MEA CULPA: Address to Yonkers Tribune Reader Regarding Nick Spano By HEZI ARIS

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Spano_nick22YONKERS, NY — September 7, 2012 — It has come to Yonkers Tribune's Editor Hezi Aris' attention that mention of former Senator Nick Spano being a lobbyist for Empress Ambulance as stated within these virtual pages a few times over this year are erroneous. Mr Nick Spano does not represent Empress Ambulance. My apology to Mr Nick Spano and to the Yonkers Tribune reader for having misled by mention of a "fact" that was wrongly expressed. My sincere and personal apology to Mr Nick Spano. — Hezi Aris, Editor / Publisher.

eHeziMEA CULPA: Address to Yonkers Tribune Reader Regarding Nick Spano By HEZI ARIS

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  1. So big deal, Hezi makes a legitimate error and owns up to it. Just look at the all the Journal News and News 12 reporters who cannot even read maps, like yesterday’s story about the Edgemont ( Greenburgh) neighborhood being in Scarsdale which it never was. They both make this glarying error over and over again.
    Hope Paul Feiner reads this!!! LOL
    Arch Stanton

  2. So who owes the people of Yonkers an apology for lobbying for Forrest Ratner’s corporate welfare.
    Now we don’t receive anywhere near the tax dollars we should for that property and sales tax will not replace that source of revenue. Each family has only so much money to spend for goods and services, so whether they spend it at Cross County or Ridge Hill, the sales tax will be the same. We gave away our advantage with the encouragement of the lobbyists.

  3. I was not listening to the YFD. The apology is sincerely addressed to Mr Nick Spano. As for Mayor Mike Spano, were his office concerned, they have the ability to have advised me of the needed correction. As I said, I made an error on this issue. If you also knew as much you could also have advised as you have now belatedly. I addressed my apology correctly.
    Kindly, Hezi

  4. Hezi you need to research before doing article. Saying that Nick was a lobbyist for Empress was really wrong. You also owe an apology to Mike Spano because this was clearly an attempt by fire department to make the Mayor look corrupt. Stop listening to the fireman

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