Yonkers Awarded $4.2 Million in Grants by HUD

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Eliot Engel today announced the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban
is awarding $4,216,819 in grant money to Yonkers.

amounts broken down by program are:

Rep. Engel
said the money will help Yonkers to expand housing for those with the greatest
need. The block grants will provide suitable housing, and expanding economic
opportunities, chiefly for low- and moderate-income persons.

program expands the supply of suitable, affordable housing to low- and very
low-income families and the Emergency Shelter grants will help Yonkers to
improve the quality of emergency homeless shelters.

Rep. Engel
said, “This assistance is going to those most in need and with the least
resources. In these difficult economic times, we should do all we can to help
those who require this aid the most.”

eHeziYonkers Awarded $4.2 Million in Grants by HUD

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  1. Once again, if they could just balance the budget and collect the money due, we would not be so bad off. Couple this practice with giving away more money in the form of pilots and IDA’s and there is your budget shortfall without going to one day a week garbage, crowded schools etc. If i am wrong it is at least a start in the right direction. These programs are truly money for nothing.

  2. Hezi,
    Wouldn’t this fall under FOIL. Why can ‘t we get their names. Why can’t their income be garnished. Why do the same people continue to rip off the citizens of Yonkers and nothing…absolutley nothing is done? I don’t get it. In the meantime, the YFD got a few million in grant dollars and rather than utilizing it at a time when this city is on the brink of bankruptcy, to hire more FF, the new administration, thinking they are smarter than contact law, let the grant lapse. Disgraceful. Now, not only is the YFD understaffed, but we are paying continuous overtime to man fires for refusing grant money to hire more FF which wold have eliminated a lot of OT. Instead, because of lawsuits to argue contract law, the city is paying rather than receiving. What a bunch of Fxxxing idiots. I, for one, want to know who owes ME and every other taxpayer of Yonkers of the HUD Money. Print the names…we’ll probably be shocked to see who is on this list. Or “forget it Jake….it’s Yonkers”.

  3. The HUD loans were not repaid to the City of Yonkers by many borrowers as required. Even so, Yonkers paid HUD. We are out of the money until the loan is repaid to the city two times, repaying HUD but not having gotten the payment from the initial borrowers. The tragedy is that the administration has been mum about the issue were it not for our telling it. Payment is still owed Yonkers; it is still not repaid. City Hall refuses to name all those in arrears for years. This started under former Mayor Amicone and continues unabated under Mayor Mike Spano.

  4. Didn’t Yonkers not pay back it’s HUD loans in the past. Why are they getting more.
    Any one know what happened to that story?????????

  5. This whole business of awarding money by politicians just before elections should be illegal. Then again this will never happen as its these same politicians that make the laws. How corrupt is that?

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