THE HEZITORIAL: Reviving the Non-Aggression Pact with a Twist of Hushed Deception By HEZI ARIS

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YonkersDemocrats-logoYonkers City Democratic Committee Chair Symra Brandon has convened the Democratic Caucus with regard to the conduct expected of the Yonkers Democratic Councilmembers with respect to voting for a Yonkers City Clerk to succeed the retiring Joan Deierlein. Attempts to keep the process under wraps have failed when considering the Yonkers Tribune has uncovered the scheme and plot.

It was revealed months ago on the Yonkers Tribune that Joan Deierlein would retire. It is expected Ms Deierlein will withdraw from her responsibilities at the end of June leaving only Vincent Spano, a 10 year veteran on the job. Joan Deierlein is a registered Republican, Vincent Spano is a registered Conservative, and the late Barbara Flatley, recently deceased, was a registered Democrat. It has been about three years during which only City Clerk Deierlein and 2nd Deputy Clerk Spano managed the office. With Ms Deierlein retiring, the scramble to replace Ms Deierlein with a Democrat and to retain a Republican as Clerk has reached fever pitch.

The Democrats were quick to throw out a few names as potential contenders for the office. Rocky “Rochelle” Richard, José Alvarado, George Kevgas, MaryBeth Gaffney, Symra Brandon, a month others would earn a moment of notoriety. Each would be judged and dismissed in a feigned process to through Yonkersites off the trail. It was said that one had irked some of the party leadership, that another had patronage backing, a third deserved to be rewarded for taking on a mature opponent, that another had the credentials but was looked askance by some of the party leadership for recently having changed party affiliation, and another was conflicted by the positions this candidate held.

Out came the cackling witches stirring a cauldron full of political infused ingredients of subterfuge that befits a Shakespearean play. They stirred and stirred. John Jacono of the Yonkers Republican City Committee Chair would howl as he stirred the potion of deceit. Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano impressed the importance of his “favorite” son, José Alvarado, upon those who had previously thought differently. Quick to garner favor was Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Wilson Terrero who had learned to love backing Mayor Mike Spano to spread favor and patronage on those he deemed worthy. So Jacono, and Spano, and Terrero would continue to stir the pot.

Yonkers City Council Minority Leader John Larkin, Councilmen Michael Breen and Dennis Shepherd, had each previously coalesced on supporting MaryAnn Gaffney, believing her to be trustworthy and competent. They each left Ms Gaffney in the dust when Mayor Spano suggested it would be best to relieve the office of Constituent Services of José Alvarado, forced upon Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano by the Westchester County Board of Legislator’s leadership for a patronage job. Mr Alvarado was found to arrive oftentimes late to work, allegedly smelling of booze, allegedly demeaning and derisive of women, lazy to completing his responsibilities, and quick to depart early almost every day.

No matter, the Three Republican Amigos made a deal with the one Democrat Amigo. The pact was signed in political blood and intrigue. José Alvarado was Mike Spano’s choice. Mayor Spano wanted to rid himself of Mr Alvarado so he could fill the seat with someone deserving of a patronage job and by ridding himself of Señor Alvarado and banishing him to the City Clerk’s position and under another fiscal demarcation that would not intrude into Mayor Spano’s realm. So far, so good. Mr Alvarado would be voted to become the City Clerk backed by the Democrats who would have preferred to back George Kevgas, who was their boy of choice. In turn for voting for Señor Alvarado, the Three Republican Amigos win the support of Señor Terrero in earning his vote to place a Republican nominee to the office of Clerk.

Mayor Mike Spano reads the riot act to his boys: Larkin, Breen, and Shepherd. Larkin and Breen have been following order from Spano for decades; so what if those orders came from Nick? Mr Shepherd is also a Nickie boy; he has nowhere else to go. Boo hoo.

So the Three Republican Amigos dump Ms Gaffney. The disregard her competence, her demeanor, and the fact that she is the only candidate they can trust. Politics in Yonkers demands street smarts and an armor of “bullshit” to con the public. Sorry boys, this story was too much fun to let stew, get it, the stirring of the cauldron. Ok, I can’t deliver a joke. Then again, the joke is on you.

What will the self-insured City of Yonkers do when a woman speaks up and corroborates the allegations of Mr Alvarado’s behavior? Get a good lawyer, preferably outsource one, because… oh heck, that’s another story; no time now.

Even campaign supporter Carlos Moran, Executive Director of YWIB is not happy with Mr Alvarado as the patronage choice. Nether are Councilmembers Christopher Johnson and Michael Sabbatino; not Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick for that matter.

The Republican have yet to reveal who their choice for City Clerk will be. The Conservatives will stay with incumbent and soon to be lone City Clerk Vincent Spano.

The only thing still not revealed is whom will Mayor Mike Spano hire to replace Mr Alvarado in constituent services?

Most people would have you believe that the candidates are too busy collecting petition signatures in order to qualify for elected office themselves or those of their political colleagues to be concerned by this sort of intrigue. Now you know how wrong they would be. 


eHeziTHE HEZITORIAL: Reviving the Non-Aggression Pact with a Twist of Hushed Deception By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Haha – fox defeated Spano?? Really? Who had the con line in the mayors race? That’s right items Spano!! So again fox beat who?

  2. As Hezi wrote in his other article. A typical bait and switch. Spano is elected and Gerry is ruinning the city. Sorry running the city

  3. Conservatives go wt Vinny Spano? Aren’t the Conservatives controlled by FOX who defeated the Spanos for control of the County Conservatives?

  4. That wouldn’t work because then one of Mikey Boy’s friends and family members wouldn’t be benefiting from his position as Mayor.
    The safety of the ordinary Yonkers citizen means nothing to him when compared to his own buddies financial livelihoods.
    And sadly it was the cops and firemen who created this monster through their unwavering support to get him elected. Granted he tricked them, they should have seen this from the jump. They signed their own death warrants so I don’t feel bad for them.
    Who I do feel bad for is the future person who is seriously injured or dies because of the lack of adequate emergency services in the city. This person has no guilt but will suffer because of the guilt by both the unions and the joke of a Mayor.

  5. If it turns out that the office of constituant services becomes vacant, leave it vacant and hire two more cops to keep the city safe. Hell,just abolish the position anyway.

  6. If Alvarado behaves this way, he would be dismissed in due time. If he screws up the work, there are consequences and he should be fired like the rest of us. A City Clerk MUST be on time for meetings, have everything ready, and get all the procedures straight as an arrow. Alvarado may not be able to even walk in a straight line. Say what? There will be lawsuites. His incompetence is well known, so why back him – the city will be liable for the messes he creates big time.

  7. That figures. Ms. Gaffney, the only person considered competent, trustworthy, and with a pleasant demeanor, is not acceptable to the Democrats. It’s amazing how little regard the Democrats and Republicans have for the citizens of Yonkers. We need, and demand, a competent, trustworthy, and pleasant city clerk. Ms. Gaffney should be appointed.

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