EXCLUSIVE: Not Negotiable – Denise Egiziaco Will Not Pay For Gas By HEZI ARIS

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Egiziaco_Denise-Mercedes-BenzYONKERS, NY – November 12, 2012 – Yonkers City Hall offices were closed
today in honor and with respect to the survivors, fallen and wounded who have
and continue to serve the nation on Veterans Day. Today is also the second week
in which Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano’s staff member Denise Egiziaco, reacting to
the wrath of Hurricane Sandy had chosen to keep her Mercedes under the watchful
eyes of camera surveillance and the unlikelihood of damage to her car on the 6th
floor level of the City Hall Garage. And besides, she can use a City SUV day
and night at the city’s expense and she can fill up with gas at no cost to her
while other Yonkersites wait in line to get their turn at filling up their gas
and have to pay for gasoline as well. The free gas and use of a city
vehicle is a perk only to those who work for Mayor Mike Spano and exceed the
minimum $100,000 plus benefits minimum remuneration to qualify.

Lest anyone consider applying, best they be forewarned those positions are

And so the stomach turns.Where is the Alka-Seltzer when you need it?

The systems to deny abuse of the systems are non-existent in Mayor Mike
Spano’s government.

Can you imagine, she earns $120,000 per annum, doing what is still
unclear. She games the system to fill up the gas tank of car that is part of the city fleet she has exclusively driven 24/7 these past two weeks. To add further
insult,she demands DPW personnel fill up her SUV at no cost to her because she is too
busy taking a cigarette break to bother.

For those with connections, Yonkers is a wonderful place to rip off. Don’t
apply for these benefits unless you know how to yank someone's chain. 

eHeziEXCLUSIVE: Not Negotiable – Denise Egiziaco Will Not Pay For Gas By HEZI ARIS

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  1. She is a political appointee who does not work 15 hours a day. For those of you who seem to be protecting her , shall I reveal the friends and family connection or should we leave it at that. If she lives in yonkers thats good, so why say bronxville, not proud of yonkers?
    If she is on call 24 hours a day, which department does she work for, police fire or dpw?
    They have people to handle our emergencies 24/7 and thats why we pay taxes not to have some political apointee come ride around and asses damage. For what reason? To tell the Mayor? Thats why we have police, fire and dpw commissioners. Dont need a person of this stature to do anything 24/7 the way I see it.

  2. I hear that [Editor’s Note: We have all heard many things BUT we need proof for whatever it may be you heard. for it to be permitted to stay online. Thanksfor understanding. – Kindly,

  3. There seems to be varying opinions about whoever this person is. Firstly, what is her job/position/title? Does her job require her to use a city vehicle? Is she “on call” or needs to work ’round the clock, as defined by her position…whatever that is, like a cop or firefighter or the Commissioner of DPW? Does her job/position require that she receive city gas? Does her job require that she park in the City lot for free for days at a time? I’m guessing the answer to most of these questions is No and her job doesn’t require it. Secondly, is she being taxed (like this perk is additional income by IRS standards) for the personal use of car and use of city gas? Lastly, if a cop, firefighter, dpw worker parked on city property and took their Police Emergency Vehicle, FireTruck or Garbage and gassed it up for free, then drove it around for days on end……they’d be fired. Just sayin’…………

  4. There’s seems to be varying opinions on this person, whoever she is. Why is her car parked in a parking lot that the taxpaying citizens have to pay for during business hour? Is she on ’round the clock duty or call? Like a police man/woman or firefighter? Is she entitled, due to her job title to use a city car for any reason? Is she entitled because of her job title to get “free” aka paid by “we the taxpayers” gas? What is her job title/position, which may help answers some of the above. I’m guessing the answer to most of my questions would be no or not needed for her job/position. Lastly, if a cop, firefighter, DPW worker parked their car in the city garage for free for days, drove around in a Police emergency vehicle, FireTruck or Garbage Truck for days and got free gas….they’ed be fired. Just sayin’…..

  5. The city should adopt a no smoking on city property policy. That way you wouldnt have all the smokers congregating around doorways where people have to enter.

  6. As far as I know and I am sure I know more than you Hezi since your naive enough to put someones plate number up that Denise works very hard and not to mention she works well over 15 hours a day. Why do you care anyway? Are you just another bitter man who is under paid and upset that a female makes more than you? Get a real job and stop being a nosey misogynist! PIG!

  7. Hezi – you are really reaching with this one. She is on call 24/7, probably doesn’t use a lot of gas given the tight parameters of the city, and has never been involved in any wrongdoing. You stoke anger and resentment with these kinds of stories among people who don’t know all the facts, who have been impacted by the storm. No doubt there are other people who are truly abusing their benefits in ways that are significant and relevant. Shame on you, Hezi.

  8. Simple solution. Get rid of Spano! Wanna turn the heat up? Get a lot of citizens together and file a class action lawsuit siteing Fraud and Theft of Services.

  9. She apparantly lives in Yonkers, on the east side by Saeah Lawrence college, but has a Btonxville mailing address. Not uncommon. Nice looking girl, heck, Id take her out.

  10. At least she lives in Yonkers. There are a bunch of do nothing that don’t even live in Yonkers but drain the City and the County…..Marky, Mark Russell, he takes the car, the gas, and the City money to NYC.
    Mr. Spano do something about those bloody suckers. You got rid of the MIS man….We are waiting for you clean up Yonkers of all those outsiders.

  11. No leadership. Everything is political. Motivation is not whats good for the city. I get the feeling he is not going to run for another term and is going to fleece the city for all he can. Plus he will give away deals through the IDA and set himself up with a job after his term just like another mayor I know.

  12. Are you the city apologist or the official deflector? Since you are only conjecturing about what she did, I assume that you don’t have any facts, or don’t want to divulge them because they won’t help your cause. What is the official position of this person? What did she do to aid the storm efforts by working around the clock? What special talents did she lend to our residents during their hours of need? This constant raping of the Yonkers taxpayers is serious business. The rest of us went to work and either waited in gas lines or found alternate ways to get to work. Also, the car was parked for free on city property (reportedly for an extended period of time), so it is fair game, license plate and all.

  13. Maybe she had a city vehicle because she was working around the clock during the emergency. she is a yonkers resident and i am sure the use of gas was minumal. Hezi it isnt right to post peoples license plates it can be an issue of privacy and or security.

  14. How could you blame anyone but the mayor, he is the one hiring. If someone offered you a job with a good salary and perks would you turn it down?

  15. check the plate letters EGA the feminine form of EGO well lokks like she got plenty of it.takes balls or big tits to park your MERCEDES BENZE FOREIGN CAR AT CITY HALL HIGH AND TIGHT FROM THE STORM may i say well secured during a national emergecy.while driving around in a city owned insured gas fed and incidentially cleaned a oakleys car wash.FREE VEHICLE . though no psychiatrist perhaps self absorbed or just plain narcissitic thus EGA

  16. another do nothing city payroll deadbeat who thinks this his her entitlement. when is the city going to get wise and end all these perks for these freehole clowns

  17. More reasons why we cant get the real workers of this city to try and help out financially in dire times.
    When you have people like this and thay are abundant, how can you get the men and women who fight crime, attend to fires, clean our city of all its waste and educate our kiddies’ to take anything seriously.
    Couple this with the continuing practice of IDA and Pilot giveaways, I would be saying ” give backs, hell I want mine too, wheres my raise!”
    That is why leadership is so important and without the good for the goose mentality no one will follow.
    That goes for the Mayor and Schools Chief.
    Way to go fellas.

  18. city residents should start showing up at the city pumps to fill up
    maybe we should organize a demonstration, would be a hell of a statement if there were lines or residents one day at all city gas pumps
    we can all have signs “we paid for it”

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