Minister Louis Farrakhan to Speak at Doles Center on Sunday Wants to Help Mount Vernon Keep Peace In the Streets

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Farrakhan Poster 2MOUNT VERNON, NY — September 21, 2012
 One week after a peaceful gathering of an estimated 40,000 people at last weeks Arts on Third Festival, Minister Louis Farrakhan will be coming to Mount Vernon to speak to young people to encourage them to keep the peace.

“I am happy to welcome Minister Farrakhan to Mount Vernon to help us maintain peace among our young people. It is important that we all work together to stop the violence that is affecting quality of life for all residents in the city”, said Mayor Ernest D. Davis. “Minister Farrakan has been making his way across the country personally speaking with youth in some of the most troubled communities in the nation. He will speak directly to our young people and hopefully his message will be heard”.

Minister Farrakhan will be addressing the community at 4:00 pm on Sunday, September 23, 2012 on the lawn of the Doles Community Center located at 250 South 6th Avenue.

The Nation of Islam, as part of it’s 100 Plus Cities Tour, has been visiting communities across the nation with a mission to meet and greet the people. Minister Louis Farrakhan has also been personally appearing  in some of the most troubled neighborhoods plagued by gangs and violence. While the Nation of Islam has been increasing its presence in troubled areas within Mount Vernon in recent months, it was their presence last month  that made people take notice. A contingency of 75 neatly dressed men arrived in the Levister Towers area and cheerily greeted neighborhood residents.

“We will be hitting the streets to spread the word among our young people. We want them to hear his message and we want to do all we can to keep the peace in our community”, said Brother Arthur Mohammad, a Mount Vernon resident, youth advocate and community activist.

Mount Vernon City Hall is encouraging attendance.

eHeziMinister Louis Farrakhan to Speak at Doles Center on Sunday Wants to Help Mount Vernon Keep Peace In the Streets

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  1. three thing that always sell , if i can ever reinvent my self ill buy a mcdonalds…if that fails ill open a peep show enough said

  2. Just like the Reverend Al, Farrakhan is tring to re-invent himself. Sleepers in the wide open air……………..waiting for the day they can get the masses to “rise up”……………enough said…….

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