Mayor Spano Nominates Yvette Hartsfield as Yonkers’ New Commissioner of Parks, Recreation & Conservation

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Steve Sansone Nominated as Deputy Commissioner of Yonkers Parks

Yvette Hartsfield, Mayor Mike Spano, and Steve Sansone (center)
(L-R) Counciman Michael Sabatino (3rd District), City Council President Chuck Lesnick, designee Yvette Hartsfield, Mayor Mike Spano, Designee Steven Sansone, Minority Leader John Larkin (District 6), and Councilman Michael Breen (District 5).

YONKERS, NY – December 20, 2012 – Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano December 18,
2012,  announced Yvette Hartsfield as his
nomination for the City’s new Commissioner of Parks, Recreation &
Conservation and Steve Sansone as his nomination for the Department’s new
Deputy Commissioner. 

After a nationwide search for a new Parks Commissioner, Hartsfield was
chosen by a city review board consisting of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Human
Resources Commissioner and a former Parks Commissioner. Hartsfield joins the
City of Yonkers as a 20-year veteran, working with various municipal parks
departments in the state of Florida. Most recently, Hartsfield served as the
Assistant Parks & Recreation Director for the City of Miami Gardens. There,
she directed and coordinated varied departmental activities such as
recreational, cultural, educational and artistic programming.  Hartsfield
also acted as the Recreation & Parks Director for the City of Leesburg and
the City of Palm Coast, Fl. She holds a Bachelor of Professional Studies in
Business from Barry University and a Master of Arts in Public Administration
and Management from Webster University.

"Yvette holds impressive credentials and is a great
fit for our City — her in-depth knowledge and experience of the workings of
municipal parks departments elevated her above the rest when considering a new
Parks Commissioner,” said Mayor Spano.

"I am honored and excited by the opportunity that Mayor
Spano has provided me to help enhance the quality of life for our Yonkers
residents,” said Hartsfield. “By working with the Parks, Recreation &
Conservation staff and our community stakeholders, we can ensure the
continued vitality of our City’s recreational services. My family and I are
thrilled to be making this move, and I look forward to becoming quickly
integrated into the community."

Additionally, Mayor Spano today announced Steve Sansone as his
nomination for Deputy Commissioner of Parks, Recreation & Conservation.
Sansone joins the department after recently serving as the Executive Director
of the Yonkers Downtown Waterfront Business Improvement District (BID) for the
last five years. While at the BID, Sansone has advocated for over 500
businesses and property owners, produced numerous downtown music/entertainment,
cultural and business programs including Yonkers Riverfest, Jazz at the
Waterfront, Holiday Special Events, Restaurant Week and more. Previously,
Sansone served as the Assistant Engineer for the State of New York Attorney
General’s Office. Sansone holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and
Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Manhattan College.

“Steve brings first-hand experience to our Parks department, working
with Yonkers residents on a daily basis as an active community organizer,” said
Mayor Spano. “The City has worked closely with Steve over the years and we’ve
always been impressed with this leadership and can-do attitude.”

Mayor Spano added, “We look forward to bringing Yvette and Steve on
board and making our recreational services even better for our residents.”

As Mayor Spano’s nominees, Yvette Hartsfield and Steve Sansone will be
presented in the coming weeks to the Yonkers City Council for final

SOURCE: Christina Gilmartin,
Communications Director – City of Yonkers, Office of the Mayor

eHeziMayor Spano Nominates Yvette Hartsfield as Yonkers’ New Commissioner of Parks, Recreation & Conservation

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  1. Yonkers’ new nickname is Little Africa. Mike Spano is a fraud…He doesn’t care about our City, all he cares about is serving his interests….SPANO is a FRAUD

  2. What a horrible bunch of these all are. As for the the porks dept. looks like all in the photo are in need of more walking and less “pork”…….
    Hint, don’t stand sideways if you need to drop 100 Lbs.

  3. add to this the complete arrogance by not announcing a change in the BID to its membership.
    the same membership who provide your nearly $1million budget.
    Who the hell do you people think you are?

  4. there is not a property owner or merchant in downtown I’m aware of who support the BID or Sansone.
    –excluding certain developers who have had their collective heads up his backside.
    If the City council chooses to overlook this they are seriously remiss in their duty as representatives.
    consider this notice.

  5. What deal did Sansone make? or is it the way to get rid of him from the Downtown? Was he involved in the Garbage collection and fees? What is his background and credentials and isn’t the failure of the BID proof he is not capable? Come on Mayor, enough of wasting money? Get a real employee to help Yonkers and not political appointments that will not secure your second term.

  6. Another carpetbagger? What happened to his commitment to the people of yonkers?
    This is horrible to continue to overlook the people of yonkers in filling such positions.
    Steve Sansone was a political hack who was quieted with his anger over ridge hill with a job, but at least he lives here(I think)

  7. i guess you dont test for physical agility for the post ,,walk around a park a few hundred times pick up some trash lift a fallen branch, plant a flower .you know just some basic stuff. another fat assed political apointee free gas, suv of course, maybe phil my pockets phils old navigator.ahh recycle ? what a creative idea …nahh nothing new here just mike playing the race card in a town dominated by politics and ORDERED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERMENT TO CONSENT AND COMPLY DECREEE more pork in that picture than a slaughter house before christmas have a wonerfull ham for christmas

  8. like I said…hezi already noted the new appt of the parks commissioner on dec 16, two days before the yonkers voice which you claimed scooped him. I don’t even understand this last response of yours. My comments only addressed your blunders, not any other postings by others.

  9. Lesnick was able to run from his hanukkah celebration for a picture. He’s not even aware of what the event is…ummm, yeah oh, hi. What a punch of bums! Wait til the budget news surfaces again…then everyone scatters because of fear of showing their lack of knowledge and integrity.

  10. not really…just no patience for posters on this site who miss reading the stories that they accused the editor of covering belatedly. One has to actually read what is posted to critique.

  11. hey no news here…why don’t you ask your insiders? BTW, Hezi already covered the new carpetbagger Parks Commissioner on December 16th, which you would have known had you actually ever read anything in depth on this site. Your post associated with Hezi’s story about Lesnick’s brownfield testimony claimed that Hezi had been bested in this Parks Commissioner story by the Yonkers Voice, but alas, you are wrong. Maybe you should read before you attempt to keep score on who scooped whom.

  12. Look at Larky Mularky and Sansone, together. Did Breen come out or retirement for this photo op. Chuck was there of course he wouldn’t mis a photo op for the world.
    This whole town is a joke, it really is an they all know it!!!!!

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