Federal District Court Judge Conviction in Annabi / Jereis Case Stands By HEZI ARIS

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JEREIS_ZEHYNEW YORK, NY — November 8, 2012 — Judge Colleen McMahon of
the Federal District Court in Manhattan upheld the convictions against former
Yonkers City Councilwoman Sandy Annabi and of former Yonkers City Republican
Chairman Zehy Jereis.

Jereis testified before a
jury that it was love for Annabi that had driven him to give her gifts over
many years rather than prosecutorial assertions that he did so to persuade
Annabi to endorse the then proposed Forest City Ratner project that would
become the recently opened Ridge Hill Development.  The government further alleged Annabi
eventually gave support to the Ridge Hill Development believing doing so would
assist Jereis in gaining employ  from the
Ridge Hill developer Forest City Ratner.

Prosecutors had accused Ms. Annabi of taking about
$195,000 in secret payments over the years from the operative, Zehy Jereis, in
return for dropping her strong opposition to a proposed 81-acre luxury mall and
housing complex in Yonkers called Ridge Hill, and a second project. The
government had also contended that Ms. Annabi eventually gave the Ridge Hill
Development project her vote and support in order to help Jereis obtain a
no-show job from the developer, Forest City Ratner.

The jury was entitled to
conclude that the thing that changed Sandy Annabi’s mind about the Ridge Hill
Project was her benefactor Zehy Jereis’ financial interest in getting the
project approved,” wrote Judge McMahon in her decision.

Judge McMahon raised the
issue of whether the government has proven its case against the two defendants
over the issue of conspiracy as its related to Ridge Hill. That concerned was
expressed by Judge McMahon and would reverberate in media as to the integrityof
the case against Annabi / Jereis.  While
the issue is likely the most stellar of concerns to the public’s understanding
of whether the case is impervious to future scrutiny simply lacks judicial
integrity is one which Judge Mahon has declined to rule. The reader should
recognize that Judge McMahon expressed her opinion when the jury was
sequestered in the deliberation room outside of any

Judge McMahon expressed
skepticism to the love relationship expressed by Jereis for Annabi despite the
supportive evidence afforded the court ofemail communication between the
protagonists. Prosecutors said the email evidence were fabricated.

“The jury would not have
acted irrationally had it drawn the inference that the e-mails were fakes,”
Judge McMahon wrote. “Neither would it have been irrational for the jurors to
conclude that Jereis’ story of his seven years of unrequited courtship was most
likely a fiction as well.”

Annabi and Jereis were
each respectively convicted on March 29, 2012; both are scheduled for
sentencing on November 19, 2012.

eHeziFederal District Court Judge Conviction in Annabi / Jereis Case Stands By HEZI ARIS

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  1. And BTW, where is the Inspector General on these two, Spano and Procari? Why isn’t he looking into this along with the Yonkers Ethics Committee. I tell you why. They are both a joke!

  2. You are totally missing the point. Neither, again neither has the right to use City Stationary, that is owned by the citizens of this city, not the employees of Ciy Hall, nor the time it took to write these letters. I don’t think Spano or Procari took the stationary home and wrote the letters from their homes. Do you? Are you really that naive? I don’t know about you, but I pay for that paper, I pay BOTH of their salaries. Stationary and the salaried time it took to write those letters is theft of services as far as I’m concerned. To me there’s underlying threat in their actions. However, both are quite DUMB to think it would go unnoticed. But again, it’s the same old City Hall arrogance. Both should be punished. Attorney General where are you?

  3. True except the reality is that most of these letters will have little effect on a Judge’s decision. Judge McMahon will not be swayed by YO letterhead.

  4. The bottom line is that all of this use of government stationery marked “personal and unofficial” should be banned, period. I have worked in government all my life and seen this practice for decades and it has been allowed. First of all the “unofficial” tag is useless. It is like a judge teling a jury to disregard certain testimony that was not germaine to a case. It is human nature for most who receive these allegedly unofficial letters on official stationery, to subliminally infer some kind of official status nonetheless. But, to sanction only one man for a practice which has gone on in the city of Yonkers for more than 40 years in my own experience, is ludicrous. Especially since our CEO Mike Spano has not even been on the radar with this one, and he did the exact same thing. Spano is an employee just like Porcari is, except he is the top gun. From whom should he have asked permission to use OUR letterhead?

  5. Porcari should not have written letter on letterhead without permission from his boss. It was poor judgement. However, he wrote the letter in the capacity that he knew Annabi. For him to be suspended for 30 days without pay is off the charts and unfair if the Mayor wrote a similar letter on behalf of his brother on City letterhead.

  6. I understand what you are saying to some degree but I take the position that any and all stationery used by Yonkers employees, including and especially elected officials, belongs to the taxpayer, not the mayor, corp counsel or anyone else. Maybe the mayor “stole” his letterhead from the taxpayers who paid for it. There is a very, very fine line here separating what Porcari and the mayor. Personally, Porcari had no horse in this race when he wrote on Annabi’s behalf. The mayor’s brother was involved when he he lobbied for his leniency on taxpayer-owned stationery.

  7. I’m a self employed, overburdened, sick and tired taxpayer unlike most who city haulers who make a living posting on this and other websites, perhaps including you and the others in the Spano gang.
    Nuff said.

  8. Lions and Tigers…I agree w you Mr. Spano should S not have used “his own City of Yonkers Letterhead” for his brother Nick…..but as you can see from the Letter that was written by this gentleman, he wrote it on his bosses letterhead Mr Edward Dunphy who is the head of Corporation Council. The letter states it is from the YONKERS LAW DEPARTMENT…. This Gentleman STOLE A Letter head from his boss and than submitted it to a Federal Court in support of a convicted Felon who helped rob the people of this city….If this gentleman is not prosecuted and or fired than I have lost all hope for the people of Yonkers….
    Ok lets visit the real world were you and I work…
    If you went into your bosses desk and took his letterhead out with out him knowing and than wrote a letter to a court in support of someone that had cost your company 50-100 million dollars in revenue, what do you think would and should happen to you…
    Now add to that senerio that you and I pay this mans salary….This is an insult….

  9. excuse me “only” but mayor spano wrote the exact same letter ON CITY LETTERHEAD, concerning his brother Nick’s sentencing. Don’t see any sanctions imposed upon him. Leave it to the Journal News to not make that connection. Doesn’t matter what the charge is. Actually, Nick’s tax evasion plea affects EVERY taxpayer. You are all hypocrites.

  10. Ratner has saved sooo much money by the deal cut for ridge hill that it does not matter who goes to jail anymore than who does not. The money portion is that Ratner will save millions exponentially due to the deal afforded them from tax abatements. Yonkers should not even be granted a control board if it was possible , they dont deserve one. Who in thier right mind sees the damage done to the tax base from these IDA’s, Pilots and other enhancement programs and continues the practice. Not only at status quo level, but ramps it up a notch.
    Our present Mayor is the worst of them. He continues with the tax free deals, then cries about money, then tells the workers its thier fault, then goes crying to albany for relief, then hires more non-essential personnel and wonders why he is going down the tubes.
    Please no-one get on here and tell of the benefits of the enhancement programs. It has been proven that there is no accountability of these pilots and the way they are structured, never will. It is a gift of public tax money, namely ours.

  11. Letters like these should NEVER be written using government stationary. It is inappropriate as the sender is acting as if the government authorized and approved of the contents. Shame on Porcari, Burrows and McLaughlin. A counsel for the City of Yonkers and a sitting County Legislator. As to Red, who cares what he says anyway.

  12. Dunphy wrote to McMahon on Nov. 2, a week after the letters were filed. He told the judge that Porcari “will be disciplined for this unauthorized action.”
    Hezi any word on what “his Disciplinary will be ” now that Ed Dunphy no longer works in Yonkers….

  13. Sandys brother is being taken to trial for beating an unidentified woman journal news reports. Court records also showed that a witness driving his car picked this woman up off the street after witnessing this guy beating her (which wasn’t in the JN) and took her to the hospital. What a creep check out this guys mug shot gross looking

  14. http://www.lohud.com/assets/pdf/BH196898118.PDF
    here is another letter written on City of Yonkers Letterhead, in favor of giving leniency to a city council woman who probably cost the city 50-100 million dollars in tax dollars because of her greed. Than someone from the law department in the city of Yonkers writes a letter to the judge w mike Spano name on top saying please dont punish her…..WTF….. what will his punishment be no gas for a week in his take home car…only in yonkers… this man should be fired….but no he wont be….f

  15. JN reports, today, that Liam Mclaughlin wrote a letter of support for Sandy Anabi to the Judge asking for leniency.
    Not that his opinion matters, or carries any weight, but the real question is why?
    No other elected official should take the side of another convicted of public corruption. Personal feelings are one thing, but public statements in support of a convicted public official from others is outrageous.
    Or maybe Liam and Johnny and Kathy that the new Hurricane Sandy might be telling a tale to the Feds about how Yonkers government and politics really works.
    The same goes for Gordon Burrows who wrote a letter to support Zehy, the biggest low life in Yonkers history.
    All of these people are pathetic. More pathetic, perhaps, are those who support them.

  16. Those of us familiar with the two of them knew that he was infatuated with her. He was like a puppy dog around her. He never had a chance. But she never discouraged him because she loved the attention and the gifts. She suckered him-that’s the crime.

  17. Yes anon, follow the money and you will find the problem. It is not done but I guess this is enough sacrifice for the public interest.

  18. on the law the judge is correct I just want one
    answer to one question what possible benefit did
    jeries get from allegedly giving annabi hundreds of
    thousands of dollars over a long period of time
    a 60,000 a year short term consulting gig.give me
    a break..and who benefited from the change in vote
    the most..

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