The Irish Echo Honors Barry McGoey

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IRISHECHO-101112-Barry McGoey and Gerry Adams(L to R): Gerry Adams, president of Sinn Fein,
and Barry McGoey, president of Yonkers Firefighters Union Local 628 at event
held by the Irish Echo honoring 2012’s Top 50 Irish labor leaders in the United

YONKERS, NY — October 1, 2012 — Barry McGoey, President of Yonkers Firefighter’s
Union, has been named by the Irish Echo as one of 2012’s Top 50 Irish labor
leaders in the United States.

The 2012 Irish Labor Top 50 list includes
officials from more than five states and our nation’s capital including leaders
from education, the first responder community, real estate and construction as
well as leaders of the National Labor Relations Board. 2012’s honored
dignitaries include James Cahill, president of the 100,000-member New York
Building and Construction Trades Council and the late Edward J. Malloy,
who passed away in 2012 after leading the New York Building Trades for nearly
two decades.

Mr. McGoey was recognized for his dedication to serving
his fellow firefighters and his goal of keeping citizens safe. Barry McGoey is
an attorney admitted to the New York State Bar who in addition to advocating
for firefighters has frequently donated his services pro-bono for victims of
domestic violence.

Yonkers Firefighters Local 628 represents 322
rank and file firefighters in the City of Yonkers. In addition to fires,
Yonkers Firefighters are the first responders to medical emergencies, building
and scaffolding collapses, downed electrical lines, gas and carbon monoxide
leaks and serious truck and vehicular accidents on the multiple highways
cutting through the fourth largest city in New York State.

The Honorable Gerry Adams, a key figure in the
Northern Ireland peace struggle and president of Sinn Fein, one of that
nation’s largest political parties, traveled from Ireland to recognize the
honorees. Mr. Adams delivered a keynote speech paying tribute to those in years
past who fought and sacrificed so much to achieve work place conditions of modern
society’s era’s 40 hour work week, safe work conditions and fair wages that
paved the way for the creation of America’s middle class.

“I’m deeply honored and proud to be included
among a most distinguished and notable group of America’s top modern labor
leaders. Before unions, workers were routinely taken advantage of, including 7-day
work weeks in sweatshop-like conditions for pennies an hour. It’s critical that
Americans not lose sight of where we came from, so we don’t repeat the horrible
workplace abuses of our nation’s past,” said McGoey. “The firefighters I
advocate for risk their lives to protect the citizens of the great City of
Yonkers. My role as both firefighter and union president is to advocate
strongly for maintaining the critical staffing and safety levels needed to keep
citizens and our firefighters safe.”

eHeziThe Irish Echo Honors Barry McGoey

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  1. Anything for a free meal ya shanty. Both of ye should be washing the dishes in the back and sneaking a few nips. Who you kidding.

  2. I am sure Gerry Adams will treasure his copy of this photo for many, many years to come. he probably has it on his mantle right next to his picture with Momar Kadafee.

  3. Hi. I’m Peter Shea and I now work in the Mayor’s Office. I’m here to help. Mike & Sue said that you are way over your head.

  4. I’m sure we’d been in a better place with ROZA at the helm?!?! NOT! In the same place like FOX…all for themselves….JACK ASS

  5. I have to say I agree that the City will always have the upper hand. It really does this union no good fighting with the Mayor. I like you barry but sit down and talk like men.
    628 Member

  6. The affair goes on……………. and I wouldn’t count my chickens yet. The city will always have the upper hand, Mr. Magoo or not.

  7. It must really suck to be as stupid as Spano is and have to go up against these guys. Spano is out of his league and so are his hired guns.

  8. I can just picture you stomping your foot like an angy child as you typed that last comment Sue. Either that or your negotiating skills are as bad as your grammer. Thanks for the chuckle either way.

  9. barry sucks as a union leader if 628 were smart they would oust him and put someone that will work with the administration for the next 3 pluss years rather that a person that only wants to fight, the union gets nothing under mr magoo

  10. When is the contract arbitration between the firefighters and the city. Given the past history between Spano and McGooey I bet the firefighters kick ass.

  11. Thanks Barry for all of your hard work on behalf of all of the working men and women of Yonkers. You are Yonkers number 1 labor leader. Keep up the good work. You are the man.

  12. As a member of Local 628 I am proud to be represented by a real professional and gentleman like Barry McGoey.
    The other union members in Yonkers can only wish to have such a leader.
    Thanks Barry !

  13. Hey Barry — one more thing — I LOVE your new commericals — you should get an award for best union commercials too — great job!!!

  14. congratulations mr mcgooey first political photo ive seen in yonkers with out any III TALIANS in it ahhh refreshing lovely day for a …

  15. NO Yonkers union has had a contract for years, not just the firemen.
    And yes, Barry — keep up the good work because you are doing good — real good.
    What’s the score now?
    Spano 0
    Firefighters 5
    Pretty soon it’ll be a shutout. Great work.

  16. Are you kidding us? Barry needs to worry about his own election? You must be an out of touch Spano. McGoey was just re-elected unopposed to another 3 year term. So much for Barry having to worry about being re-elected. HaHaHa!!!

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