An Open Letter to Con Edison President Burke from George Latimer, Assemblyman and Senate Candidate

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November 1, 2012


Latimer_GeorgeKevin Burke

President and Chief Executive Officer

Consolidated Edison

Cooper Station

P.O. Box 138

New York, NY 10276-0138

Dear Mr. Burke: 

I am writing to you in regards to the delay in
returning electric service to Westchester County.

While I understand that we have all experienced
an unprecedented natural disaster that has wreaked havoc on our utilities. I
also understand that it will take some time to return to full service. However
I have read with great distress that power will not be back for up to 10 days,
leaving impacted consumers without power for potentially two weeks since they
first lost power. This is unacceptable. As the weather gets colder, people are
worried over freezing pipes; those with need for refrigerated medicines are
deeply fearful for their health; there are a myriad of needs that become
increasingly desperate with each passing day that power remains out.

Many residents who have called Con Ed to report
an outage have been told that Westchester County will be one of the last areas
to have electricity restored, with New York City getting service first.  The people of Westchester are in desperate
need of some immediate action.  I cannot
express in words how angry and frustrated those who have contacted me are. 

My staff and I are traveling the district that I
represent and are finding fallen trees on homes, seniors and residents with
health issues without power, and even downed live wires that seem to receive no

I would like to formally request, in writing, the
results of Con Edison’s post storm assessment of the consumer base in
Westchester County.  In the event that
assessment is yet to be completed, I would like to be able to tell my
constituents what your progress is toward that end. Residents need to know more
than just the date by which all activities are to be completed; they need some
step-by-step progress toward these goals if they are to have faith the final
goals are to be reached.   

I would also like to make it clear that the
people of Westchester must be reimbursed for any outages that they have been
forced to experience, especially if there was a priority placed on New York
City customers over any other consumers.

During times like these, we must work
together.  The more information that
elected officials receive from Con Ed means that elected officials like myself
can help Con Ed better manage expectations.    

Thank you in advance for your prompt response to
this letter.



George Latimer

Assemblyman, 91st District

eHeziAn Open Letter to Con Edison President Burke from George Latimer, Assemblyman and Senate Candidate

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  1. He is from the sound shore area I think but now the district includes part of yonkers. That is why all the face time from Cohen and Lattimer. The redistricting done by republicans is now up for grabs and may not work out the way they wanted hence, all the hoopla.

  2. Yes, unlike Mr. Cohen who is just a slumlord. How dare he be a politician doing political things!(the court said we can call him a slumlord).

  3. What a complete phony you are Latimer…trying to act like you are doing something. How about you stop campaigning and playing politics and get out in streets and try to help people. So many without power and Latimer still acting like a career politician and political hack.

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