EXCLUSIVE: Mandatory Commission on Redistricting is Beard for Other Abuses By HEZI ARIS

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McDOW_Pat ROBERTSON_DennisThe Diva Spreads Falsehoods

YONKERS, NY — July 11, 2012 — The Mandatory Commission on Redistricting for the City of Yonkers conducted its first meeting under the aegis of Chairman Dennis Robertson last night. After introducing himself to those in attendance, Mr Robertson introduced the board upon which sit Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Wilson Terrero and Minority Leader John Larkin, Evan Inlaw, Esq., and Bob Moffitt. After the introductions were made, Mr Robertson asked First Deputy Corporation Counsel Michael V. Curti to advise the basis for the meeting to which Mr Curti noted the Mandatory Board is constituted under Section C15 of the Yonkers City Charter and is thereby entrusted to define 12 wards of equal population with the City of Yonkers.

Mr Curti advised further that one of two consultants expert in redistricting must be hired by the Yonkers Board of Contract and Supplies by the next meeting, July 16, 2012, its last, prior to the summer recess, in order for the Commission on Redistricting to have issues to discuss at the August 7th meeting. The budget for this intended hire falls under a funded expenditure line within the Yonkers City Council budget.

The 12 wards came into being when there were 12 City Council Districts and 12 councilmembers. Today there are still 12 wards, but only 6 council districts and 6 councilmembers. The Mandatory Board on Redistricting is only entrusted to delve into the redrawing of the 12 wards, by so doing, it could also redraw the 12 wards into 6 wards, and thereby impact the redrawing yet to take place of the Yonkers City Council districts to which there are 6.  The wards must be defined by October 24 and must be approved by December 24, 2012. 

Some of the aspects to be concluded by this commission are:

1) Agree to the total population of Yonkers, as specified by the most recent census;

2) Define and draw contiguous ward boundary lines;

3) Attempt to designate wards that conform to political and natural boundaries;

4) Achieve recognition of populations and interests that are eclipsed and thereby mitigated by others; and

5) Clean up election districts that have been pushed outside their wards.

The mayoral directive to conclude this task was presented to the Yonkers City Council months ago but was kept in the Intergovernmental Committee and then moved to the Rules Committee where it languished until seeing the light of day which culminated in the first public meeting on the issue publicly noticed yesterday night.

One aspect of the issue that is totally outrageous is the continued insinuation by former Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Patricia McDow, who illegally used an email list of names of former constituents gained during her tenure in government to which she is not entitled to lobby on any level. First, the list is not authorized for her use. Second, if she wishes to be a lobbyist, she  needs to adhere to a specific time frame before she is legally recognized to have the right to address the former constituents in such a manner. Third, she is no longer a resident of Yonkers. Fourth, why has Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick and her successor, Councilman Chris Johnson not made her conduct public. There is no excuse for her conduct to be protected by their respective silence, among others. Why is Yonkers silent over the conduct of a former elected official who stole services to which she was never entitled and to which she has yet to pay the penalty imposed nd which is specifically referred to in the Uonkers City Charter as forbidden to her and/or any other elected official? Her theft of postage stamps from the City of Yonkers must also be investigated and she must be fined and imprisoned lest she be a flight risk. She still owes penalty fees imposed upon her for storing her BMW at the Buena Vista Parking Lot for four years now on her stealing services from the Yonkers Parking Authority for storing in an unauthorized manner her car for 7 years.

Ms McDow’s notice to some people in the 1st City Council District was to advise them the First District is safe from any redrawing of the district in the redistricting effort. Her assertion is false, that is unless Ms McDow has inside information otherwise. With our telling, it will be interesting to learn if she is clairvoyant or if she is in a loop to which others are excluded. If so, brava to The Diva of yore. Her telling will have proved a future corruption to which she spoke when advised to be silent. 

Ms McDow must be legally advised to cease and desist from any future intrusion into the political and governmental conduct of a city for which she is not a representative of any kind. Her bona fides mean nothing in Yonkers other than to irk and rile people over facts she cannot validate and by that fact alone, must not be permitted.

While Mayor Spano beseeches those who will listen to cast contentiousness to the side, the machinations continue to be concocted behind closed doors and backrooms. When will Yonkers say, “Stop! Enough?” 



eHeziEXCLUSIVE: Mandatory Commission on Redistricting is Beard for Other Abuses By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Wards have no relevance in this City. Thats why Amicone tried to do away with all reference to watds in the City Charter via referendum. It does not matter how the population shifted since no one is elected by voters by Ward – just by Council District. It is the responsibility of the Council to re-draw Council lines and ultimately they can accept or reject recomendations from this unnecessary committee for Ward boundary changes after they look at Council lines.

  2. these recycled do nothing has beens just don’t get.
    not to mention just plain ole nasty.
    we don’t want you here.
    and pay your damn parking bill

  3. when will ms. McCow pay the fine for over 4+yrs.of having free parking.When will this mayor send her the bill for it.No tax payer would get to leave his car over night without a stiff fine or towed or booted.Being an ex council person she of course thinks she is entitled to free perks.

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