Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano Announces Plan for New Streetscaping Improvements In Downtown Yonkers

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Yonkers Downtwon Waterfron BID

Spano_MikeFederal Stimulus Block Grant to Revitalize Getty Square;
New Clock and Lighting Included in the Nearly $500,000 Plan

YONKERS, NY – August 6, 2012 – In partnership with the Yonkers Downtown BID, Mayor Mike Spano today announced nearly $500,000 in new streetscaping improvements will be completed in Downtown Yonkers. The improvements are made possible by a Community Development Block Recovery Grant through U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) agency.

The streetscaping improvements will include the replacement of the four-faced clock in Getty Square, currently out of operation, with a new four-faced clock, as well as new street lighting and sidewalk improvements along city streets in the area. In addition, the Haas Murals along Riverdale Avenue and Warburton Avenue at Main Street will receive enhanced lighting.

“These new improvements will add to the vibrancy of the downtown-waterfront business district which continues to become a regional destination for visitors and residents, as well as investors,” said Mayor Spano. “I would like to thank the Downtown Waterfront BID and our federal and state leaders for their continued partnership in our revitalization and redevelopment efforts.”

The announcement of these improvements follows Mayor Spano’s recent announcement of $8 million to help fund the redevelopment of the planned Riverfront Park Center at Chicken Island. The City will soon announce the opening of the newly daylighted Saw Mill River at Larkin Plaza, providing beautiful new public space for residents and visitors to enjoy in the heart of downtown Yonkers.

Mayor Spano stated the improvements will be completed by early fall 2012.

SOURCE: Christina Gilmartin, Communications Director, Office of the Mayor

eHeziYonkers Mayor Mike Spano Announces Plan for New Streetscaping Improvements In Downtown Yonkers

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  1. good question
    that very issue of police coverage was asked to the BID’s Sansone and Dearden a few years ago.
    and never answered.

  2. we already had an opening ceremony for Larkin by the former mayor. last winter.
    lots of hoopla and politicians everywhere
    funny as shit.
    for which vendors were not paid.
    Yeah Yonkers, the BID, SFC and the *stage prop* which is downtown.
    we’re going to catch you bastards.
    Yes we are.

  3. great, what is Sansone do for his pay and why not have the City utilize these funds to increase police in that area and stop wasting money. What about the millions wasted on garbage pick up that costs westchester and yonkers taxpayers.
    Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It really was nice once merit farms fanny farmer candies greens, grants CRISS CROSS LUNCHEONETTE MADE THE BEST HAMBURGER I HAVE EVER EATIN,,, TO YONKERS DETRACTORS it really was nice once. ill leave it there it was really once a great place to congregate shop and take in the sights . then the collonades public pissing homelessness… Kneppers toy store the old italian barber shop de roberts on main st it really was nice the tobacconist friedman hermans bar you could have a drink and see murray no money no problem come back pay day cutros appliances and slash toy store .TO ALL OF YOU WHO WERE NOT SO FORTUNATE TO SEE THE CITY OF GRACIOUS LIVING AT ITS PEAK YOU MISSED SOMETHING REALLY SPECIAL .THE TROLLY DRIVER WOULD LET YOU GO ON A FARe .YOUR WORD WAS YOUR BOND AND EVERYBODY was pretty safe the alpine ferry .MAN WAT A PLACE WHEN I DIE I HOPE I GO SOMEWHER LIKE THAT AGAIN A PLACE OF MY CHILD HOOD YONKERS NY

  5. you can pump all the money you want into the square but without REAL change it’s not going to matter. The Shelter has to go. You have that confused piece of white trash brian oshea who opened undisputed which is nothing more than a ghetto hell hole. You have the casa de cafe that has been “opening soon” for the past 6 years. Empty store fronts, slow construction, red tape, homelessness, it’s a recipe for disaster. Until the city grows a pair of balls and gets tough down there, it will always fail

  6. On an off note, is it true that the water we see flowing in the daylighted river is not the river itself but water flowing on top of a cement slab being circulated by pumps? That would make it a daylighted fish bowl, right?

  7. Again, this Mayor is only useful for kissing babies, ribbon cutting and dedicating a dog park. The IQ of a box of cereal….

  8. unless you can get rid of the shelter it is ALL USELESS… What the hell is wrong with all of you up there in city hall, why can’t you see what is so obvious to the rest of us ???

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