EXCLUSIVE: Cacace Justice Center to Undergo Certification Appraisal for Possible Use as Yonkers City Jail By HEZI ARIS

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Yonkers City Jail - Alexander Street

UPDATED Interview with Deputy Commissioner Francis Intervallo

Photo of the Yonkers City Jail located at Alexander Street by and courtesy of Flickr by Yahoo.

Yonkers Tribune has learned New York State officials will today inspect the 4th
Floor of the Cacace Justice Center for the purpose of validating the 4th
Floor premises for use a the Yonkers City Jail. The 4th Floor was
supposed to be the jail facility that under former Mayor John Spencer’s
Administration was supposed to replace the Yonkers City Jail presently situated
at Alexander Street. At the time of its building and final build-out, the
Spencer Administration did not gain validation of the premises by the New York
State Department of Corrections because City Hall did not file an advance floor
rendering as required for certification protocol. The John Spencer
Administration took no corrective action at that time.

catalyst for today’s conduct is initiated by developers’ intent on high-rise
waterfront development remove the jail from the horizon before potential
condominium owners and  renters under the present Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. The 4th
Floor facility of the Cacace Justice Center is presently as a storage facility
of police records.

was one-time talk of converting the Alexander Street jail using adaptive re-use
objectives and invite Starbucks as one of its anchor tenants. It was another
pipe dream poorly thought out by the Spencer Administration and permitted to
languish under former Mayor Phil Amicone’s Administration. 

Greed stymied the lack of funds to update the 4th Floor storage facility of the
Cacace Justice Center into its original intent for housing the Yonkers City
Courts with the Yonkers City Jail. Resolution to the issue will require Mr.
Greed be satisfied. In the meanwhile, the prospect for closing the Yonkers City
Jail will get the Landmarks Preservation Board to salivate in hopes landmark
status will be bequeathed on the Alexander Street jail.

Office of the Yonkers Police Commissioner has advised the department will
respond to today’s inquiry of them. An update will be posted upon receipt of
their response.

Deputy Commissioner Francis Intervallo spoke to us at about 4:00 p.m. to advise he was speaking on behalf of Commissioner Charles Gardner who was attending a conference. Deputy Commissioner Intervallo verified that New York State officials had indeed arrived at the Cacace Center to ascertain whether it was feasible to transform the fourth floor to a jail, something that was the original intent of the facility. Deputy Commissioner Intervallo sid he believed it would take little to convert the facility for the purpse of a jail. It would fall on the Yonkers Police Department to steard this project forward, advise the state of their recommended alterations to accommodate the demands of design, and then invite state officials to give their go-ahead or further recommendation toward the purpose of having the jail at the Cacace Justuce Center the final goal of this exploratory effort. Deputy Commissioner Intervallo was adamant to point out the circumstances were at the ealy stage of potential accommodation and purpose even though this process contines today after being 22 years in abeyance.

eHeziEXCLUSIVE: Cacace Justice Center to Undergo Certification Appraisal for Possible Use as Yonkers City Jail By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Does this mean that Judge MIKE MARTINELLI, a STATE employee, will have to give up his Yonkers CITY car? Oh wait, I forgot, he needs it to commute and use for personal errands. Yonkers will be on the hook for big money if this STATE employee is ever in an accident with our CITY car.

  2. Is the jail at Cacace even large enough to hold a hot summers weekend of overnights? Or will they do double prisoners in a cell creating a hazardous situation.

  3. There are only benefits to the city if the following happen.
    The move facilitates economies of scale, ie job and overtime cuts.
    That the land is sold to the highest bidder and not a dolla deal. And it returns to the tax rolls and not end up as a PILOT or TIFF .(you know the usual YOnkers 3 card monte trick)

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