Yonkers Firefighters Launching TV Campaign to Combat Mayor’s Proposed Cuts

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ALBANY, NY — June 21, 2012 — Yonkers Fire-Local 628 has launched a television ad campaign urging residents and business owners to call Mayor Mike Spano’s office and demand that no further cuts be made to the fire department. 

Mayor Mike Spano is proposing to leave 30 firefighter positions vacant which would still cause a depletion of manpower in an already understaffed department. This ongoing manpower shortage would have a negative effect on the department’s ability to respond to emergencies. Firefighters are also upset that the mayor has been claiming an abuse of sick leave, when in fact the vast majority of firefighters out on injury leave incurred those serious injuries in the line of duty.

The 30 second spot (http://yonkerstribune.typepad.com/yonkers_tribune/2012/06/local-628-yonkers-firefighters-1.html), which shows the various types of public safety functions performed by firefighters is being run on the Yonkers Tribune. These include fighting structure fires, dealing with downed electrical wires, medical emergencies including heart attacks, hazardous material cleanups and car accidents. “There has been a lot of misinformation being spread by the city administration and we have to counter it and make sure that the public is made aware of the truth,” said Barry McGoey, president of Yonkers Fire –Local 628.

eHeziYonkers Firefighters Launching TV Campaign to Combat Mayor’s Proposed Cuts

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  1. I have an idea…those firefighters that feel they’re underpaid for the dangerous work they signed up for when they took the job, should quit and the ten thousand others who would take their job in a heartbeat can do so with out the greed that these pigs demonstrate. These selfish liars don’t sacrafice for eachother or we-the-taxpayers.
    I call Bull Sh-t to them and their commercial!!! Bull Sh-t to their so called Brotherhood!!!

  2. Or maybe Local 628 should have placed a disclaimer that the video was a simulation of potential emergencies that the YFD could face in the city, rather than what exactly has happened in the city. Municipal Union Pensions are KILLING our country. Some retired municipal workers are collecting double pensions throughout the state of new york. What would you suspect Mr.McGoey would say if you pressed him on this issue (or abuse?) He would say that it is within the current contracts and laws that allows this to happen. So, then you say, how could this ever have happened? Because people like Mr. McGoey put politicians careers up against the wall and threaten union backing to another candidate if they don’t vote positively for the union member contract issues. Look at the BULLIES in the DPW UNION. “Enough Said”

  3. The footage is a re-enactment of what firefighters do in general. I can’t believe that in this video age, people don’t get that. Where they made their mistake….Local 628 should have gotten some marketing advice. At the end of the spot, instead of saying Call Mayor Spano to tell him to stop the cuts or whatever, it should have read: When your house is on fire…call Mayor Spano. When your loved one is having a heart attack and there’s 50 stairs to climb…call Mayor Spano. When you’re in the district where the Ladder truck is being cut and you’re a window washer whose equipment fails….call Mayor Spano. Much more effective.

  4. What a crock of shit. Mr. Magoo will have to deal with a real administrator soon. NYFD goodbye George. You guys asked for this to happen with your actions. You cant win just give in. They are going to make your life a living hell……….. Every action causes a reaction your not as Strong as the Mayor………

  5. if the yonkers fire department used stock footage and
    not real shots from real yonkers fires they should
    be ashamed of themselves…because the spot implies you
    are looking at yonkers responders….the answer is either yes or pull the spot

  6. Gee, can’t wait for the Yonkers Firafittas response to the scripted video that Mr. Magoo McGoey has put on here for everyone to watch and believe (I think not). No Engine 110 in Yonkers, No Garage Explosion in Yonkers of the magnitude like shown in the video. Yonkers Fire Dispatch doesn’t dispatch apparatus like that. Come on you guys, are you really trying to shove this line of bull or should I say video of bull, to all of us in Yonkers and expect us to believe it. Try passing along some truth and maybe we will start believing in your cause. Otherwise its just another pack of baloney being passed along by a greedy union.

  7. Legally they can’t use real footage. You internet fags need to get a life or be a man and step out in the spot light and show your faces. All your good for is hiding behind a keyboard like little bitches.

  8. Glad to see the Union spending it’s members money like this. How much are they spending?
    Who made the commercial? Was it a friends and family club member or city haul connection?

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