Statement from Governor Cuomo’s Spokesperson Josh Vlasto

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Spokesperson Vlasto-Josh & Cuomo-AndrewJosh Vlasto (left): Governor Andrew Cuomo (right).

"In response to public reports and inquiries today, we have
no reason to believe that JCOPE is not acting appropriately and diligently and
conducting a full, thorough investigation, using all its legal authority, of claims of sexual harassment against Assemblyman Vito Lopez and the circumstances
surrounding their handling. As far as rumors to the contrary suggesting that
JCOPE is not investigating the settlement payments and the circumstances under
which they were made, we believe they are just that – rumors. However, if such
rumors are true, we believe it would be unconscionable for any legislative
appointees to JCOPE to block such investigation. If they are, the Governor will
appoint a Moreland Act Commission to conduct an investigation that would
include these matters. Either way, the public will know the facts and answers
to the questions that have been raised."

eHeziStatement from Governor Cuomo’s Spokesperson Josh Vlasto

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