YFT to Demonstrate their Support for Return of Certified Pupil Support Services

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– The Yonkers Federation of Teachers (YFT)are asking their membership to demonstrate their concern to Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano for the return of Certified Pupil support Services for the student body. The demonstration is to take place on Thursday, October 11th, from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m., at the Cross County Shopping Center, at the Central Avenue entrance to the parking garage under the Cross County sign.

Pat Puleo, YFT President said, “The facts are that Yonkers Public School children are not getting the basic support services other districts provide their student! Did you know Yonkers has only 15 guidance counselors for over 26,000 students? Buffalo has 193 guidance counselors for 33,000 students, Syracuse has 60 guidance counselors for 20,000 students, Rochester has 90 guidance counselors for 32, 000 students, and White Plains has 10 guidance counselors for 2,000 students. Funding could be provided to keep our children safe. As we celebrate anti-bullying month, where are the support staff, psychologists, social workers, guidance counselors to protect the children of Yonkers?

eHeziYFT to Demonstrate their Support for Return of Certified Pupil Support Services

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  1. Wait until the private public partnership kicks in. You may like those new buildings for a while until you figure out the cost.
    Pupil support services? You will be happy to have a teacher for every 40 students after this plan goes through.

  2. The public may never know. What happened to the court action allowing the people who we elected to see how the board of ed spends our money . Anything ever come of that.
    Somebody, some day will probably come out with a story that will look like the shawshank redemption.

  3. Why is it that some teachers have 20 plus students in class, while other teachers have 2 or 3 students? These are NOT special education either. Who is responsible for staffing and watching out for TAXPAYERS! Where is Mayor Spano and Supt. Perozio on these staffing issues? It’s all over the district. The union will fight harder for the “do nothings” to protect the stagnant herd.

  4. what a fucking joke these teachers are. Most of them are nothing more than a bunch of bar rags anyway. It is well known in Yonkers that in most any bar or restaurant with a bar in yonkers on a friday afternoon you can find large groups of yonkers teachers blowing off steam with gallons of booze.`
    These teachers have to blow off steam, what with the rigorous schedule of 180 days of work a year, teachers aides in the classrooms, multiple staff members in every building to help them every step of the day, but hey this is a tough job right …
    Wake up YFT, you have NO credibility anymore… and don’t give us that ” it’s all about the kids” bullshit either

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