Herman Geist, Republican and First Chairman of Westchester County Board of Legislators, Endorses Latimer for State Senate

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Latimer, George and Geist, Herman

WHITE PLAINS, NY – November 1, 2012 — George Latimer’s
campaign for New York State Senate earned an important endorsement emphasizing
George Latimer’s record of cutting taxes and improving the quality of life for
Westchester taxpayers. Latimer’s campaign announced the endorsement from a
group of “Republicans for Latimer”, headlined by the first Westchester County
Chairman of the Board of Legislators, Herman Geist.  Mr. Geist and other local Republicans have signed
a letter to the editor, enclosed herein, indicating their support for Latimer’s

Herman Geist, a former Chairman of the County Board of
Legislators explained his support for Latimer, “As a former Chairman of the
County Board of Legislators, I can attest to George’s leadership skills and
understanding of the issues at hand for Westchester families.  As a Republican, I do believe that the level
of school taxation in Westchester County is unsustainable but I also recognize
that one single person could never be solely responsible for that problem.  Our community has arrived at this due to
numerous circumstances over a long period of time.  The crisis of the moment does not require an
answer on who is to blame; it requires leaders that understand how to
effectively deliver real relief.  George
Latimer has done that during his time in government and will undoubtedly
continue to do so as a State Senator.” 

 Assemblyman George
Latimer stated, “During my entire career in office I have fought for people;
not my party and not my friends of a certain interest.  I have fought for what they need and most
often they need some form of tax relief in order to make ends meet.  My plans to lower taxes by shifting the
Medicaid costs away from the county, capping local pension costs and repealing
the MTA payroll tax were developed through direct involvement with members of
the community.  As a State Senator I will
continue to support these pieces of legislation because Westchester residents
need to have lower taxes and I know how to help them.”

aforementioned Letter to the Editor and list of signers can be found below.

To the Editor:

the undersigned are all members of the Republican Party.  We generally vote for candidates of the
Republican Party but George Latimer has always been a Democrat that we support.

many years George Latimer has been our hometown representative and has worked
for us on a myriad of issues.  We all
agree that the most important issue for any candidate and public official to
address is that of taxation and specifically property taxation.  We need relief and we need public officials
who understand how to deliver that relief effectively.  During George Latimer’s time in office he has
been accessible, easy to work with and open to suggestions.  As he travels from place to place and event
to event, he hears our concerns and does not just brush them off; he acts. 

have seen numerous mailings and statements during this campaign that relate to
taxation and as informed voters, we have made the decision that George
Latimer’s plans to lower our taxes are the most effective way to improve our


Herman Geist (914) ***-****            Arthur Goldstein (914) ***-****       

Barbara Geist (914) ***-****             Linda
Anechiarico (914) ***-****     

Patricia Allen (914) ***-****             Glen
Smith (914) ***-****      

Mark Liscio (914) ***-****                Ronald
Hegt (914) ***-****     

Elizabeth Liscio (914) ***-****         Ian Rosenfeld (914) ***-****  

Joe Germano (914) ***-****             Sal
Cresenzi (914) ***-****    

Patricia Radulovic (914) ***-****      Richard Dannenberg (914) ***-****

Bernard Althoff (914) ***-****         William Gates (914) ***-****   

Ken Ball (914) ***-****                     Tove
Ball (914) ***-**** 

Joe Clifton (914) ***-****                 L.D.
Starr (914) ***-****

Robert Zahm (914) ***-****                     

numbers were included for verification purposes but were since expunged by this

eHeziHerman Geist, Republican and First Chairman of Westchester County Board of Legislators, Endorses Latimer for State Senate

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  1. Yes almost as pathetic as Bloomberg endorsing Cohen. The man who made up the peoples minds about term limits for them. But then again hes one of us(if you are worth 8 billion). If the masses ever see through the thin film of them(rich citizens) trying to protect thier assets the vote will go 85 percent against. It is not party driven, but money driven.
    Mr Cohen is tired of seeing his hard earned slumlord money going to social programs and workers and wants to help put an end to it. (the court said we can call him a slumlord).
    Get real and follow the money, you will know who the candidate is worried about.

  2. Latimer has been working to restore power to the region. Bob Cohen did not take down his misleading campaign commercials so Latimer needs to respond with the election 4 days away. Herman Geist is not just any Republican but an estimeemed leader of the same legislature where George once precided. Latimer is the thoughtful leader we need.

  3. How pathetic that Latimer is playing politics in the middle of this emergency situation. Hundreds of thousands of people in the county have no power and this clown Latimer is campaigning. You are an absolute disgrace Latimer.

  4. latimer is part of the same group of democrats that
    spent money over the years recklessly to court the
    votes of special interest groups in albany and the
    teachers unions in westchester.lattimer rubber stamped
    andy spano’s budgets with runaway spending year after
    year, and he signed on to taking money from the federal
    government while promising to build affordable housing
    in return for that money which was never built…you see the pension shortfalls that are occuring and the
    failure to obtain rates of return that live up to the
    projections 2.5 is not 8….finally with a democratic
    assembly governor, comptroller and attorney general
    it would be nice to have at least the upper house
    of the state legislature remain in republican hands
    one party control is always dangerous no matter how
    well intentioned…

  5. Because these hacks issue a typical canned political statement will that influence how I or others vote? I don’t think so. By now people with half a brain are immune to ‘prepackaged garbage’ such as that vomited out of the mouth of Ken Jenkins.
    Bottom line, will some Republicans vote for Latimer? Obviosuly. Conversly, will many Democrats vote for Bob Cohen because they are sick of the Latimer lies? Absolutely.
    Bob Cohen is a great guy; he should be hired in a bipartisan way or the alternative is more of the same prepackaged garbage that is gotten us where we are today.
    Bob Cohen is the clear choice. This Republican is voting for him.

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