Federal Judge Permits Indicted Lawyer Mangone Vacation

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MANGONE-AnthonyNEW YORK, NY – December 20, 2012
 The Hon.
Colleen McMahon, U.S. District Judge, this past Tuesday, December 18, 2012,
gave permission to disbarred lawyer Anthony Mangone the luxury of a five-day
vacation with “family” in Palm Beach, Florida, the day after Christmas, but
before he is to face sentencing on federal corruption and bribery charges; a
sentencing date has not been set.

James DeVita, Esq., Mangone’s legal
, said, “The purpose of the trip is to visit family living in the Palm
Beach County

Mangone was indicted in January
2010. He pleaded guilty to bribery, corruption, and tax evasion charges, but agreed
thereafter to cooperate with prosecutors. His sentencing date has not been set.

eHeziFederal Judge Permits Indicted Lawyer Mangone Vacation

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  1. What deal did nick spano make? Didnt say he had a cooperation agreement, did he testify in any investigation? He took his punishment like a man.

  2. its extremely unusual for there to be no sentencing
    date this long after a conviction or plea…watch
    for news on the bronx voting machine issue….the
    westchester investigation is over

  3. Annabi and Jeres played the hardball game and struck out. Magione and Spano both made deals. The other 2 criminals are done and should have made the same deal and not risk jail time and loss of homes etc. I guess nobody could help this time

  4. surely you must realize how ridiculous was the judge’s decision not to let annabi make the same trip to Florida. If she truly wants or wanted to flee, do you think she needs a judge’s permission to FLY to FLorida? She can and could have DRIVEN to that state any day and so made her escape, if that was in her mind to do. She’s still here, from what I understand.

  5. why dont you join him fool i hear they got nice golf courses there and cheap ….maybe you could write it off as a business trip .great hookers too and they will give reciepts you and santo nik could take them off your taxes .

  6. west palm beach is a short run from miami
    miami is 90 miles from cuba
    cuba has no extradition treaty with the US
    neither do many other latin american nations
    annabi also wanted to go to florida and the
    government said she was a flight risk because
    she held a jordanian passport..what makes anyone
    think that anthony hasn’t figured out a way to
    leave the country

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