Violations of First Amendment Rights Alleged for Being Denied Right to Speak at Mamaroneck Village Board Meeting

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NEW YORK, NY — November 27,
2012 – Stuart Tiekert, a longtime resident of the Village of Mamaroneck, filed a civil
rights lawsuit on November 7, 2012 in federal court in White Plains, New York against the
Village, Mayor Norman Rosenblum and Village Manager Richard Slingerland alleging they
have “engaged in a campaign of vindictiveness and retaliation in an effort to chill the
meaningful participation of Mr. Tiekert, and other concerned residents, in the local governmental
decision-making process.”

to the federal complaint, Tiekert has taken an active interest in local community affairs,
particularly regarding issues related to the integrity of the governmental decision-making process and
how it affects the quality of life of his neighborhood and the Village as a
whole. Over the years, he has filed legal challenges, filed numerous Freedom of Information requests to
investigate Village conduct; regularly attended Village Board meetings to express his opinions;
and, when necessary, petitioned state courts to reverse illegal or arbitrary and capricious
conduct of Village officers and boards. According to the lawsuit, certain Village officials, notably
Mayor Rosenblum and Village Manager Slingerland, have made no secret that they believe
Mr. Tiekert’s persistent exercise of his First Amendment rights has imposed unwelcome expense
and burden on the Village, and their animus towards him has led to increasingly blatant
efforts to chill his exercise of his free speech rights.

Tiekert’s attorney, Debra S. Cohen of the law firm of Newman Ferrara LLP, said
the lawsuit was filed after
several incidents occurred where he was prevented from making public comments at Village Board
meetings and increasingly hostile, retaliatory actions were directed against him and other
community activists by Village officials. According to Cohen, the decision to file the lawsuit was made
after the July 16, 2012, Village Board meeting when Mayor Rosenblum denied Mr. Tiekert
an opportunity to speak during the meeting’s public comment session and ordered a police
officer to remove him from the podium. Mr. Tiekert recalled that “After months
of increasing harassment and threats from the Village, when the Mayor ordered
the police to stop me from speaking I knew this had to stop.” Cohen explained
that “Mr. Tiekert felt that Village officials were becoming so cavalier about
abusing their authority and ignoring people’s rights, that it was time for
someone to take a stand.”

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eHeziViolations of First Amendment Rights Alleged for Being Denied Right to Speak at Mamaroneck Village Board Meeting

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  1. Mamaroneck is not not a City so the use of “City Council” in the headline is wrong. It is a meeting of the Village Board.
    Editor’s Corrrection: Excellent point. Thanks for pointing out my error. I have adjusted the headline accordingly.

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