BREAKING NEWS: Welcome Home Nick Spano. Welcome Home! By HEZI ARIS

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Spano_nick22YONKERS, NY — February 26, 2013
— Everyone had an opinion. Everyone “knew” more than they
could have known. Such are the delusions of Yonkersites who need to be in the
mix. To be part of the “inside” crowd of when Nick Spano would be released from
prison was a gambler’s dream come true. Would he come out on May 19th,
or would it be at the end of March or mid March? Yonkersites’ interests were
piqued. Mr Spano was given notice yesterday that he would be released today,
Tuesday, February 26, 2013. He was greeted by family, who escorted him to a
“residential re-entry facility in The Bronx. A fact confirmed to the Yonkers Tribune by youngest brother and
Acting Yonkers City Clerk Vincent Spano.

Nick Spano is quite an unusual man. He exited the prison
some 40 pounds leaner. He wasn’t America’s Biggest Loser. Quite the contrary,
his demeanor was such that Mr Spano learned to do the time rather than for the
time to do him. An exemplary mindset of survivalist instincts to which he
alluded before the federal courthouse in White Plains, New York,  so many months ago upon commenting over the
sentence he would come to serve.

Nick Spano has found employment at a real estate agency as a
manager of a store, not as a real estate broker. He needs time to regain his
brokerage license.

The residential re-entry facility has standards that must be
met. Nick Spano will need to be in the facility by 7 pm every evening and may
depart for work after 7 am. He cannot drive his own vehicle to and from work;
he cannot own or use a cell phone. There are many more restrictions that will
continue to govern Mr Nick Spano’s life and lifestyle.

He has weathered the crisis with great integrity. His family
must be credited for supporting him with love and concern and pride for their
son, husband, father, and brother.

Welcome home Nick Spano. Welcome Home!


eHeziBREAKING NEWS: Welcome Home Nick Spano. Welcome Home! By HEZI ARIS

Comments 41

  1. welcome home nick,and good luck in the to
    me are a champ for standing up like a man.take care
    you look great.
    bobby m.

  2. so true but, its better being humble and idependant than having to SMOKE A CANNOLI the hard way as the other poster said to get a little more.the silence speaks for itself.I cannot say i didnt have a few laughs with the above mentioned .I NEVER NEVER NEVER TRUSTED A ONE OF THEM and my instincts proved to be correct .ALL SELF SERVING con artists looking out for themsleves. enjoy you retirement years may they be long and healthy

  3. He can’t because it is ABSOLUTELY true!
    There are those “Good Fellas” in our Department that can do no wrong and get away with anything they wanted to do.
    Rudy was just one of them.

  4. reply to Fitzpatrick, Who would ever trust a politian’s intentions???? Yonkers has always had history of terrible Mayors, this one will be added to that list.

  5. Hezi, these posts are pathetic. Nick has helped much more then his brother. It’s unfortunate that a Mayor can create such a baseless attack on city workers. The outsider influence is clearly evident and nobody has any trust in his intentions.

  6. I’d like to be…..
    Under the sea……
    In a jellyfish’s garden…..
    In the shade……(of thousands of pension dollars overhead)
    Ouch, that one hurt!
    High Five!

  7. these aint jelly fish GAVONE you getting stung by MAN O WARS.. OUCCHH, EHH, OWE , stop stinging me .this aint the nick spano article no more it a pig roast and guess who the pig is??

  8. You are a narcissistic cunt Rudy!
    You have no shame!
    You should just slither away and enjoy your ill gotten pension gains.
    You, Piggy, and the Fat man are all one in the same.

  9. if your so fond of nick why dont you give him one of your medals, or maybe his little brother could have a nick spano the great wop day .you could be the grand marshall.seeing how he didnt have an income for a year maybe you could spot the piasan a few lira $ you got from the numerous build ups you worked. GAVONE contrary to what you may have thought,the job didnt fall apart with out you and from the text of these posts nobody misses you either!

  10. Stand up guy? Are you serious?
    Let me forget to claim a half of million dollars to the Feds and see what I get in the way of prison time. I would be sent away for a VERY, VERY LONG TIME!
    Look at that mope of a cop in Mount Vernon! He is going to get 7-years for defrauding the city out of a few hundred dollars!
    Nick got how many months in a federal country club?
    Oh, I forgot, Nick only paid a $50-K fine.
    Where do I sign up for that kind of deal?
    You have got to be kidding me!
    Gangster Government at its finest.

  11. You got to be kidding-Nick a stand up guy-Nick was a thief who betrayed the people of Yonkers-He fessed up because he got caught -people with your mind-set are the reason that Yonkers politics is the cesspool that it is today and will continue.

  12. Hey Hezi, I know you love him, but you know the only reason he runs to you with old news is to get you off his back so you don’t start sniffing around his closet!! but the truth will set you free Hezi!! be the real investigative reporter you claim to be, the porter at city hall can feed you the same info you are getting from Vinnie AKA Fredo! I think the clerk’s Office was better off with Jose!! but then again, we all know Vinnie set him up and sold him down the river to you and the I.G.!!

  13. Nick was and is a stand up guy.Took his medicine like a man and fessed up.I cannot condone his actions,but he did not whine and cry over what he did to himself and his family.

  14. With Nick back in town, the underhanded deal making and focus on squeezing more money and resource out of the COY will begin in earnest. If you think the COY has been flushed down the toilet with Mikey the Magnificent; just wait. Now that the Spano field marshal is back, there
    won’t even be a damn toilet. Hold your noses fellow taxpayers; it’s really going to hit the fan now!

  15. let’s see what we can do for Nick…traffic cameras? Mike took care of that already….casino deal…done. let’s make a cannoli tax for non-residents working in YO.

  16. I’m sure there’s some Onaps way around that outdated law. Nick not able to get his real estate license back? Make him a manager…I’m sure the deals will still get done no matter who’s name is behind them. Who needs a real estate license?

  17. “A fact confirmed by Vinny spano” Vinny spano and fact should not be in the same sentence. More shit comes out of that guys mouth then a sewage plant.

  18. Hey with April 15 th just around the corner Nick gets out just in time to file his taxes. Oh that’s right he is exempt. Taxes are for shmucks like the rest of us. Just waiting for all the ass kissers to sound off on what a great guy he is. Kiss kiss how about a job Nick. Kiss kiss you’re one a da guys ya know. Slurp slurp slurp welcome home. Lets see how Dog face pisses on Mikey now. I bet she does it standing up.

  19. Congratulations to nick and his family. This must be a great day for them. You did wrong nick but by the federal governments standards every waiter/waitress/bartenders in the country should be charged with tax evasion.

  20. welcome home NICK…we missed you. Hey…I have one question. How much aid has sen. cuzins brought to yonkers from Albany? Just asking lmao.

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