THE HEZITORIAL: Misplaced Loyalty Now Part of the Spin By HEZI ARIS

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Ehezi_charicatureThe opening contention in a recent article in The Journal News stipulated violent crimes in New York State’s fourth largest city soared last year to levels not seen since the mid-1990s. The spin came into play when it was noted that “criminal-justice experts” are struggling to explain the reality of the day. The statistics, as tabulated, were a compiled numerological hodgepodge of deceit, not by the stated figures delineated in the Index Crimes Reported to Police 2007-2011, but by the numbers afforded to New York State so as to compile the given data. The numbers afforded New York State are a big lie. No mention of that lie was afforded Yonkersites in the press conference that featured Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano as if he should be expected to speak to or even be aware of the deceitful falsehoods perpetrated by his predecessor, former Mayor Phil Amicone Administration that came to an end on December 31, 2011.

Det. Keith Olson, president of the Yonkers Police Benevolent expressed a salient point, “There is nothing baffling about the rise in violent crime in Yonkers. It is a direct by-product of the understaffing of the Yonkers Police Department. With far less officers on the street, fewer detectives to investigate crimes, no Domestic Violence Unit, far too few plainclothes officers, no police presence in our schools and virtually no community outreach programs within the YPD, it will only get worse before it gets better. The only thing baffling is the City’s current plan to layoff even MORE police officers.”

The Index Crimes Reported to Police 2007 – 2011, were they to believed are as follows…

Year   Violent Ttl   Crime Ttl   Murder Ttl   Forcible Rape

2007     3,890            878            10                44

2008     4,040           914               9                42

2009      4,110           965               8                36

2010      3,746           895               9                29

2011      4,060           992               7                35

Year   Robbery      Agg Assault   Property Ttl

2007   424              400               3,012

2008   447              416               3,126

2009   475              446               3,145

2010   455              402               2,851

2011   463              487               3,068

Year    Burglary      Larceny        MV Theft

2007    642             1,994            376

2008    653             2,121            352

2009    620             2,128             343

2010    521              2,086            244

2011    753              2,017            298

This reporter remembers when then Police Commissioner Edmund Hartnett, with then Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone by his side, conducted a press conference in which they both asserted unequivocally Yonkers was designated the second safest city of like population cities in the nation. When this reporter questioned the integrity of the numbers, later to have been also refuted by The Wall Street Journal, who had tabulated the statistics to instead place Yonkers in 134th place, I was rebuked by former Mayor Amicone and former YPD Commissioner Hartnett of misunderstanding the numbers. Truth be told, I took their statement to heart and tried to comprehend their contention. Their contention proved to be a lie. They were both engaged in lying to New York State, worse, they got away with it.

The truth is former Mayor Amicone instructed former Police Commissioner Hartnett to fudge the numbers. And it was easily done. New York State accepted notice of all crimes reported by the City of Yonkers to be noticed to New York State manually, that is, in written form. Yonkers was the last municipality in New York State to manually submit such statistics. Every other municipality is required to digitally report crime statistics by the end of each day. Yonkers was the last to be demanded to abide by the state protocol. Yonkers was last year officially advised if they did not switch to digital notification by January 1, 2012, they would be fined $1,000 every week.

Alleged arrests were to be reported and followed by notice of disposition by the court system, which in a sense validated and confirmed the actuality of the arrest. Yonkers City Hall, under former Mayor Phil Amicone found he could circumvent the process. He instructed Commissioner Hartnett demand Precinct Captains submit all arrests to Central Office and under Harnett’s direction he would decide how each “arrest” would be slotted, specifically for the purpose of making Yonkers look better than it was. He would change one “crime” to a lesser “crime” whenever he could. In this same manner, some arrests could even be disposed of rather than going through the court system. This is where the “Family and Friends” network would be invaluable.

For criminal-justice experts to scratch their heads struggling for a rationale as to why the jump in crime to such a high extend is bewildering.

Worse, the deception and deceit by Amicone and Hartnett, was permitted because the vindictive culture of the Amicone regime was such to exact great pain for not following orders. People who snitched would be demoted, worse still, dismissed, finding themselves unemployed within 6 months of having strayed of “Amicone” standards and protocol.

Assaults in Yonkers rose 43 percent to 574 in 2011, the most recorded in a single year since 1985.

The Yonkers story is kept on the down low, hush hush, no one must know. When reality was revealed by the 2011 FBI data, experts were baffled and Yonkersites are stunned. The 22 percent increase in violent crimes in Yonkers, as compared to only 5.6 percent in New York City reveals the second aspect of the data, that is, when it becomes difficult to operate criminally in New York City, crime moves to the neighboring underbelly less well equipped to handle the increased criminal flow in Yonkers. The lack of ability to contend with increased crime in Yonkers is the direct result of not having a large enough police force commensurate with a city the size of Yonkers.  

Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner said, “In 2011, we experienced a spike in both burglary and assault. Burglaries were up throughout the region and through the deployment of various police initiatives, burglaries have subsided and are trending down in 2012."

"Additionally, Commissioner Gardner advised, "the newly enacted Strangulation statute along with problems associated with the implementation of a complex department wide Records Management System has contributed to the assault numbers. This Records Management System utilizes a victim based accounting method versus an incident based method for Part 1 Crimes Against Persons."

Continuing, Commissioner Garder said, "Although we are currently experiencing an increase in certain categories of crime, we continually analyze crime conditions and deploy multiple strategies to address these conditions."

"The YPD remains committed to utilizing all means and resources available to reduce crime and disorder and will continue to work towards providing a safe environment for the people of Yonkers,” concluded Commissioner Gardner.

The FBI statistics: N.Y.S. statistics – click on this link and then click on “Westchester”

eHeziTHE HEZITORIAL: Misplaced Loyalty Now Part of the Spin By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Whats going on with the legislation propsed to add 4 more board members to the Parking Authority, and the court case to get the city to release funds?

  2. All the current elected officials in Yonkers campaigned on both lowering taxes (or “controlling them”) and at the same time being “fair” to the Unions. Everyone blames the Police and Firefighters but the biggest union and the one who drains all the city coffers is the teachers’ union. Pat and her gang have systematically takena and taken from the city while hiding waste, fraud and abuse. Slush fund investigations stopped etc..

  3. POSTING # 4:
    Mike Spano refuses to release the police manpower study undertaken by Amicone.In fact, he failed to respond to my written and emailed requests twice since January regarding this issue–looks like another non transparent administration like the last one.
    The manpower level should be over 700 as per the NY State government body that does police accreditations. Jersey City has close to 900 sworn members!!!
    Many other police departments such as West Palm Beach, Orlando, Los Angeles, etc. are posting specific crime data on their websites so the public can see where and what is occuring nearby and in fact the courts have already spoken loud and clear that a majority of it is public information—see Sheehan vs. The City of Binghampton for more info…if Mike is really committed to tranparency and community policing, then he will post this information.

  4. Hahahahahahaha!!! You Yonkers fools!!! What did u expect when you got an NYPD has been for a commish??!! Years of fudged numbers and Compcrap scams! You all deserve all that you get!! Now that he is gone all the sh*t is left in the new commish’s lap. Glad I left long ago…

  5. Didn’t the FBI state in a study over 30 years ago that the YPD was understaffed, and should have 800 men back then. By today’s standards, i’m sure they should have 1200. Whatever happened to the police and fire manpower study performed during the Amicone years?

  6. The City Council needs to order an audit by the Inspector General. I predicted this would happen when Hartnett came aborad with his NYPD “Compstat” charade.
    I told you so, I said it first on this site long ago!!!
    Arch Stanton

  7. Hezi all you have to do is take a stroll down ghetto square about 11pm and you will see how safe it is,make sure you have a machine gun for protection.

  8. The first role of government is to provide safety and security for its citizens. Without this nothing else matters. If the CoY lays off police officers and firefighters then it will spiral to the point of no return. Future residents will refer to this current period as “the good old days”. Jeff Meyer Tuckahoe, NY

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