POLITICS: Camouflaging Redistricting Concerns with Fowl and Bees By HEZI ARIS

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Reference to Third Comment Posted Requires Adendum

must reflect on the day when former Republican turned Democrat Assemblyman Mike
won the nomination for Mayor of Yonkers over Yonkers City Council
President Chuck Lesnick to recognize the ingredients that would consume the
demeanor of Yonkers governance in a manner which should make Yonkersites proud
were it not diminished by its vindictive conduct. The directive chosen by Mr
Lesnick in his guiding the Yonkers City Council for the past seven years has
not yet worked to Mr Lesnick’s purpose. Even before his taking office, Mr
Lesnick believed it would best serve him to enable and appease the strong mayor
form of government of then Mayor Phil Amicone. In time, Mr Lesnick chose to continue
his debauched conduct by totally submitting to directive expressed to him by Mr
Amicone. Mr Lesnick eviscerated the very transcript our forefathers defined for
this nation by delineating the deliberate balance of separation of power within
government, that is, an executive, a legislative, and a judicial branch
separate from one another. Mr Lesnick squandered his legitimacy and fiduciary responsibility
by not acquiescing to the demands of his office. Mr Lesnick did not well
execute the responsibilities demanded of him as expressed by his resume

chicanery by Mr Lesnick continues unabated. No matter how often he insinuates
himself into every conceivable photo opportunity will not distract from his
failure in serving himself for higher office. It was always about Chuck.
Kissing Mr Amicone’s derrière didn’t work; he decided in 2011, upon losing the
endorsement of the Yonkers Democratic City Committee, he would show his power,
whether it served Yonkersites or not. He would unleash a self-destructive plot
that will in time reduce him to insignificance and be the catalyst that will
cause Yonkersites to be kicked further down the road.

Lesnick has little wiggle room. He must maintain his resolve to ford the road
he deemed appropriate for his political viability. He has permitted the Yonkers
City Council over the entirety of 2012 to meander to sap the expected potency
of a functioning Yonkers City Council. Instead, Mr Lesnick demanded the
patronage employment mill include former Westchester County Board Legislator José Alvarado. Ensconced in that debacle, it took Inspector
General Kitley Covill to correct his endorsement of Mr Alvarado the post of
Yonkers City Clerk. Promoting Mr Alvarado was Mr Lesnick’s purpose for buying
support from Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Wilson Terrero in support of
his friend.

Mr Alvarado lost credibility before Inspector General Kitley Covill, Mr Terrero
was offended by Mr Lesnick’s lack of backbone. Mr Terrero had enough of Mr
Lesnick’s self-serving games when he realized Mr Lesnick’s Legislative
Redistricting boundaries plan had Mr Lesnick’s heavy imprint that revealed
itself dismissive of his needs for reelection. It seems Mr Lesnick was intent
on redrawing Mr Terrero’s Second District to better diminish Mr Terrero ability
for re-election. The Democrats on the Yonkers City Council had abandoned Mr
Terrero and he knew it.

City Council President Chuck Lesnick’s Director of Communications, Adam Brill,
released a press release advising that the plan will go into affect for
municipal elections later this year, quoted within that press release was the
political babble of Councilmember Christopher Johnson (D-1st
District) who said, “I’m happy we were able to draw lines consistent with the
Voting Rights Act. Creating opportunities for people from different walks of
life is something we should strive for and I believe we have done that.”

Councilmember Michael Sabatino (D-3rd District) pretentiously said, “After
assuring that the First and Second Districts complied with the voting rights
law, I am pleased that my district, as proposed, will remain one of the most
cultural and socioeconomic diverse districts in the city.” 

must wonder what expertise was brought to the forefront to gain the assurance
of Councilperson Sabbatino assurance the Second District complied with the
voting rights law?

press release notes, “To map the districts in an impartial manner, the Council
last year hired consultant Phillip Chonigman of GeoPolitical Strategies to
redraw the Council’s six legislative districts (each represents approximately
33,000 residents) in a city of some 197,000.”

being the case, why have the Republicans on the Yonkers City Council not been
privy to the map included herein? Who authorized Mr Chonigman  and / or GeoPolitical Strategies that his
charge was to keep three Yonkers City Councilmembers in the dark. And, why did
the Republicans not advise media of this taking place? Will they be whining
into the future over this travesty or will they be crying with feigned
crocodile tears so as to fool Yonkersites on their being complicit to this

Lesnick continues to extort points from Mayor Mike Spano by Mr Spano’s
administration’s lackadaisical support of his brother Vincent Spano, the Acting
Yonkers City Clerk, the only person with any experience as a City Clerk. Acting
City Clerk Vincent Spano has over 10 years of experience on the job. The
concern over whether a Spano relative is hired, their thinking that it would
smack of nepotism is disingenuous; Mayor Mike Spano has taken umbrage behind
the Yonkers City Clerk appointment while hiring over 50 relatives who are now
employed by the City of Yonkers. Not a word from Yonkers City Council President
Lesnick, not a word from any of the six Yonkers City Councilmembers. Perhaps
they do not know? How pathetic if they do, but remain silent. Instead, we are
left to become embroiled in a battle to cause the only experienced candidate
for Yonkers City Clerk to the post he can ably manage to become a calamitous political
injury to the Office of Yonkers City Clerk. 
Mayor Mike Spano best not throw his own brother under the bus by the
ploy of the self-serving Mr Lesnick his ploy to exact familial blood. It is
simple, Mr Vincent Spano is qualified. Testimony of his accomplishments are
extolled in his decade long resume.

so, Mr Lesnick has held up the vote for Yonkers City Clerk in order that he may
attempt to bring George Kevgas, a former aide to Mr Lesnick at the Office of
the Yonkers City Council President, for City Clerk. That arrogant effort is the
residue left over before the time when Westchester County Board Legislator
Virginia Perez disappointed the Yonkers Democratic City Committee. At that
time, Ms Perez had submitted a personal woman friend to the Democratic Party
take on Mr Terrero during his re-election effort in November 2013. Yet when Ms
Perez sided with The Westchester County Board of Legislators’ (WCBoL)
Republican minority that was anathema to the WCBoL Democratic majority, Mr
Kevgas lost must of his viability. Even so, the drawing of the 2nd
District to better serve Mr Kevgas his election effort against the prospects of
Mr Terrero was already drawn into the map.

Terrero was not offered an opportunity to or chose not to make comment in the
press release disbursed by Mr Brill on Saturday.

brings us Tuesday’s three-ring tent circus known to all as the Yonkers City
Council. The venue is the Yonkers City Council meeting in which the battle over
whether to approve fowl and bees. The Republicans, Minority Leader John Larkin,
and Councilpersons Dennis Shepherd and Michael Breen will fight to disallow
passage of Lesnick’s mischievous abuse of the Yonkers City Council’s focus. The
Democrats, President Lesnick, and Councilpersons Christopher Johnson and
Michael Sabbatino will vote for passage of the proposition. The only question
of value is how will Mr Terrero vote. If he votes for the legislation expect
his aide Nerissa Vitora to be a candidate for Yonkers City Clerk. In fact,
expect her to be Mr Terrero’s candidate of choice no matter his vote.

is all a game. Yonkersites win nothing.

Download Democratic_Majority_Redistricting_Map – January 19, 2013


Reference to first comment posted suggesting Mr Lesnick has been offered a job someplace. I had heard rumors that he was in search of a position in government someplace. His attending Governor Andrew Cuomo's State of the State Address and meeting with U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer among others were some of the powerful people he had met in his "networking" efforts over a span of 3 decades. I could not fathom he would be hired anywhere based on his resume that lacked accomplishment. But despite my standards, and being bereft of needing to satisfy a patronage system to "house" some of our "politicos" in a safe house, the ramifications of such an event are cataclysmic.

It has been said by former Yonkers City Councilperson Dennis Robertson that Mike Spano has promised Mr Robertson the appointment of Mr Robertson to the Office of Yonkers City Council President upon Mr Lesnick departure. I have known of this pact for over a year's time though I never suspected it would come about. More likely, should Corporationn Councul accede to thewisdom inscibed into the Yonkers City Charter, should / if Mr Lesnick find employment else, so be it. At present the mayor has no authority to dismiss the Yonkers City Charter that expresses should such an eventuality come about, that is a sitting City Council President step down, the Majority Leader, in the present Mr Terrero would preside over a six person council in which his conduct would mimick that of a president but that the mayor may not appoint such an individual.

Perhaps Mr Robertson should read the Yonkers City Charter. It seems imp;lausible, but Mr Robertson has been played once again.

I am burdened for those who will find themselves under the influence of Mr Lesnick and mortified how easily governance in Yonkers has become nothing but a tyrannical cesspool of maligning, inept, incompetent, greedy, and conniving tools of a despotic paradigm repressing the taxpayer's ability to survive.

If there is an FBI, they must declare war on Yonkers. If law matters, let it be proven inviolable in Yonkers. There is a red line. Government in Yonkers has encroached and repressed Yonkers for too long. I suggest U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara be invited to the travesty that continues unabated in Yonkers. Why is there so much fear to straighten things out in Yonkers? Does Yonkers possess an atomic bomb and the U.S. Atorney does not? 

Interesting, is it not, that when push comes to shove, and Chuck needs something, he knows to contact Congresspeople Nita Lowey, and Eliot Engel, and U.S. Senators Chuck Schumer and Kristen Gillibrand, and Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senate Democatic Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, and Assemblyperson Shelley Mayer. 

Mr Lesnick is lucky he does not require a letter of recommendation from anyone in Yonkers. Well, I guess he would get a letter or two from those he will help run for office, people like Terri Joshi.

Mr Lesnick has a pending issue against him by Nicole Benjamin. She is the same person who also has a pending issue against Councilperson Christopher Johnson. WIll that all be forgotten?

Does the law matter in Yonkers?

Let's see this play out, shall we?

My bet is Yonkersites will lose again!

I am actually crying now. This must stop!!!  


eHeziPOLITICS: Camouflaging Redistricting Concerns with Fowl and Bees By HEZI ARIS

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  1. How was Obama Chuck? Did you get to kiss his butt?
    It’s amazing the amount of time they’ll spend on Bees and Hens, yet they rubber stamp the budget without even knowing how much they are voting for on the Education side. WTF!!!!!

  2. This “consultant” is a political tool employed by the Democrats in the Board of Elections, managed democratic campaigns, was vice president of the Greenburg Democrats, and was the one who rented the buses that brought these “voters” to Yonkers poling places. And THIS is what the democrats hired! If Terrero is smart, he will join with the Republicans and same his district and theirs.

  3. People like Robertson is what is wrong with Yonkers politics – let’s not forget is no bid cleaning contract with Spencer – his no show consultancy by Yonkers IDA baseball field – his employment by empire city, while carrying their water on the city council

  4. This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read. I didn’t like Amicone OR Lesnick, but accusing him of violating the Constitution or something for agreeing with the mayor is so idiotic it boggles the mind.
    And a “self-destructive plot” – to allow CHICKENS? Most self-destructive plots are at least slightly more nefarious than that. This is paranoia gone haywire.

  5. Do tell con law. I think I know but dont want to make an ass of myself if I am wrong.
    On the subject at hand, the council continues to sit by idle while spano and before him amicone give us the buisness with ida and waterfront deals and then go to the workers and say , were broke, help.
    This is fine, if you led by example aka cutting your own staff first instead of expanding and giving raises.
    If there is an FBI(yes there is) and Preet must be laughing so hard at the stuff that goes on that they dont want it to stop it for entertainment purposes.

  6. There is a major Constitutional flaw in this and prior redistricting plans in Yonkers
    I know what it is. Can you guys figure it out??

  7. There are a dozen mistakes in your column Hezi. Lesnick did not support Alvarado, for clerk nor did he initaiate the IG investigation. Kevgas lives in the 4th CD not in the 2nd. Terrero was not in the redistricting press release because he was out of town not because he does not support it.
    Editor’s Note:
    Mr Lesnick did support Mr Alvarado. Silence is acquiesence. But Lesnick was supportive anyway. Kevgas’ interest are in the map but I don’t have the time to do a full dissertation on the issue. Ask your elected councilperson and learn the truth.
    Isn’t it a bit too convenient knowing that Mr Terrero would not be available during the long weekend that Mr Lesnick’s office could have gained his input pror to his departure. No matter the excuses, Mr terror does not support the redistricting map unless of course he has won his aide being nominated the next Yonkers City Clerk.
    Time is on our side. We will soon know. In the meantime, the spin is an amusing read.
    Kindly, Hezi

  8. Hezi!
    I could not have written this article any better!
    How sad is it for us Yonkers Citizens when the “Pandering Lesnicks” of the world continually try to pull this shit ALL THE TIME!
    Rumor has it that Chucky Schmucky will be leaving very shortly (would you believe, he was offered another job? Who in their right mind would hire this imbecile?)
    It matters not though, because another “Hack” will take his place. I can’t wait to see Mayor Mike Moron try to stick one of his own in Chuck’s vacant spot.
    Maybe (this time) our Councilman will finally take some action?
    Yeah right!
    Just like the Councilman DEMANDING to see Sue Gerry’s “waiver” From Moron Mike (which violates the City Charter, by the way.)
    When will this madness end?
    Word from the Republicans is that it is going to be an ugly fight over the proposed redistricting. In a nut shell, this is ALL ABOUT CONTROL over the voting bloc.
    Maybe Larkin and crew have a few aces up their sleeves? I hope so, because Larkin and company are not hitting back hard (as they should be doing.)
    You may find fault with Larkin, but I can safely say that he DOES GIVE A SHIT about us homeowners. However, I’m sure he gets a head full of bullshit every day he walks in those halls. I’m not making excuses for him. He clearly wanted to be a Councilman; I’m just saying that it must be very difficult trying to be a calm voice of reason in a room full of self grandizing pandering stupid Hacks like Lesnick!
    Ok, let me have it from all of you who do not like Larkin!
    I can take it, but please know this: I would rather have one Larkin over fifty Lesnicks any day of the year!

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