Culture of Death and the Batman Shooting By MATT BARBER

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BARBAR_MattClearly, what our nation needs is more “separation of church and state.” If those obnoxious, right-wing Bible thumpers would simply quit bellowing about the need for revival – a return to the deeply held Judeo-Christian principles embraced by our Founding Fathers – America would be a much better place.

Secular-humanism – that’s the ticket! We need more reliance on man and less on God.

At the time of this writing, I’m sitting just a few miles from a Century 16 theatre in Aurora, Colo., where, in the early morning hours of July 20, 2012, a deranged, fame-starved gunman shot dead at least 12 innocent people and wounded scores more at a midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises,” a Batman sequel.

One of the victims killed was a 3-month-old baby. Another was 6. I won’t even share the gutless dirt bag’s name because that’s exactly what he wants.

I had an entirely different column prepared for this week, but, in light of this horrific event, its subject matter seemed trivial and inappropriate.

Like most decent Americans, I am sickened today – mournful in a way words cannot describe. Please join me in the coming hours, days and weeks in, yes, praying for the victims, their families and the state of our lost union.

It’s times like this when we’re reminded that, when the smoke clears, we’re left with our relationships alone: family, friends, prayer and, most importantly, a deep, childlike need for God’s love, mercy and comfort.

Still, we shouldn’t be surprised by this mass murder. In fact, if we’re honest, we’re not surprised. We’ve become almost numb to such reports – desensitized to what only a few short decades ago would have been unimaginable. Although no one is to blame for this man’s objectively evil actions but he alone, those actions are, sadly, a dreadful sign of our desperate times.

Today, children are reared in a culture that glorifies – even worships – death and violence. But brutal crimes such as this are not the cause of our culture of death; they are merely a symptom.

In an opinion piece penned for the Telegraph in 2008, columnist Jenny McCartney used a prior Batman movie, “The Dark Knight,” to illustrate, in a cursory way, our rising death-culture problem. In many ways her words were eerily prophetic and sickly ironic.

“But the greatest surprise of all – even for me, after eight years spent working as a film critic,” she wrote, “has been the sustained level of intensely sadistic brutality throughout the film.”

McCartney went on to describe, in gory detail, the movie’s severely violent opening scene, lamenting that millions of parents would choose to expose their children to it. She concluded by chastising Hollywood for its complicity in an increasingly violent youth culture.

“Even since 2002, the public’s willingness to expose children to previously unthinkable levels of screen violence has soared,” she noted. “The poet WB Yeats once wrote, ‘In dreams begins responsibility,’ yet Hollywood will never take responsibility for its most brutal dreams so long as the paying public still flocks to the theatre of cruelty.”

I think McCartney was on to something but believe there’s plenty more responsibility to go around. I submit that our culture of death derives from somewhere far beyond just Hollywood. The “theatre of cruelty” spans from sea to shining sea.

Just one example, though a big one, is America’s ongoing capitulation to the horrific abortion violence carried out under cover of manmade law each day – an equally evil phenomenon.

Beneath the euphemistic banner of “reproductive choice,” hundreds of women elect to have their own babies slaughtered in the womb daily. Children – those who dodged the abortion bullet anyway – aren’t stupid; they’re just young. From this, they can only deduce that, according to our culture, human life is cheap and meaningless.

So why are we surprised when people like the “Batman killer” act accordingly?

Indeed, in our perverse society, a woman exercising her “right to choose” death for her innocent child represents “courage,” while the Batman shooter’s “choice” to kill innocent moviegoers represents cowardice. And it is. They are both acts of cowardice. The only relevant difference is the victims’ age.

Let me be clear: Am I comparing this incredibly wicked, illegal mass murder at Aurora’s Century Theatre to the incredibly wicked, legal mass murder committed at Planned Parenthoods across the country each day? Absolutely – and you can quote me on it.

But again, like the Batman murders, our nation’s 55-plus million abortion murders post Roe v. Wade are not the cause of our culture of death; they are merely a symptom. Ultimately, the cause stems from something much less complicated.

We as a nation – as a people – have turned our backs on God. We have rebelled against Him and have forgotten that it was He and He alone who gave us 200-plus years of prosperity, unprecedented in world history.

We have left Him, so why are we surprised He’s leaving us? We have said, “We don’t need you, leave us alone.”

And so He has.

Recently, Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Vilsack acknowledged at a White House briefing that he’s been praying for rain to alleviate the widespread drought plaguing our nation. “I get on my knees every day,” he admitted. “And I’m saying an extra prayer now.”

Predictably, godless “progressives” are up in arms over his statement. Tom Flynn, executive director of the Council for Secular Humanism, quickly pounced, saying that Vilsack’s mere mention of prayer “sends the wrong message to distraught farmers.”

“[Praying] for rain? That’s not just government entangling itself with religion, that’s government publicly practicing it, and wallowing in superstition,” he said.

Oh, please.

In the coming days and weeks, politicians, entertainers, media-types – public figures of every stripe – will call for prayer in response to the Batman shootings. But don’t expect to hear much from the aforementioned godless “progressives.” They generally know when to shut up.

Still, prayer is only the beginning. It can’t just be superficial prayer. It can’t just be an emotional response to this horrible tragedy.

For any real national healing to occur – in order to un-ring the culture-of-death bell – we must collectively surrender. We must recommit ourselves as “one nation, under God,” to the underlying culture of life that such a commitment presupposes.

If we don’t, we’re done.

2 Chronicles 7:14 gives us hope: “Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.”

Indeed, the restoration of our land begins with you and me.

It ends with Him.

Let’s begin.

Matt Barber (@jmattbarber on Twitter) is an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. He serves as Vice President of Liberty Counsel Action. (This information is provided for identification purposes only.)


eHeziCulture of Death and the Batman Shooting By MATT BARBER

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  1. It’s amazing how you can blame the NRA , but there is no blame from the liberal Marxist about Hollywood and the way they glorify gun violence , hollywood teaches our children to be animals, so do our video games . Hollywood are a bunch of disgraceful liberals, they create this problem and then they want us to give up another rite, the NRA teaches gun safety, Hollywood teaches us to kill

  2. Thank you! You have spoken boldly and correctly. In 1967 Colorado Governor Love Signed the first Liberalized ALI-model abortion Law in the United States. As a resident of Colorado for a decade it pains me to say it, but we were the first to loose the purposeful shedding of innocent blood, and so we are reaping what was sown. This generation has supported the last generations wrongful choices, this is why we, too, are being judged. May He turn us to repentance and heal our land!

  3. The NRA is a typically priimitave organization that proliferate the American landscape along with the league of woman voters, etc. The NRA is also subsidized indirectly by the American taxpayer as are all the gun manufacturers.
    One way to start weening all of these second amendment nuts off the taxpayers dime is to charge two fees on gun ownership just like cars, boats and houses. The first would be a large regerstration fee, which would help off set the cost of gun violence to the taxpayer. Can’t imagine how expensive this Colorado case will cost in police,fire,prison, medical courts etc.
    The second should be an insurance on every gun in the country. We all have to carry insurance for house,car and boat and life, why not guns? This once again would and should be used to offset your “right” to bear arms, which again is a primitive concept that needs to be changed. As a farmer you should be allowed to have a shotgun but as an urban dweller you don’t need a gun for anything,especially semia dnautomatic sub machine guns. The taxpayer should not be subsidizing this right, via police,fire,ems,hospitals, prisons, court systems. It must be in the tens of billions a year.
    Finally. Bullets should be really expensive so that once again this is not paid by the taxpayer. Let’s not forget who funds the profits of all these military corporations.mdid anyone see Dick Cheney rare his ugly head last week on capital hill. He wasn’t there for the benefit of the American people. He was there to lobby against the defense cuts in favor of the corporations he’s long been involved with. Hard to believe that this evil individual is still free and not locked up for the damage he has done to this country. Amazing nobody has investigated the money and profit he personally made out of the oil and defense companies he’s been involved with. Why doesn’t the ethics committees in congress and the senate investigate this evil man?
    It’s time to get rid of all of these lguns and the damage they do,especially on a human level. Can’t imagine the hurt and sorrow in the hearts of the loved ones left to carry on in Colorado. It’s something that one can never put a price on including the lost lives. Come on America it’s time to leave the 18th century behind and move into the 21st.

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