer, why is that ?

  6. You might have been assigned to an infantry division but that does not mean you were out in the boonies humping the ruck.

  7. How do you figure you earned & deserve the Yonkers property tax exemption because you are a veteran-then how come the IRS does does give a tax break for veterans. This tax break that the COY gives is not mandated by law and since you are the one who noted that the COY is in a financial crunch then you should not be getting it according to your own words.

  8. close it down: what you likely just witnessed is SOP in Yonkers.
    the trolls (don’t be surprised if it spencer himself) cant adress a rational logical response so they have to attack the messenger, while they protect their vested interests.
    Yonkers is full is this crap at every level.
    This is not the democracy any vet fought for or any taxpayer voted for.
    thanks for your service then, and thanks for it now.

  9. Let’s all think about what this costs and what value we, as taxpayers, get for our veterans:
    Name Annual pay Employer County Fiscal Year
    If you look at the webpage, actually a facebook page, for the office all that they seem to do is repost notices for other organizations. Let’s close this office and save a couple of hundred grand. The veterans of Yonkers are already well served by the County, State and Federal government. This is just a waste of their tax dollars and ours.

  10. As a yonkers taxpayer I agree that the veterans service office should be closed.
    Anyone who looks at the city website can see that there are many office that can be shuttered to save money
    i’m very disappointed with the mike spano right now

  11. No Pog’s here my man, I served in an I.D. from ’67-’68 so unlike some, my boots touched the ground and were in the shit.
    No matter what I will still accept my veteran tax credit because I earned it and I deserve it as do other veterans but that is not the issue here. The issue is that the COY has an office that provides a service at taxpayer expense that is duplicated not only on the county level but on the state and federal level.
    There is no justification for yonkers to keep this office open, it is more bloated government and a failure on the part of the spano administration to streamline city governemnt.
    So now that I have provided you details of my service, how about you regail us with the details of your service.. maybe as a REMF ?

  12. Close it down you still have not answered the question that since COY is strapped for cash then if you close it down are a homeowner in Yonkers then you should not receive the veteran’s property tax exemption on your house. You also state you are a veteran of the Vietnam war-are you a Vietnam era veteran who piggybacks off the men and women who actually served in Vietnam and if you were in Vietnam what did you do-were you a Saigon or Long Binh warrior or another REMF

  13. Perhaps someone can provide a list of the many years of exemplary accomplishments that the writer speaks about. If you look at the web page, it is actually a facebook page, for the department nearly every posting is a repost for another organization. There is nothing, other than an annual thank you picnic on June 30th listed. Almost everything is VA or Westchester County or other organizations. And we spend how many dollars a year on this?
    The city would be better served by giving the local VFW post a $1,000 grant each year.

  14. Spencer and his cronies, Red etc, supported Spano in the election. They had ample opportunity to help unite the Republican Party but that didn’t fit in to the agenda of getting the Spencers jobs. When Martinelli’s ship was sinking they did what all Rats do. This is Not and Never Was about principles or correct government It is about the Spencers paying their bills through public employment The only avenue open to them. Well, at least Mike Spano keeps his word to his supporters.

  15. Spencer and company caused the downfall of the spano brand – all the spencer years as mayor he attacked the spano’s and ran a ugly primary against mike in 2003 – the only reason they are back in power is because of the democratic party switch. W

  16. I find it interesting that instead of sticking to the issues and debating intelligently.
    What rationale can you provide to support keeping an office open that performs a function that is duplicated on 3 other levels ?

  17. Based upon your fiscal theory if you are a homeowner in Yonkers and a veteran then you should forego the veteran’s tax break you get on your home since Yonkers is strapped for cash.

  18. I agree with the above posters, if its not needed, then shut it down. I heard the animal shelter is looking for volunteers, If Spencer is looking to work for the city, he should work there, as a volunteer of course.

  19. Great response. I agree. All redundancy needs to be closed down and since the federal government sent these men to war,it’s the federal government, and the federal government that deals with veterans affairs and all the costs associated with veterans.
    We don’t need 4 offices of veterans affairs on 4 different levels of government.
    For all those tea party republican loonies, why aren’t they champions of this effort for smaller government .
    Anyhow the local taxpayer should not be spending money on any of these VA squatters, especially politicians.
    As for Spano Spencer there is nothing to say, only FF

  20. I am a veteran of the vietnam war and I am also a yonkers tax payer and I believe that the city should close the office of veterans services. In a time when the city is strapped for cash, they can eliminate this office which is nothing more than a bureaucratic redundancy.
    Westchester County has a veterans services office that does the EXACT same thing and New York State has the veterans affairs agency that also does the EXACT SAME THING.
    Closing this office would not cause anyone to lose benefits or services and it would save much needed money

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