CLSA President Thomas Phelan on Westchester On the Level – January 22, 2013 @ 10:00 a.m.

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YONKERS, NY — January 21, 2013 — Yonkers Police Captains Lieutenants  and Sergeants Association (CLSA) President Lt. Thomas Phelan is a most welcomed guest to the microphone of Westchester On the Level this Tuesday morning, January 22, 2013, at 10:00 a.m. The radio show is heard every weekday on the BlogTalkRadio platform from 10 a.m. to 12 Noon, or by way of our archival library exclusively available via the Internet by accessing the hyperlink: 

Hezi Aris is your host today.
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On Wednesday, January 23, 2013, at 10:00 a.m. we speak to creative concepts that became evident in the IDEO think tank which Rabbi Ed Harwitz and Maya Bernstein participated, which like a petrie dish, became the catalyst from which they emerged infused with a better functioning concept of delivering education to a student population.We'll learn of their comprehension and celebrate their findings. 
For those intending to listen to the Ed Maier interview on Monday, January 21, 2013, note that it has been rescheduled to take place on Monday, January 28, 2013, at 10:00 a.m. The delay was my being unable to conduct the interview; I was poorly suffering the last days of the flu. My apology to Mr Maier and our audience.

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Only email requests are honored. Listen to the regulations that govern this unique offer.Make your request ONLY if you have intension to attend. And thank you for your consideration.
eHeziCLSA President Thomas Phelan on Westchester On the Level – January 22, 2013 @ 10:00 a.m.

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  1. I always knew what the right path was; without exception, I knew. But I never took it. You know why? It was too…damn…hard.
    Never relish in another mans misfortune
    Especially a good one.

  2. hey did Deputy Chief Mueller get transferred? oh sorry he did not get that job because he took such good advice from his friend….wow friend……hope you and the ex IAD Lt have fun together answering to your bos D/C Frank….the cops may agree with you to your face KO but most of them don’t agree with you at all……

  3. Captain Quirk hasn’t aged very well these past couple of years. Maybe it was all those days “in the gym.” The good news is he twitches and ticks so much by the end of the day it’s like he did a 2 hour workout. WIN!

  4. I hear Capt. Quirk is great at party’s! He likes to throw patio furniture in the pool, insult your wife and curse at everyone in sight. Maybe they should test for class on that exam. Stay classy shorty!

  5. Funny how u idiots keep boss bashing…..hmmm….why is it then that u keep taking the promotional tests???…….just ask KO, he hasnt missed one test yet!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!

  6. sounds like the y f d same story slouchees becoming bosse who KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE JOB . i once thought they worked the books and studied .when i saw the material that they had i realized it was all a sham.same tests same questions same answers what a shame someone who really tries works hard and gets screwed by someone who really cheats/ steals NOW THATS BROTHERHOOD. as for palen i will say he was a great fisherman he used to fish at centuk mkt and bring his catch to the red side around the corner for preperation. you know he never had a bad day of fishing . thank for the free fish

  7. The “top guy” was never a cop,
    he had a supposed knee injury
    that kept him off the street, while
    trying the disability route, then heals
    miracously when his number comes up
    for promotion. Ypd bosses = hypocrisy
    at its finest.

  8. “Mbrmrneene, mdmekdjeme, kckekedwkdkdjeej, sklwdodkemejdkeid, ncjddjiekdkd, kejdeldoeiejd, ncjddjiekdkd, jclsdlddmdm, hdkefidjjefjej, kelskekdkedke.”-Tom Phelan

  9. Amen to that Caveman. The district attorneys in White Plains have no connection to him. How the hell is he the top guy? Oh wait, he’s a good test taker. He wouldn’t know how to work in a patrol car never mind work a case. He walks right by his own guys in the hallway without acknowledging them. There are some excellent and outstanding detectives there who have zero respect for him. And the guy in charge of courts? Well, just look at him for 5 minutes and that’s about all you’ll need to know. What an odd couple.

  10. The Detective Division at one time was one of the finest. Chief Cave was a TRUE leader with leadership skills. He made the men want to work for him. He was involved with them. Now, every single “boss” there was never even a detective. The top guy was barely a cop. It’s a fucking shame. It’s also an embarrassment. These guys walk around high and mighty but no one truly respects them. It’s a farce. Capt Closed Door=the Anti Cave.

  11. Just study you fools.
    I know you are dying to feel
    what wearing a white shirt feels like!!
    And to give out orders to you peasants.
    Now go stand on your peg post, Officer!!

  12. There are: Captain Clairvoyant, Captain Comb over, Captain Quirk, Captain Closed Door, Captain Ka-Ching ($), Captain Creep-me-Out (Ole Frank), Captain Crunch, and Captain Confrontational! What a cast of characters those “bosses” are!

  13. Please don’t shoot capt. Quirk out of a cannon, that’s inhumane dammit!!! I think capt closed door should carry him into the ring packed in a suitcase and he can tumble out and do a cartwheel or 2. Maybe he can jump on a tricycle and pedal through closed doors legs. Now that would be cool!!! What a wackpack

  14. “Ol Quirky” as I like to call him is a true hero in the war against those non administrators. We will crush them by any means necessary! Unless it means I have to leave my office or speak in public or make a stand or do anything brave. Other than that, by any means necessary!

  15. Hey, STOP MAKING FUN OF THE COURT CAPTAIN. he is a war veteran. Al his nervous ticks, and big bald head are probably caused by some war disease ore something like that. RESPECT OUR VETERANS.

  16. So there is a Capt. Closed Door, a Captain Quirk, a Capt. Comb Over, and, I believe a Captain Cock in the. YPD? I’m just asking.

  17. Hope to hear Capt.Closed Door on the radio one day explaining his weird behavior. I would phone in and ask him if it’s true that he’s like that recluse Howard Hughes, locked in his room all day surrounded by cups full of urine. Word on the street is that he only visitor allowed is that creepy balding short fellow with the huge nostrils and mild case of tourettes. Now that would be a helluva radio show.

  18. well, i dont know about all of this about tom but wouldnt it be cool if the court captin, we will call him “capt quirk” was driven into a 3 ring circus by his big buddy, “capt closed door” in an mc side car? we could put an evil kenevil outfit on him with a long red scarf and shoot him out of a cannon. he is pretty compact and sturdy so i think it would be a perfect job for him.

  19. Where’s FAILen been hiding lately,
    he hides so much you would think
    he was in witness protection.
    But let’s face it, Tom was NEVER a cop
    he was a five year wonder Sgt. who
    prior to getting promoted slinked around
    the first pct. “working” the desk. He worked
    under the desk also.

  20. Heah tommy tell all your members again how your brother John got a no bid contract w corporation council to do all of Yonkers slip and fall law suits. Talk about a conflict of interest. You really think he is out their looking after your best interest. I doubt that , why do u think his brother got that contract shhhhhh

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