Arbitration Case in ‘City of Yonkers vs Firefighters Local 628’ Postponed to February 1, 2013 By HEZI ARIS

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Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano Seal
Yonkers Fire Local 628WHITE PLAINS, NY — January 8, 2013 — Expedited arbitration was called by the Hon. Sam D. Walker in the case of the City of Yonkers v  I.A.F.F. Local 628 – Yonkers Firefighters. An arbitation hearing was supposed to come to order at 9:30 a.m. this morning at a Yonkers Public Library branch. City of Yonkers (CoY) legal counsel and legal counsel representing the Yonkers Fire Fighters and their witness, former YFD Commissioner Anthony Pagano were in attendance. Even so, legal counsel representing CoY conducted a delay tactic which caused the minuted to tick by. Once the minutes were consumed, hours would be next on the subterfuge menu. Former Commissioner Pagano was called after a 40 minute stalling tactic, questioned for 10 minutes and then dismissed. CoY arguments were lame. Only opening statements were expressed.

The arbitrator attempted to navigate every reasonable road toward resolution. By 6:00 p.m., the arbitrator put over the meeting for February 1, 2013.   

Yonkers City Hall was miffed that media was in attendance; the arbitration procedure was conducted behind closed doors. City Hall claims the hearing is a private matter; I.A.F.F. Local 628 preferred media be permitted to attend.

eHeziArbitration Case in ‘City of Yonkers vs Firefighters Local 628’ Postponed to February 1, 2013 By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Come on Jerry Spano. You’re so obvious. You’d rather play cop because you couldn’t pass the firefighter exam. Really guy. You should be the one selling hot dogs on South Broadway and not Joey. Joey, however is dumb enough to be a cop.

  2. All you losers who have anger problems and built up hate who hide behind a computer screen remember this. You were too stupid and lacked athletic skills to make the cut. So continue being a hater and get all that frustration out by wacking that keyboard. The Yonkers FD will prevail and you will not be part of it. Lol, Lol, Lol, LOSERS!!!!!

  3. Policy and procedure must be negotiable items of employment otherwise I am pretty sure the current mayor would have imposed alot more policy and procedure stuff down the fire brigades throats, even if just for political revenge.
    No doubt the current commissioner from nyc will be trying to turn yonkers into a little fdny, but if you raed some of the stuff that occurs down there, i am not so sure it is good for the taxpayers.
    Read some of the stuff that went on. It is on the net.
    Talk about no checks and balances.

  4. stupid firefoightas game over ha ha ha policy and procedure is being drawn up by 1 of your own lol i believe his nick name is dr Evil the skinny guy with the shiny head who acts like he knows everything ha hahhh

  5. hmmm, the YPD contract isnt settled yet, we’ll see who’s getting what when that finally surfaces; Funny thing is that you dont see anything about their contract negotiations or even a hint of a negotiation; bizarre indeed

  6. Hey MORON you better get spell check on your computer because it shows your 4th grade education,also OSHA can’t do anything in regards to 24 hr shifts it perfectly legal.Stop eating all those cracker jacks because the info inside them is not real duh.

  7. o k how much is his brother paying him now to negotiate with the unions on the current contract this should be public information he is at his side during negotiations if you could call them that

  8. Good luck with negotiations or the Mayor will see another “I”, “I”, “I” letter explaining how important I am. That’s reason enough for an agreement.

  9. Anyway, the delay by the City side lawyers appears to mean one of two things, Unprepared, dragging out the inevitable.
    Take your choice. I doubt that all these people commenting off the subject are fire brigade members, it just sounds unnatural. The comments seem to be aimed at fire brigade distruction, soI would imaguine it is just Spano plants plugging in what knowlwdge they have on certain subjects to get people off the main idea of the article. Namely what is going to happen and what is happening in this arbitration case.

  10. The promise you assumed was to screw the citizens of Yonkers to give you a more lucrative contract. He played you fools lol. Like other posters say game over.

  11. Nick will be home soon but your department will be changed forever firefoightas. Policy and
    Procedure lol. That is what is funny you will see fire babies

  12. Heah game over…Bring it on asshole…Mike has been trying to come after us for 14 months now and has lost EVERY BATTLE……Did you ever think we have nothing to hide…With all their political connections not one judge is willing to even bend the rules for him… The Spano Dynasty is OVER……. And he knows it….all while his dick head brother is in jail….HA HA NICKY IS IN JAIL…How was Christmas and the New Years without Nicky…. as the old saying goes…YOU PLAY WITH FIRE YOUR GOING TO GET BURNT……. NEVER LET KIDS PLAY WITH MATCHES…LITTLE MIKEY TRIED AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM…..Campaigning starts in less than 2 years,lets see how far Little Mikey gets

  13. Just a note; the city fire department will be here long after this inelegant; inarticulate thief will be ushered out of office. His end will come by law enforcement arrest or voter demand, but it will surely come. The real shame is that it began with such promise and now we see the truly ugly side of extreme patronage and self serving decision making. Can’t help but wonder what he says when he is standing outside of the county court building; “I’m sorry for my error in judgement?”
    Go away Mike, just do the city a great service and go away; and take the slime you installed in city hall with you.

  14. Hopefully the cameras will be like Spano family, be there but don’t work. Better yet maybe the Spano administration can get the name of the camera man that Mario Diaz uses I hear he is pretty good with a camera.GAME OVER “GAME OVER” LOL.

  15. yea but your day will come during Mayor Spanos tenure. ha ha stupid firefoightas. like EH and the north end of this city ruined the police job. the fire department may win some battles but your job will surely change forever..Accountability to the citizenss,cameras in common areas no more violating OSHA by working 24 hour shifts..AGAIN MY FRIEND GAME OVER YOU WILL LOSE 1 WAY OR ANOTHER WHILE HE IS MAYOR. FOCUS ON NOW! 3 YEARS FROM NOW CAMPAIGNING AGAINST HIM WILL NOT HELP YOU AT ALL. WHETER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT HE IS TRYING TO HELP THE CITIZENS OF YONKERS…..

  16. Careful Game Over. You should be more of a student of past corrupt political dynasties and their ultimate shame and demise. Do you really think that realities of the extreme nature of Mayor Stark’s patronage machine are not known around the city? Like we’re not aware that the Spano family dynasty is bleeding the city of resources while our devious Mayoral administration attacks the city Firemen in a naked attempt at revenge for them not genuflecting to the King? You can amuse yourself on this blog to your heart’s content, but I assure you sir; the cancer that is the Spano administration will be cut and removed from the cities life soon enough. There will be a day when all those “friends” who are sucking the lifeblood of the city (and whatever else), Will undoubtedly do the march of shame, all screaming; “they made me do it!”

  17. ha ha screw you bully firfoightas None of you idiots live in yonkers anyhow we will see who will win in 3 years You guys re a bunch of skumbags POLICY AND PROCEDURE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CONTRACT YOU WILL BE BROUGHT TO YOUR KNEES. STOP THINKING YOU GUYS CALL THE SHOTS…HA HA STUPID FIRFIGHTAS CANT WAIT FOR THE CAMERAS IN THE COMMON AREAS OOPS DID I SAY THAT LOL

  18. Hey Johnny F. How does Spano’s member taste?
    How’s that 3/4’s going?
    How’s the run for commish going?
    Make any 2am phone calls lately?
    You have no dignity.

  19. mike is going to appointe himself to the d p w hell make a no show job it wont be the first and he will be employed you just wait and see ….. theres a tree on park hill with a good sturdy branch sitting there with a suite on he can be a branch manager he will manage wat was and what will never be… again ciao.. gummbah

  20. We are sticking up for each other get that straight….. Their are a few and I mean a few all named above who are out for their own gain and could give 2 shits about the brotherhood. So of course they are being called out on this site…this has nothing to do w the arbitration your right be it has a lot to do w these Rats… It’s very hard to break bread w a guy Knowing damn well that all he is doing is trying to harm my family and my brotherhood for their own gain…..IGM….they made their beds so now they can lay in them……. Keep the faiths Brothers because we are in the right and the mayor is getting what he deserves……Mike you haven’t seen anything yet….wait tell re election and you are going to see I fine tuned machine running the biggest anti Spano campaign you have ever seen. I can’t wait….just remember mike I will still be employed bybYonkers in a couple of years,……..

  21. Boys-Mama Bear is begging you to put on your big boy pants, suck it up and STOP with the badmouthing of your brothers. Let’s not lose sight of the reason for this arbitration. Personalities have nothing to do with the case at hand. Play nice or its to bed with no supper. I don’t care who is wrong or who started it-play nice. Your futures are at stake. Be the men I know you are. Name calling is not going to fix this problem. Let’s stick up for each other and stick together.

  22. Firefighters trashing firefighters on the yonkers tribune, yeah you guys are really really loyal to your brotherhood, that’s what you call it right?

  23. F.F.s 8 Spin city 0 It is clear who the loser is. A contract is a contract. Hopefully Mikey Mouse will try his new Policies and procedures at City Hall on Goofey,Dopey and Deputy Dog Face before he tries them on real men.

  24. whatever, you loser fireman mike will get you either way. wait to you see the new policy and procedure being drawn up. i bet mr Magoo didnt tell you that . the administartion will run this job keep fighting you will lose ha hah ahaha

  25. Back on track: After a so called arbitration meeting we can conclude who has been lying and spinning the facts to meet an agenda of breaking a union. (who wanted an open meeting and who wanted a closed meeting should give everyone a good idea who has been bullshitting the public for the last year or more) Eventually be it february, march, april, may etc. you have to come to the table Mikey Mouse or you will keep paying under the old contract and of course paying oooooooodles of OT to fill the openings that YOU and DEPUTY DOG FACE have created since the day you became the so called leader of the city of gracious living.

  26. “By the way, it is written on your patch”
    Indeed! Maybe you could start by reading the definitions of the words on your patch and ask yourself: “do I act as these words dictate?”
    Insert cricket sounds here………

  27. NUGENT’s – The Official Watering Hole for YFD and Local 628. Kind of like the “Badda Bing” on the Soprano’s.
    I’d bet that Piggy, Fatzy, Fox, McGoey and others have their Memorial Bar Stools BRONZED with their names written on the back (and god forbid if anyone sits on those stools other than Piggy, Fatzy, etc)
    As everyone knows, the Cops, Snooze 12 and NoHud are not even allowed within 2 miles of Nugent’s (But Pix 11 News Mario Diaz is always welcome)

  28. All and I mean all of these pieces of SHITZZ including those up and inspiring ones are the reason we are under attack. Our dirty laundry is out there for one reason, and one reason only, because SHIT smells. Barry 450 is right, Barry will prevail, because he is a good man. Nobody, and I mean nobody deserves to be compensated the way we do, for the work we do.I have always done my job and I believe S.T. has always done his beer buddy. Always remember PAT for who he was,A great family man and a spectacular firefighter,not their vision of something they know,or never knew anything about.By the way, it is written on your patch.

  29. Get it together YFD! Stop airing your dirty laundry for the world to see. Every last one of you blogging shit about each other should be ashamed of yourselves. Pat Joyce would be ashamed of the lot of ya.

  30. Don’t you dare put Kielbs’ name with those hacks.
    If you don’t like Kielb, then I would bet my last dollar that you got busted trying to pull some sort of caper or “IGM” move and got busted.
    I miss Kielb. He has done way more for this job than you could ever possibly hope to do.
    What “agenda” are you referring to?
    This ought to be good……
    I’m waiting……

  31. Thank you Barry……Be rest assured, no body misses the likes of Piggy, fatz,kielb or fox. It has been stated many times on this site that they were good guys, they took care of others. Only those who benefited from their agenda. The rest of us FIREFIGHTERS benefit from those brothers who take care of each other in the HEAT of the moment. Not those who take care of themselves first.As far as the likes of PJ,Folkerts- MF Fox do the same shit on tuesday.Delaney obvious, Steal 500 hrs in your second year and than make believe you are John Spano by going to 6.Philip- young kid,come to the Heat of the moment side , you always feel better about your self. THE END RESULT— Barry prevails– Why– Without knowing it Mayor Mike Spano will eventually weed out a slew of Kielb’s shallow hal’s.Those who have squealed like a hog for Piggy. Half the seats at Nugent’s. The Fox contingent, No wait, he already f’d them over. Now the rest of us can prevail in the DARK SIDE, It is HOT there, but we know we can rely on each other.THANK YOU BARRY.

  32. “john is a great guy”
    You smoking crack?
    He is a back stabbing Piece of garbage.
    If he were on fire, I would not piss on him.
    He deserves everything he gets.

  33. What part wasn’ t for him? The honesty and integrity? He could have gotten around that. Uncle Nick and Uncle Mike have……

  34. “The city is bringing a tooth pick to a gun fight.”
    You can’t say “gun” any longer Ned….
    Guns are bad, very bad. Didn’t you get the memo?
    As far a Fox in concerned, he always lands on his feet. I respect that. You are not going to out fox Fox! John the weasel tried and got “owned” by Fox. Say what you want about Fox, but he always helped the job regardless of how you felt about him (or him you for that matter.)
    I know he also helped himself in the process (is that not the political game?) Are you mad that he was able to pull it off?
    I think Barry is fighting the good fight and he is keeping Mayor Moron’s feet to the fire.
    I also believe the YFD will be victorious in this “battle royale!”
    I just wish Barry picked a darker backdrop color for his head shot.
    That boy needs some sun big time!

  35. I think the mayor should re-consider which party is the one stone walling. It sounds like 628 was ready to go and the City’s high priced attorneys were not quite ready for prime time. Here is an idea for savings, stop paying Terry O’Neill $500/hour and a guy carrying his briefcase $300/hour. Just sit down and negotiate, if Deputy Sue will let you.

  36. Pretty old tactic (stalling),that aside why not let the media in to the hearings lets see what local 628 has VS the spin city. Forget all the distraction posts they are meaningless. The city is bringing a tooth pick to a gun fight, stalling hoping the F.F.s fade away,I don’t think thats going to happen. Hey Mikey Mouse and Deputy Dog Face hold your breathe and stamp your feet maybe that tactic will work! It used to get my little sister ice cream from my parents. STOP WASTING THE TAX PAYERS TIME AND MONEY AND NEGOTIATE FAIRLY AND EQUITABLY.

  37. Fox looks like a passenger on the Titanic or the Hindenburg. Afterwards…
    Tony ruined the job, a guy who never went to a fire in his life. Then he blew Nick Spano, I mean really blew him. Then like the “booton” that he is, he double crossed him. Nice suit yesterday Tony. You look more like a clown everyday.
    The haberdasher must really no how to hold it in when you come into his shop.

  38. Yonkers Fire Dept has run out of gas. The Tank is empty. Hugh Fox? Tony Pagano?
    The fat Lady is singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fox is a snitch and a rat who sold out the membership to get his son on. Remember the “ZERO’S.”
    Tony would sell his own mother out for a handout. How about his brother-in-law, the faggot who sneeked around headquarters his whole career and snitched on the members.
    628 proves that they are finished, desperate to have these two as character references…..

  39. How many Yonkers Firefighters can you name that are out on 207-A disabilities deserve it? Can you name me five of them? I thought so. Probably takes awhile, right?
    Now, name me twenty five Yonkers Firefighters that have 207-A disability that are full of do not deserve it.
    I rest my case…..

  40. Great job Barry…the, men,woman and their family’s of this job are behind you 100% and we appreciate everything you are doing for us and the citizens of the City of Yonkers. It is people like you that give selflessly of themselves to protect their members. If only Spano could take a page from your book we wouldn’t be in this predicament …. Give up Mr. Mayor… Haven’t you had enough already…
    As for you John Folkerts the above poster is not correct in his assessment of Foxxy his name fits him perfectly,but as for you …you are a Rat , Traitor, Snake…That much is true and the whole job does know it…….
    Thanks again Barry and Thank You to Tony Pagano for coming back to speak up for his men,,


  42. what gives mikey…how come you didn’t want the Media inside the room…oh you wanted this to be more back room bullshit that you and the City Council like to play…What happened to your Campaign policy of more transparency …..WHY OH WHY wouldn’t the Mayor want the press in the room hmmmmm what could it be…… Oh I know cause you are full of shit …..How does it feel to have one of your old Park Hill boys come in and testify against you….. I heard TONY Pagano was in rare form and killed it their…Thanks TONY……I heard NICK was banging on his bars YESTERDAY w both hands yelling…GET ME OUT OF HERE…DONT YOU KNOW WHO I AM …IM THE MAYOR OF YONKERS AND MY LITTLE BROTHER MIKEY IS FUCKING EVERYTHING UP….OH YEAH MIKE WHEN YOU LEAVE DONT FORGET TO TAKE THAT PIECE OF SHIT JOHN FOLKERTS W YOU….JOHN WE ARE ALL WATCHING YOU….. FUNNY YOUR WIFE COULDNT FIND A JOB FOR OVER 3 YEARS AND NOW SHE WORKS FOR THE MAYOR…..HAHA…… JOHN FOLKERTS THE HEAD OF TRAINING…THIS GUY MADE A HOT DOG STAND A SECOND FROM 2 MILES AWAY WHAT A JOKE THIS ASSHOLE IS…..

  43. Let’s see Republican party as NYS loses Republican Senate seat to Democrat so called Democrat Mayor to get the votes. No political party loyalty, no city loyalty….kinda like a used car salesman!

  44. As well as a volunteer police dept., seeing how showing up to the first day of the academy is optional, if your last name is Spano.
    Maybe a volunteer Mayor? One who gets called in for ribbon cuttings and photo ops. He won’t have to run the city or anything, kind of like the one we have now.

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