EXCLUSIVE: Incompetence or Ineptitude Define the Yonkers Parking Authority By HEZI ARIS

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Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano Seal

Yonkers Parking Authority LogoYONKERS, NY — January 13, 2013 — It has to the attention of the Yonkers Tribune by sources that do not wish attribution that the
Supreme Court of the State of New York County of Westchester had filed and
entered on October 31, 2012 its Decision and Order (Index No. 2932-12) in the
matter of the Application of the Petitioner, The Yonkers Parking Authority
(YPA), for a judgment against the Respondents, The City of Yonkers; Michael
Spano, in his capacity as Mayor; John Liszewski, in his capacity as
Comptroller; and Edward Dunphy, then in his capacity as Corporation Counsel. At
issue was the Yonkers Parking Authority demand that the City of Yonkers (CoY),
et al, be compelled to disburse funds to the YPA for funds necessary for it to
hire legal counsel to represent its rights and interests vis-à-vis its effort
to maintain its separate and distinct entity from the CoY. YPA advised the
court its demeanor as a private authority created in 1964 through the New York
Public Authorities Law which codifies its separateness and distinct entity from

Further still, YPA advised the court CoY is required to keep
separate bank accounts and not commingle funds for the YPA and CoY. When the
YPA submitted a payment request to CoY for payment to YPA’s retainer fee to
Lyons McGovern for legal services, CoY refused to release the funds for the
“retainer check”. YPA claimed they need to hire legal counsel outside of using
Yonkers Corporation Counsel with respect to an effort on the part of Yonekrs
Mayor Mike Spano, supported by the Yonkers City Council, and elected officials,
Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Assembymember Shelley Mayer, among others, to
merging the YPA into the Yonkers Parking Violation Bureau (YPVB) for the claimed
purpose of consolidation of effort in order to reduce costs.

CoY challenged the right of the YPA to mount the lawsuit
since the YPA Board of directors did not approve the lawsuit, that it is “ultra
vires”, that is, in Latin “beyond powers”, in other words, beyond the powers /
authority of corporate officers to take the action at issue.

The court decided the YPA could not re-argue the issue
before it because “this court did not address the issue of whether the YPA had
the right to engage outside counsel without Board approval or if this was an
“ultra vires” act”.

It seems the court uncovered that “only a request for the
lumpsum of $15,000 was submitted and intended to be a retainer fee for the law
firm Lyons McGovern, for unspecified purposes, and not for actual services

The court ruled that in the futre, “the law firmmay submit
actual bills to the city which may then be audited by the comptroller of the

The court also learned that the YPA requested payment for
the instant litigation which totaled more than $30,000, when the initial motion
was only to enforce payment of the $15,000 retainer”.

The court dismissed the YPA petition against CoY, et al.

The court found it “ironic, if not stupefying” that the fact
that the bill is now over $30,000 for the Lyon McGovern…”.

The final assessment by the court was clear and succinct,
that is, “It does not seem to this Court that an order should be signed
instructing the municipality of Yonkers to pay any law firm the YPA chooses to
employ, with no cap, and no authority to do so.”

At issue now is how the YPA, a deficit ridden “private
authority” will pay the debt of $45,000 for which they are responsible. 

Not a peep from the YPA. Not even a press release. In fact,
not even an admission to their conduct individually and collectively.

The entire YPA must be dissolved in order to rid the city of
their individual and collective incompetence or purposeful conduct. There are
no excuses for which any of this telling is worthy of they salaries.

Yonkers Inspector General Kitley
Covill will be salvaing over this issue.

Download YPAvCoY-10-16-12_YPA_Decision_and_Order


eHeziEXCLUSIVE: Incompetence or Ineptitude Define the Yonkers Parking Authority By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Actually I think he looks like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Just my humble opinion. And I don’t think he’s Jewish. I think he’s Hungarian .

  2. Can we just refer to the court captin as BJ from now on, as in Bald Jewish guy. It’s starting to get confusing with all these names. Or LBJ, Little Bald Jewish guy? I mean, he’s probably a democrat anyway cause most of them are. I’m also assuming he’s the R2D2 guy, so why not make it easy?

  3. They have some freaks in the YPD. Frankenstein, Lurch, Igor, some Bela Lugosi looking guy. It’s a freak show I tell you. And it’s all gold shield guys from what I can see. Except maybe the half retarded “detective” they drag around with them. Think he’s related to somebody in City hall.

  4. YPD is a wackpack reminds me a lot of the Amish Mafia on discovery channel. The court captain is definitely the leader Levi. I think he actually is that tall Lurch looking guys boss. I really don’t think Lurch can talk.They depend on Levi and his wackpack mafia. And they really are just like them. They are the perfect example of a group of guys that are blinded by the fact that they are the joke and everybody else is laughing at them. The only difference is Levi doesn’t look like a decrepit little midget who has more ticks, beeps, and bells then R2-D2. Call him a captain if you want but he looks like a pathetic old man.

  5. That court captian used to work with that other captian that looks like Frankenstein. I saw them together a couple of times in south Yonkers. Now he works with this really tall guy who looks just like Lurch. Like EXACTLY. You can’t make this shit up. I guess he’s like the Igor of the misfit cops or something. Actually, the court captian could be funnier looking than the Frankenstein one himself. You should see those guys together. And they say DPW is a freak show! YPD take a look in the mirror!

  6. NEWS FLASH mbfdkljbf is Jerry Spano. Hey Jerry, why don’t you stop hiding behind your computer and man up. I mean, you could just hide behind a big Bartlett pear, or maybe a big bowling pin with your fat self. You’re barely able to waddle around pretending to be a “Dick”.

  7. Listen, I was with a bunch of cops yesterday in White plains at a press conference with that guy above. WOW. You can say whatever you want about him, but he is fucking clueless. He couldn’t even figure out a simple idea a few of us were discussing. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but there are a lot of those. That guy should not be a union leader. I’m not a Yonkers cop but I’m in LE. That guy should just have a job where no one sees or hears him. Just a suggestion because he is a boss that I think represents the other bosses. Where the hell is
    Tom Drexel or that other guy that was after him? At least those guys could follow a conversation.

  8. Hey Blue Truth, Have you read Lt Phelans emails? They sound like they were written by a fifth grader. I think his wife is a teacher and he’s so fucking dumb he has her students write his emails. When he “speaks” in person there is not a person around who doesn’t laugh at him. It’s quite embarrassing but forever entertaining. He repeats the same thing over and over, and it almost never has to do with the topic being discussed. Plus, he can’t figure out how to get to his office because I think he’s too dumb to read he GPS in his car. No Joke!

  9. Germygerm you shouldn’t speak about people you don’t know especially police. If we are talking about the same guy, he used to have a female “friend” in City Hall and she was black. Don’t be racist if you don’t know what you’re talking about!

  10. That white shirt cop has bad nervous twiches and hates the woman that work for him! He’s short and kinda fat with really tight pants. My cousin had a case and the Distric attorney said it was his fault the charges were trumped up. A black man can never trust a Jewish man when it comes to persicution.

  11. I know that cop you’re talking about in the courts. He’s only half Jewish but tries to hide it. He should probably wear a yarmulke to hide that shiny head of his!

  12. There are some very weird looking YPD cops around these days. Last week I saw the guy who wears a white shirt and is in charge of courts I think. Short, pale, bald, Jewish looking guy (I think he has an Italian name) with two other weirdos at lunch together. He was with a cross eyed guy who I’ve seen him with before and this tall bald guy who looks like a concentration camp survivor or an HIV patient on his last legs. Anyhooo, those guys should be looked into because how the hell did they get to become officers? They are probably raking in the overtime!

  13. Someone once commented that they would like to print a bumper sticker that read, “Welcome to Yonkers – here’s your parking tickets.” Can anyone explain where all the money this “private entity” collects from parking meters went? you’d think they’d be rolling in money, not bankrupt!

    P.B.A President Keith Olson demonstrates yet again, his irresponsible and unprofessional manner in his e-mail message to the membership this past week. Due to his shortcomings as a leader, he continues to act as a “school yard bully” in an attempt to scold the members of the union. Olson continues to remain blinded by his failure as a leader thus fails to realize that his words do not hold any credibility. Olson’s leadership and duties as P.B.A President come into question because he continues to cast a gutless shadow in light of his two-faced decisions he has chose to take action on the City of Yonkers, members of his own Union, members from the C.L.S, as well as other city union officials. Claiming to negotiate for a contract, Olson continuously whispers to his membership to stop writing summons that specifically benefit the City of Yonkers. It is indisputable that he has built a reputation as a person that lacks truth and has little to no etiquette in his standing position.
    Instead of providing the city with service, when called on his duties, Olson merely takes a authoritative role and talks down upon others while flipping the script when speaking to his bosses by claiming, “they did not know what they were doing…” He picked a path not as a “street cop” but became known as a “red ant- disgruntle complainer.” As a added note, Red Ant, the usage of the Honorable Winston Churchill quote used in your message is correct in one-way, “The truth is incontrovertible,” and all but you know it. Perhaps you should practice what you preach, and instead of using degrating terms towards your members telling others to “go put your big boy pants on, and crawl back under your rock,” maybe using some professional language like a man will help you in the long run. As for the furtherance of the truth, you should inform your membership that you are an ineffective leader that has four pending Internal Affairs Investigations. That is the indisputable truth. “Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end there it is.”
    “Blue Truth”

  15. This is like all of the rest of theYO culture. Corrupt.
    It’s about time every measure to consolidate all duplication of services. From the schools to the YPA. There should be only one HR dept, as there should be only one payroll dept. only the “stupid” politicians can fix this, but they won’t. WHY?
    Just like Spano’s rant about the hostage tax, there needs to be an investigation into all the other imposed taxes by the politicians on the residents of COY, which are not paid by anyone else. These imposed taxes are illegal and need to be stopped.
    It’s pretty simple, if you can’t live within your means then you need to cut back,and here we need to cut back on personnel and also start new hires at a salary fitting of the 2013 economy.

  16. How’s Mrijaj’s son doing? Didn’t he also get a sweetheart job, then was caught in bribery scandal? What a joke YO has become. Heard Annabi having trouble with her new housing situation too!

  17. When Bill Regan was deputy mayor he ran the YPA from City Hall. Now he’s still running the YPA, and providing Lisa Mrijaj with a $140,000 a year sweetheart contract to be the new “executive director,” even though Amicone didn’t think the job was even needed. The lawsuit is BS — just a way for Regan and Mrijaj to wage war on the new adminstration and make sure there isn’t a consolidation that would save money (and maybe eliminate the new patronage job.) And who pays the cost — the taxpayers of Yonkers.

  18. Probably looking into the stoopid foiyafightas(just a joke).
    Seriously, getting the local IG involved is like telling the culprit come after yourself.
    Got to go to state level or beyond for any kind of seriousness. And dont forget, it seems those who have carved paths of un- righteous acts have been very careful of how they did it.

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