Young Couple Sue Village of Mamaroneck for Loss of Home

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Download Witt Complaint Final 12.3.12 _Final_

PLAINS, NY—December 4, 2012 —  David
Witt and Kinuyo Gochaku Witt filed a lawsuit today in federal court in White
Plains, New York, against the Village of Mamaroneck, the Village Planning Board
and Building Inspector Robert Melillo alleging that they lost their
flood-damaged home after Village officials targeted them for selective
of local building codes.

to the federal complaint, the Witts bought a modest single family home in the
Village in April 2009. In August 2011, three months after the birth of their
first child, the house was severely damaged from flooding caused by Hurricane
. While their neighbors, and other Mamaroneck homeowners, were allowed to
complete repairs on their homes with little or no red tape, the Witts allege
that the Village defendants’ intentional, negligent and deliberatively
indifferent acts obstructed their efforts to repair their flood damaged home so
that they could move back in with their new baby and resume their lives.

Witt says that filing the lawsuit was a last resort after the couple made every
effort to play by the rules and save their home. “Unfortunately, the Village
made it clear that we were being punished for doing the right thing and this
has resulted in the loss of our home and us having to pick up the pieces of our
lives.” According to the Witt’s attorney, Debra S. Cohen of the law firm of
Newman Ferrara LLP, it appears that the Village targeted the couple to demonstrate
to federal and state officials that it had corrected its lax enforcement of
flood damage regulations so that a moratorium on flood grants to the Village
would be lifted. “This young couple did everything possible to play by the
rules, and unfortunately Village officials made them sacrificial lambs to their
own political interests.” 

eHeziYoung Couple Sue Village of Mamaroneck for Loss of Home

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