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  1. There is no party system at the current time. There is no separation of party interest without getting into it at length in new york goernment.
    After what Bloomberg did with his voting himself an overide for term limits, I dont think he is a good endorsement.
    The northmen remember.

  2. Bloomberg wants to put a homeless shelter in Wakfeild a block from McLean Ave which both Latimer and Cohen oppose. Lets see Cohen use his influence to get Bloomberg to back down.

  3. the real issue in the cohen lattimer race has to do
    with the question of whether one party rule in new
    york is acceptable…the governor comptroller and
    ag are democrats the assembly is democrat, the two
    us senators are democrats…the cohen latimer race
    may be the decisive race that determines the majority
    in the state senate….for that one reason alone it
    seems the public has an interest in preventing single
    party rule of new york

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