BREAKING NEWS: Mangone’s Inferno Consumes Former Partner’s Son by Suicide By HEZI ARIS

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STYX_Crossing the River STYX - DoreThe ruthless and depraved world
of Anthony Mangone, a key and central figure in the government’s alleged
Yonkers bribery and corruption charges is analogous to Dante’s journey to Hell as
depicted in the “Inferno”. Yonkers
has learned that Mangone’s world has consumed by suicide the son of
Mangone’s one-time law partner Michael Santangelo. Mangone’s “inferno” is no “Divine Comedy”, instead, it has
snuffed out a troubled innocent child, the progeny of a one-time partner in the
now-defunct Servino, Santangelo & Randazzo law firm in which Anthony
Mangone was to become the partner to Michael Santangelo. Lest some forget, Anthony Manone's younger brother, Michael J. Mangone met his demise in an auto accident in Florida.

The frighteningly dark shadows
cast by Servino, Santangelo & Randazzo reached far and wide throughout
Westchester County and the Boroughs of The Bronx and Queens. The firm was
considered family to accused mafia associates it represented. Anthony Mangone
had admitted his involvement in vote-rigging schemes, facilitating bribes in a
land swap deal, and his alleged irregular conduct as a lobbyist representing
Election Systems and Software of Omaha, Nebraska.   

While Mr Mangone stands accused
of bribing a former Yonkers City Councilwoman, he was permitted time to “chill”
in Florida before returning to New York City to face federal charges against
him. In the meanwhile Mr Mangone’s former partner, Mr Santangelo’s 16-year-old
son has taken his life by his own hand.

Mr. Michael Santangelo made
headlines when his wife, Lisa Santangelo, was caught cheating with Al Pirro,
then the husband of Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirro. Mr.
Michael Santangelo was so enraged by his wife’s conduct, especially after its
being made public, it has been conjectured that his rage over the affair was
the catalyst that drove him to tell the Office of the U.S. Attorney of the
“dirty” and unbecoming conduct of Westchester politics and the courthouse.

Once Servino departed the firm
for a position with the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office, Anthony
Mangone became a partner in the firm thereafter known as Santangello, Randazzo
& Mangone.

The firm would soon earn
sweetheart legal contracts with several municipalities in Putnam County. It was
those deals and allegations of others by Anthony Mangone that would lead to Senator
Vincent Leibell eventually pleading guilty to corruption charges.

From the witness stand of the
Hon. Colleen McMahon’s courtroom, Mr. Mangone testified Santangello, Randazzo
& Mangone were pressured to employ Senator Thomas Libous’ son Matthew
Libous at a yearly salary of $150,000 plus benefits. The cost was too high for
the firm Mangone said, alleging Sen. Libous advised him he would pay the costs
to employ his son to the law firm through a dummy corporation. This allegation
has yet to be determined in a court of law.

The “Inferno” [ Italian for
“Hell”] defines Anthony Mangone’s life around the nine concentric circles that
comprise Hell.

The First Circle (Limbo) finds Mangone uncertain of his
direction in life.

The Second Circle (Lust) defines his desires.

The Third
Circle (Gluttony) serves his ravenous appetite for no good.

The Fourth Circle
(Greed) finds him engaged in games of chance and gambling.

The Fifth Circle
(Anger) defines his rage and instability in temperament.

The Sixth Circle
(Heresy) when he tells all who would listen that which is true or not.

Seventh Circle (Violence) such as would cause an innocent 16-year-old boy to commit

The Eighth Circle (Fraud) such as is to be proven his alleged role in
the electronic ballot machines.

The Ninth Circle (Treachery) defines his
deliberate breach and violation of trust that is equaled by his gall to go
unpunished and unscathed as his calamitous ways cause destruction in his wake.

Perhaps only now can it be said
that Anthony Mangone will have crossed The River Styx without a coin in his
mouth to pay the enormous toll he has exacted by his perfidy. No amount of lentil soup will help now.


eHeziBREAKING NEWS: Mangone’s Inferno Consumes Former Partner’s Son by Suicide By HEZI ARIS

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  1. okay guys the kids suicide is one of the most heartbreaking things ever you guys had no idea what he was going through
    im praying for you

  2. You are a disgusting person. Michael Santangelo’s life should not be used by you (a lowlife) to write an article that is 100% untrue.

  3. This is not karma. If it were then you would be indicating that all of the parents of children who committed suicide are horrible people and somehow deserve to have had their children commit suicide. There should be no mention of this child in an article regarding Mangone. Period.

  4. you people just don’t get it, do you. It is not about about bad either Mangone or Santangelo were or are. It is about the fact that this writer had NO right to talk about this innocent boy’s end of life and, even worse, make it the centerpiece of his Dante’s Inferno crap. As stated earlier, no real journalist would have done this.

  5. This article is pathetic. Why is this about Mangone. Santangelo was just as dirty and a rat who jumped ship to save his ass. Santangelo is a just as much as a low life and sad to say a horrible person. Nobody likes to see someone lose a child but this is karma.

  6. I was looking for Michael’s obit and came across this piece of filth. You obviously have no journalism training. “was CAUGHT cheating with Al Pirro?” Could you reveal where and when they were caught? The 4 of them were good friends. You are setting yourself up for a suit.
    “Lest some forget Michael J. Mangone met his demise in an auto accident in Florida…” really? Are you just trying to rehash every painful thing you can think of?
    Westchester deserves better than this rag.

  7. Hey Doug, are you out of your mind? This 16-year old boy had nothing to do with any of the doings of which the author writes. To reiterate my previous posting, I have no use or regard for Mr. Mangone and could care less what fate awaits him, and have absolutely no problem in recognizing him as a jack-of-all politically corrupted trades. But he was not this child’s parent. Apparently the editor of this site is now a child psychologist and has decided that he knew exactly what was in this boy’s life, without ever having met him or his family, or without knowing what unfortunate circumstances might have caused his heartbreaking decision. Suicide among our young people is becomming all too common. I am so sad to see that the editor, someone who I once thought of as the only voice of what was wrong with government, deteriorate into a monumental egotist who though he would show how oh-so-clever he was in connecting esoteric dots of a political scandal in our city, and in a convoluted way tie it into this boy’s death. I have NEVER seen ANY media ever note suicide as the cause of death of any person, young or old, unless that person was a celebrity or someone concidered public domain. This boy was not. I do hope this disgusting abstract drivel is this site’s swansong.

  8. Hezi Aris you are a disgrace to freedom of speech and the written word. Only a bona fide sociopath could submit such a disgusting display of a lack of empathy. You should be exiled.

  9. The writer of this article is a pure piece of trash. Using the death of young man for some political forum is just wrong . What if that was your child, but i doubt anyone would want to have children with a person like yourself. You must feel real proud knowing you used a suicide to benefit yourself. If I ever cross paths with you there will a strong disagreement….. May you rot in hell you miserable bastard

  10. This beautiful boy goes to my daughters high school. We are all devastated by this loss. Michael was a great kid and our hearts are broken.
    This article made me feel sick!
    All Michaels classmates will forever be saddened with his loss.

  11. Find Mr. Mangone a reprehensible character, but what right did the editor have to make known to the world a very sad end to a young man’s life at his own hand? Parents of many young people who have sadly ended their own lives often do not know the reason and yet, this editor seems to take it upon himself to make that determination and indelibly mark it forever in the minds of his poor family – parents, grandparents, cousins, siblings, friends. DISGUSTING – DISGUSTING.

  12. This is unacceptable to involve an innocent child in this article and have a little consideration for a grieving family. I would never read anything you ever write again.

  13. Despite how you feel about this piece, what in fact did Hezi post that’s not true about Mangone?
    I did not read an article based on “Hezi’s judgment”, but rather, and article trying to follow a pattern of “you reap what you sow”?
    This is my opinion of the piece.
    It could be perceived as a “big leap”, in order to make some sort of sense of this quagmire, however, we will never truly know the motives behind the act of suicide.

  14. Journalism at it’s worst. How can someone write such an article with absolute and careless disregard for the lives that such a tragedy touches? And yet this same moron sits around passing judgement on the conduct of other people. You should apologize to this boys mother, father, siblings, classmates, and all others who are crying right now over this horrible event. While you are at it apologize to Mangone’s family or are you the type of slug that thinks it is OK to destroy and humiliate the lives of innocent men, women, and children in your quest to “bag” your prize…..Despicable Mr. Aris .

  15. It is clear this Hezi guy has jumped to the defense of Sandy Annabi and/or Zehy Jereis and feels the need to slander Mr. Mangone’s name (as if he hasn’t dealt with enough b.s.) by concocting a bunch of “old news” that we have all heard a million times before (not very creative or original) including unfactual, unproven, flat out lies regarding Mr. Santangelo’s wife. I thought news was supposed to be based on facts?! Silly me…factual journalism died out a long time ago so now we are left to the demise of this crap exemplified by the author of this article who I won’t even give the courtesy of calling a journalist. Those who live in glass houses shall not cast stones…Shame on you! Don’t you have anything better to do or write about than slander?! And by the way leave an innocent child (especially a deceased one) out of your trashy articles! You have no integrity, you are a shameless and disgusting person. Leave the family alone to grieve!!!

  16. This is the most irresponsible article ever. First of all, friends and family have not been informed of how the tragic death occurred. Thanks to you, you have horrified and saddened a bunch of teenagers with news that the family was not ready to present.

  17. Hezi, you should be ashamed of yourself! The young man was obviously troubled and for you to somehow make this connection is way over the top.

  18. Mr. Ariz, you should be ashamed of yourself for writing this article. Using the tragic suicide of a teenager as a weapon against Mr. Mangone is truly low-class.

  19. this whole INFERNO is turning out to be the the most small minded guinee piece of shit rooster the state has ever seen. Mangone is a cry baby spoiled brat who is shitting his pants about doing time as we speak .once a member of the bar now a convicted felon RAT. AND THE LIST GOES ON kerik, pirro, both in fact spano, annabi, alleged libious, what a who s who of grease ball scumbags crooked politicians and really makes you sick to think they are just the tip of the iceberg .hevasi vallella bruno IF i missed a few so be it good riddance ….when i was young i remember a saying DONT DO THE CRIME IF YOU CANT DO THE TIME .IS THERE A stand up guy out there ????

  20. Who cares about this piece of garbage?
    There are plenty more just like him ready to take his place!
    I hope he has fun picking up the soap in the clink.

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