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    Yonkers P.B.A. President Keith Olson managed to infiltrate one comment on the last article that was submitted about his unethical behavior .
    It seems that he himself may be shopping around for representation as he may face questioning surrounding why he was caught vandalizing city owned fuel pumps, and precincts walls.
    Recently, Olson set a new standard. He thought that his membership would forget that he and his allies worked very hard with the previous administration in undermining the Police Commissioner Robert Taggart in the hopes that the great messiah John Mueller would become the new commissioner, and that he could play the unofficial role as Deputy Commissioner. Therefore have the power to call all the shots. However, their great plan backfired, and landed them Harnett, who had his own agenda. As they provided information, Harnett targeted certain members of the P.B.A. In return, Harnett cuddled them while dismantling units from the department, and cut orders like sandwiches, while P.B.A. President Olson sat on the wall like “Humpty Dumpty”.
    The truth is that Olson and his cronies were well taken care of while the membership from the C.L.S. and the P.B.A. hump the radio. It was a unprofessional ploy by the people involved that cost the membership positions and a potential contract. Unfortunately to both memberships, Harnett, the City, and Olson were able to divert the truth to the city’s financial woes. If any member spoke out to the membership, they were targeted by premeditated, misleading and unauthorized investigations conducted and planned by P.B.A President Keith Olson, Captain John Mueller, and Detective Sergeant Brian Moran of the Special Investigation Unit. The Yonkers Firefighters should well know that these members led one of the city’s largest probes into the larceny of city gasoline, in which they took great pride in parading and interviewing close to one hundred working Firefighters from another union, at the urging of then Deputy Mayor Regan.
    Now, the “trio” are the minority that carries that rancid smell of rodents that can’t spray paint their way out. The truth is, their careers are over in this city because they have no credibility, and are forever stained with mistrust. Union officials from this city must move to rid this city of such an odor, and memberships from all unions must voice their dismay by the power of the election process. The Yonkers P.B.A. membership need to find their way back to the right path without Olson, so we can begin to be recognized by the City of Yonkers, and other Union Leaders as a professional and responsible union. That is the message of necessity that cannot be misconstrued, or misquoted.

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