Education Chair Sabbatino Cancels January 2, 2013, Education Committee Meeting

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Sabatino_MichaelStatement by Yonkers City Councilman and Education Committee Chairman Michael Sabbatino:

"As Chair of the Education Committee,  I am postponing the meeting scheduled for Jan 2nd.  I originally scheduled this meeting because of the urgency and importance to the parents and students of Yonkers to resolve the implementation of the APPR by the Jan 17th deadline.   At the request of the BOE and the YFT, I have agreed , at the risk of not jeopardizing the final negotiations with a public discussion, to postpone the meeting to next week when the highlights of both the contract and the APPR can be discussed openly. Contract highlights as well as the APPR highlights cannot be discussed in public as they have not yet been ratified by both parties.  I am told that the BOE and the YFT are very close to an agreement and I would rather both parties move ahead with the process.  Their expectation is that the ratification vote will likely occur this week."

eHeziEducation Chair Sabbatino Cancels January 2, 2013, Education Committee Meeting

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  1. Way to go Mike #2, nothing like admitting in public that you have no authority. I guess that you will be accepting whatever the school administration and the union lady hand you. Heaven help the Yonkers taxpayers in 2013.

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