THE HEZITORIAL: Hypocrisy Continues to Reign Supreme in Yonkers By HEZI ARIS

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Ehezi_charicatureYONKERS, NY
— November 10, 2012 — It was revealed a few days ago that Lawrence A. Porcari,
Jr., Esq., employed by the City of Yonkers Law Department as an Associate
Corporation Counsel, on June 18,  2012,
had addressed the Hon. Collen McMahon, United States District Judge, Southern
District of New York
on behalf of former Yonkers City Councilwoman Sandy Annabi
with regard to a court case alleging her dropping opposition to the Ridge Hill
Development Project allegedly seduced by gifts she received from former GOP
Chair Zehy Jereis. Mr Porcari addressed Judge McMahon on official City of
Yonkers, Department of Law stationery. When Yonkersites learned of Mr Porcari
using official stationery they were not only aghast, but they demanded he be

Yonkers Tribune / The
Westchester Guardian
learned Mr. Porcari was indeed suspended for 30 days
without pay. The outcry was of such intensity that Mr Porcari is made to suffer
a public rebuke in a manner many people will infer and surmise is a balanced
response to his lack of etiquette.

Before the facts are out and weary of the ConEd crisis,
Yonkersites have been deflected and consumed by the “audacity” [editorial
sarcasm] of Mr Porcari’s faux pas.
Where is Miss Manners when you need her?

At issue is the stationery Mr Porcari used. No effort or
concern whether the government has proven their case against the two
defendants. The bigger issue is whether the government proved their case. In
fact it was Judge McMahon who was first to question the veracity of the
government’s case during a break in which the Jury was sequestered and
incapable of hearing her demanding the government prove their case.

Perhaps Mr Porcari, among others who questioned the process,
found it fitting and proper to address the court on behalf of Ms Annabi. In
fact, this reporter wrote to Judge McMahon on behalf of each of the defendants.
The prosecution brought up many issues that were later to be unproven. The
prosecution’s facts disintegrated under cross-examination. I attended the court
trial and had hoped Judge McMahon would overturn the jury verdict because the
government “proof” was wanting and inconclusive. In Yonkers, issues of proof
and truth are too easily maligned by arm-twisting politicians who lust to exact
their toll on those they can. Mayor Mike Spano willed it and so it has come to
pass that Mr Porcari will lose approximately $10,000 for his “misdeed”. 

Should one care to follow the logic imposed against Mr. Porcari,
one would need to delve into why Mr Porcari cannot solicit the empathy of the
court using government stationery when it is known that Mayor Mike Spano
beseeched the court to be compassionate in their ruling over his brother,
former Senator Nick Spano, which was likewise written on official government
stationery. Does not Amerika subscribe to what is good for the goose is good
for the gander? Were America so righteous in its conduct, behavior condoned in
Yonkers would not be so easily appeased.

While ConEd struggled to restore electricity to all
Yonkersites, a gasoline shortage revealed itself. Gasoline stations did not
have power by which to pump fuel. Lines of as long as 6 hours formed to wait
one’s turn to get fuel for electric generators and to fill gas tanks. Tempers flared.
Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano declared a 10-gallon maximum allowance of fuel per
fill up. That brilliant effort reduced the length of stay at gas stations that
had electrical power to pump fuel and had fuel to pump from the 6-hour wait to
3-hours within a day’s time and eventually down to 1-hour as of Friday,
November 9, 2012. But the goose did not suffer like the gander. 

It seems that Yonkers Police Department personnel were
permitted to fill their gas tank to the brim at the taxpayer’s expense; so did
their wives and girlfriends. The “Gasboy” operation was respectively conducted
at the First and Third Precincts.  G_d
Bless America. 

When will we stand for nothing less than transparency,
truth, facts, clarity, and ethical conduct? 
Instead, we pontificate while espousing the mullarkey knowing that
Annabi and Jereis are the latest to be sacrificed for the public interest so
that the “ra ra ra, sis boom bah” teams can maintain their T count filling
their gas tank on the taxpayer’s dollar. Bruce Ratner, the Milio family,
Capelli Enterprises, Joe Cotter’s operation, even the Yonkers Chamber of
Commerce, among so many others will remain to fleece Yonkers for many days

Yonkers has become a nightmare. What are we going to do
about it?

Canning Mayor Mike Spano a month’s salary would be an
appropriate start. 

eHeziTHE HEZITORIAL: Hypocrisy Continues to Reign Supreme in Yonkers By HEZI ARIS

Comments 57

  1. Can anyone tell me what the COY IDA did about the report from the comptroller citing the fact that All these pilots and ida deals have no way of tracking there worth to the city. Did they change the way they do buisness. My sources say they used the report to clean up after attending the rest room.

  2. With that arrogant, nasty, condescending, wise guy, perverse attitude you may get that slap in the face even before you meet the “Maker”

  3. you need to see a doctor because there is nothing
    hateful in that post…you reap what you sow….
    this is not about a legacy…the only legacy i have
    is my son…its about having an opinion and about
    some bloggers who want to shut discussion down by
    casting aspirtions on the person expressing his
    opinion rather than answering with facts…and that
    is the problem with anonymous blogging..if hezi did
    what the journal news does none of you would post

  4. Gee, your last post sure seems hateful. Why don’t you get on over to the shrink, asap, Mike E.
    Surely, as for everyone else, your day will come and you will be slapped in the face as to how insignificant you really are – maybe when you meet the “Maker” or maybe before.
    You and I and Donald Trump and the Rockefellers and the Spanos and the Pirros and the Martinellis, etc, all end up in the same 18 square feet of space (or less).
    Come to the realization, before that time, that you are not as important as you think you are. Your legacy is sure to be very, very, insignificant.

  5. you actually have no idea of what you are talking are just a mean spirited guy who loves
    to tae pot shots at others….your city got ruined
    because of the people you put in public office..
    year after year…and why don’t you sign your posts
    afraid to let us know who you are…or you just
    want to hide behind an anonymous blog..and guess
    what the media will continue to call me and they
    won’t call you because they know what the real story
    is and you just conjure it in your imagination …actually i feel bad for you do all
    of us a favor and seek medical help because people
    who hate have issues that far exceed the issues in yonkers

  6. Mike E. beats up little kids, lies on a cable tv show, that his face should have never appeared on, vehemently defends numerous felons who are public officials or releated to them, and he’s the “political consultant” that the Journal “Rag” calls for an opinion on stories.
    In most other places in the country he’d probably have been disbared and spent some time away.
    He’s been a major force for ruination in this City over the last 30 years. He’s proud of that as long as his ego is happy. He’s actually a small minded person who earned a great amount of money in repayment for his egregious mouthpiece
    This place is worse than Cicero, Ill.

  7. so what an apology for a mistatement is not the
    equivalent of a lie if you believe it to be true
    at the time you make the statement…and your
    repeating it over and over isn’t going to change
    that fact…why don’t you criticize general petreous
    it seems that he did more to “lie” about his own
    situation when the entire security of the US was at are a jerk nontheless

  8. The development should have been homes not commerce with no tax base. This way there is no crap shoot.
    Also no one can produce anyone with another plan for that site because they were sent away. They wernt up to par of what admin was looking for.
    Prime location and they gave it away. But dont worry, they will not and have not stopped yet.

  9. Edelman the liar:
    “I truly regret making statements about Sheriff Smith that were untrue and failing to disclose that I was working as a paid consultant for one of the Sheriff’s opponents,” Edelman said in a press release. “I apologize to Sheriff Smith and his family for any pain I may have caused them and any damage I may have done to the Sheriff ’s reputation.”
    How can anyone listen to this guy.

  10. I pretty much have heard that the restaurants are doing well, as you say, but the retail establishments which were hoped to have been big draws, are not. I find the streets there to be very narrow, due in no small part to the street parking. I do hope it is a success for Yonkers. No blame placed anywhere on my part…many of these developments are crap shoots in the end anyway.

  11. Ridge hill is doing fine , it is the people of yonkers who are suffering for it. Just do the math as follows
    1- Fixed rate taxation on salaries and sales tax only affected by up or down sales and how many people are hired.
    2- Exponential tax savings to the developer because there is no property tax. No base number to exponentially grow a tax base like the rest of us pay in yonkers and elsewhere.
    It is a math equation and unless you can get Dr. Hawking to dispute this fact it is done, like it or not. If oy are not a taxpayer in yonkers dont worry about it, but do yourself a favor and keep the words PILOT and IDA out of your town if you can.

  12. no one can produce anyone who had alternative plans
    for ridge hill…the restaurants are always jammed
    and lord and taylor knows exactly how big a store
    needs to be in a location that otherwise my cannibalize
    its flagship eastchester store..building a woodbury
    commons kind of outlet center would never work in
    yonkers they would need committments from hundreds
    of retail outlets to even think about doing something
    like that…meanwhile ridgehill appreas to be a success
    with a combination of retail, and commercial…what
    makes you think its not doing well…?

  13. what they might have been better off with was a Woodbury-Commons type of project…everyone I knows treks up the Thruway at regular intervals to shop there – holiday or not. As far as more housing there, I think they are not even able to sell the required number of units from the first phase of their condos, thus jeopardizing the other two condo units whose construction depends upon the sales from the first unit. I can already envision a drastic reduction in the condo sale price, a slap in the face to the people who already bought at the Monarch at high-end prices. The Lord and Taylor store, albeit very trendy in look, is a fraction of the size of the Eastchester store, and turned out to be a huge disappoint – not at all an anchor store. People in lower Westchester already got a taste of the Fairway superstore in Pelham, so Whole Foods was kind of anticlimactic. Once again, the developers tell us what to do instead of vice versa.

  14. The fact that yonkers was only courting ratner and dismissed people with different plans for the ridge hill site is the way we wound up with this shopping area. There were others but they did not fit the bill for the people in charge of the IDA at the time. Of course the salesmenship of ratner astounded some of the city reps.
    Another words, it was not so long ago and I remember how it happened. Sorry, but plan B,C,or D would have been better for us than what we received.
    And then there was the snow job that no one else would develop there. More half lies from the administration at the time. It was really the fact that no one would develop what ratner proposed.
    What good are all these buisnesses when they could have built homres to bring in consumers . Thats the real way to up everybodys profits. Not stealing through an IDA deal.

  15. Once again, you shoot off your mouth and expect your comments to be accepted as fact. That is a strange stance since you have been branded a Liar here by many who apparently know you.
    Once again, I challenge you to produce this so-called consolidation agreement. I and many others would like to see its terms. If as you say, the car is compensation, the IRS could be alerted to look for that compensation amount which should be included in Judge Martinelli’s income tax returns.
    As for the rest of your statement, it has nothing to do with whether or not a state judge should have one of our cars and is just more of your BS.

  16. no chance arch..but i don’t have to live in iraq
    to have an opinion on the war….and i changed
    my registration to boot…however what concerns yonkers
    as 25% of the county concerns the rest of us and I particularly don’t like when bloggers render an opinion
    on a very effective and well liked jurist based on
    a car which he is entitled to under the terms of
    the court consolidation agreement…the cout is in
    the city..the arrests are in the city…the judges
    live in the city…the landlord tenant cases are all
    from yonkers…it seems to me that should be enough

  17. # 34–It was definitely a city car Doran used to frequent Tibbetts on numerous Saturdays. It was a brown two tone Crown Victoria with a YPD UHF antenna on it.. ..yes, he lives nearby, but was too lazy to walk obviously. Why would anybody make this up anyway??? He was also seen around town elsewhere with it too.. I know my stuff.
    Regardless if this wacko state agreement allows Martinelli a city car, it is still not justified.
    Arch Stanton

  18. The State signed off on the car? What does the State care if it’s Yonkers that’s paying for it?
    As to Doran frequenting Tibbetts Park on Saturdays, etc. Check your facts, he lives NEXT TO the park.

  19. “The State signed off on it” R U kidding me???? Where was the sign off and where is the yearly approval from the City of Yonkers Answer: Doesn’t exist. Yes it is important because it is symbolic and because YOUR MAYOR promissed to get rid of the cars and LIED. Never mind, have another bite of Spano-Martinelli BS pie.

  20. Once again, statements with nothing to back it up. Just more lies presented as facts that you hope are accepted. Your credibility is non-existent in this city. You have no basis in fact to state that the car is part of his compensation, which would make it taxable to him. It seems that you have no shame when it comes to defending person of a particular political persuasion. Perhaps you have been blinded by all the money that they have paid you over the years. You, sir, are a worthless human being.

  21. you can object all you want..the car is part of his
    compensation and the state signed off on it….suggest
    you turn your attention to something important
    and as for ridge hill the notion that someone else
    would build single family homes there is nonsense
    the only entity that had the resources and the financing to build was ratner…the fact that they
    got tax considerations in return is the way every
    single IDA across the nation operates..if you have all
    the answers why don’t you run for office

  22. Excuse me, I did not select anyone, I just responded to your justifying him having a car. So, again you try to twist the situation and present it as truth.
    As a taxpayer, I object to the car usage by just about all, including the city council. It is a waste of taxpayer money because it is not controlled as it would be in private enterprise.

  23. P.S.–I too had ripped Doran for his city car priviledge, including his many Saturday trips with it to Tibbetts Brook park with his wife. I guess that was official business??? This writer has ripped all others that abuse the city car “priviledge.”

  24. Regardless if the head Yonkers judge has had a city car for the last 25 years, that does not justify the practice at this time. Martinelli lives in northwest Yonkers only a few minutes away from court. His sense of entitlement and contempt for the taxpayers is for shame!!!!!!!
    Ridge Hill: It was all of the Yonkers municipal unions that bullied the public that opposed this project. Now all of you acknowledge all of the excessive givewaways the developer received???
    Next time listen to us, we are all on your side
    (this writer included, who others think about otherwise)
    Arch Stanton

  25. taking a car from the chief administrative judge
    is like killing a fly with a bazooka…it is interesting you selected judge martinelli out of
    all the commissioners, deputy commisioners and others
    who have abused car privileges forever it seems to
    me you are being extremely selective and it must
    be personal for you…as far as me being a lawyer
    and martnelli being a judge you once again reveal your
    bias…i don’t practice in yonkers so i never appear
    before judge martinelli…but doran had a city car
    for all those years and the state when it took over the
    courts allowed the practice to continue…just because
    martinelli “works for the state unified court system”
    doesn’t mean he is not the chief judge of the city
    court of yonkers….

  26. There should not be any take home cars period, except for the mayor. Everyone else can get to work on their own dime. With the advent of cell phones and smart phones any emergency business can be conducted anywhere.

  27. You are nothing more than an arrogant shill for whomever you are trying to protect. My comment about being non-essential was related to the man himself and you know that. The city court is a city court in name only. It is run by the state with state employees. For you to intimate otherwise is nothing more than purposefully misleading. Then, you throw more BS and hope it sticks, like saying that it has been going on for 25 years. You were challenged to prove you point, Anon, but all you did was spew your BS. In other words, you are full of it, Anon, and, as a lawyer, are just covering up for a judge (what a surprise!).
    We are a city of taxpayers and our resources are being misused. Every journey starts with the first step. Taking a car away from anyone who doesn’t deserve it, as in Judge Martinelli’s case, saves the Yonkers taxpayers money.

  28. “you recall” spano’s using stationery in the same way??? Can you even read? It is mentioned in Hezi’s editorial to which you are commenting and has beeen commented upon in other postings.

  29. to say that the chief judge of the city is non
    essential is about as dumb a comment i have ever
    heard…the city court of yonkers is one of the busiest
    in the state handling thousands of criminal and other
    matters every year…without that court and its judges
    you would have chaos…arrested criminals would not
    be arraigned in 72 hours and would have to be released
    among other things…trials could not be conducted and
    your life would be made more miserable than it is right
    now…and there is nothing recent about the chief judge
    having a city vehicle..the practice dates back about
    25 years…and there has to be no statutory provision
    for that car ..where did you get that from…i suggest
    you stop whining about a single vehicle for a judge
    that everyone respects and who does his job well..and
    worry about something a bit more important

  30. Well, well, well!
    I recall Mayor Mike Moron used Yonkers stationary to ask the judge for leniency for his felon brother Nick before his bullshit sentence.
    Mayor Mike Moron should get 2-months suspension considering he is the “Boss” and he did the very same thing.
    It doesn’t matter; Mike will be having Christmas dinner with Felon Nick in Yonkers because his sentence was a joke and he will be home before this year is up.
    Al DelBello is arranging more ways to make more money for him and the Spano family while screwing the Yonkers taxpayers in the process (as usual.)
    Keep your eyes open for a new monster development right where it is not wanted or needed……

  31. I get it, say it like a lawyer, with authority, and all of a sudden it is supposed to be accepted as truth. I say ‘baloney’ mr. lawyer. If you can point us to a section of the city charter or code that authorizes a State Judge to have one of our cars, then do so. Otherwise, shut your lying cover-up mouth.
    The chief judge has not always had a car, it was a relatively recent addition after the State takeover. If someone else in that position also had a car, that does not make it right. Yonkers is in financial trouble and the cars were to be taken away (another Spano lie) from those who are non-essential. Judge Martinelli is a State employee and is as non-essential as can be to the operation of Yonkers.
    We should not be paying for his commute, his gas, or his car insurance. What’s worse, if he is ever in an accident, Yonkers could be liable for the damages. And, as an attorney, you know that the city’s insurance carriers will try and avoid coverage because he is a non-covered person.

  32. Hezi, where did you get the information that membes of the police department were able to fill their personal vehicles with gas? I smell bs again coming from you. You are an idiot if you think that is true. But then again, you are an idiot. Check your meds, I think they’re out of balance like you.

  33. Once again, how can a sales tax generated project compare with an exponential tax base savings to the developer. If sales are slow, yonkers gets less, if they dont hire that many people, yonkers gets less. When they raise my taxes, it is based on an amount that was raised over decades, so the dollar amount is exponentially higher. Can you say that about sales tax or income tax?
    Like I said, someone could have built single family homes on the site, made a neighborhood and brought more consumers to the area with one fell swoop.
    This would have also made a more stable tax base not dependent on variables. If we have what they call “essential services” why would you fund them with non-essential money?

  34. the project over time will generate income far
    in excess of what the developer saves in taxes..
    without tax incentives which every IDA across the
    nation engages in you could never get a developer
    ratner or anyone else to put a dime in a location
    like ridge hill and take that kind of risk is
    precisely because of the tax incentives that ridge
    hill was built and aside from the tax issue how about
    the jobs created and the income taxes paid by those
    employed…how about the convenience provided to
    all those who shop and eat there…you would keep
    sites like that vacant?…how would that help a city
    like yonkers which will have a 400 million dollar
    budget gap in 3 years?..the only caveat is that
    whenever there is a bribe paid…and a project like
    ridge hill gets approval solely based on that bought
    vote, the developer should be subject to a confiscatory
    penalty..which would make everyone involved think twice
    before making a bribe offer particulary the only
    entity that actually benefits from the vote change
    and that is what never made sense about this prosection
    because jeries was never going to be the primary beneficiary from the project.the most he was going to
    get and that was up in the air at best was a 60,000
    one year consulting gig….and for that he paid
    180,000 over ten years? something is missing..still

  35. Heah get your facts right … As per Ed statement he states mr. Porcari did not have permission which means he stole the letter head an wrote an unauthorized letter. What else would u call it that he borrowed the letterhead ???

  36. To the point of order on this article, yes the two individuals going to jail are just face service for the public. The real perps who have actually commited no crimes are walking away with the money legally thanks to Amicone, IDA, Now mayor Spano and his past consulting job, and ratner have all done far more damage to yonkers than people can fathom. Exponential tax savings while we pay for it. Once again please dont insult anyone and tell of the sales tax and jobs created, it will never come close to the tax savings afforded this project. The city would have been better off allowing someone to build single family homes on that site.

  37. please stop complaining about judge martinelli having
    a city car…the chief adminstrative judge of yonkers
    has always had one…he is in full compliance with
    the rules of the state courts and the agreements that
    are in place before and after court consolidation
    and for you to suggest anything else is ludicrous

  38. He was suspended and didn’t write the letter at request of Gail Burns. He along with others that worked for city and elsewhere wrote letters at Sandy’s request. Saying he stole city letterhead is far fetched.

  39. Oh so the truth comes out Hezi. Dunphy who wouldn’t be Spano bitch , decided to have ethics and leave this sinking ship. How leaves Yonkers and goes to Peekskill unless they want nothing to do w how corrupt Yonkers is. Dunphy gave porcari this suspension before he left but yet how come I seen Larry at his desk on Friday. I call bullshit Hezi. If you get suspended it takes place immediately. So being as Ed left Thursday ( he will be missed because he was such a stand up guy ) and Larry was still at his desk Spano isn’t going through w this BS suspension. And if it is true that Larry is connect to Gail than all the pieces have fallen into place. I mean come on this guy writes a letter on
    City of Yonkers Law Department Letter Head that he stole and he isn’t even fired or suspended. What gives Hezi. This needs to. E front page of Westchester Gaurdian.

  40. Who is misusing the system? Let’s start with that STATE employee, Judge MARTINELLI. He is driving a YONKERS city car and using YONKERS city gas. All for him to commute on our tax dollars.

  41. Gas usage is supposed to be accounted for, by vehicle, employee, mileage. If the gasboy system is broken, where is the lock and logbook and key at the pct desk?Any employee can get gas at any facility. There should be records. Whoever is accountable should be fired along with the person misusing the system, if anyone is.

  42. Way to go Hezi. For those demanding proof of the misuse of gas, ask yourselves why won’t the city account for the gas usage at the precincts. Also, why won’t the Inspector General investigate the gas use and the lack of records for that use.

  43. The surface issue is the stationery used by Porcari, but it is not the real issue. His violation of ethics is the real issue. Porcari is a horrible lawyer and an even lesser person. He is a member of the Conservative Party and will do anything, legal or illegal, to please his handler, Gale Burns. Writing to the judge on official stationery as an Associate Corporation Counsel gave the impression that it was an official communication regardless of the fact that it is marked as unofficial. Sending a purposefully misleading communication is unethical. Even if he was secretly acting for the mayor or for Gale Burns, he is an employee of the citizens of Yonkers and he should be fired. The excuse that ‘I was just following orders.’ was rejected ages ago.

  44. Hezi, you are an absolute windbag!! You mean to tell me that cops risked losing their jobs so they could get 10 gallons of gas for free??!! You sir, are an absolute idiot and a perfect example of the total lack of talent needed to run any risky dink blog….ass

  45. what proof is there that people’s girlfriends are filling up at city pumps? who are these people letting their girlfriends and wives fill up. print the names.

  46. I’ve several of these posts by different “posters” , my question is what does this very quiet ypd mean? It has been posted on several threads. Juilo 1888 can you please enlighten the uniformed. Thanks.

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