Yonkers Faces $150 Million Budget Deficit; Don’t Tell Anyone! By HEZI ARIS

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Download Superintendent Pierorazio's Tesimony – Joint Legislative Budget Committee – January 29, 2013 – Albany, NY

YPS Superintendent
Pierorazio’s Joint Legislative Budget Committee Testimony of January 29, 2013

YONKERS, NY — February 24, 2013 — The Yonkers Tribune was not made aware of Yonkers Public
School (YPS) Superintendent Bernard Pierorazio’s January 29, 2013, testimony
before New York State's Joint Legislative Budget Committee. Prior to Mr
Pierorazio’s presentation, the YPS Superintendent thanked those in attendance:
co-chairs Senator John A. DeFrancisco and Assemblymember Herman D. Farrell, as
well as Education Chairs Senator John J. Flanagan and Assemblymember Catherine
Nolan for allowing him a venue to share his perspective of the state of affairs
with regard to the Yonkers Public School District (YPSD). The local delegation
was comprised of Senate Minority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Senator
George Latimer, as well as the delegation chair Assemblymember Gary Pretlow and Assemblymember Shelley

Pierorazio began with defining the basic figures, that is,
the present YPS Pre-K-12 enrollment for 2013-2014 as 26,530 students. First he
expressed the need for consistent and equitable funding for public education
noting that it has not been addressed and offering no mitigation for, or
beginning the promise of open discourse in Albany to be thereafter expressed to
the community at large.

His next postulation was deflating cerebrally
and disheartening emotionally. He spoke to his administration’s continuing inability
to define how instructional efforts, and the subsequent data by which they measure the delivery of efficacious educational translations of the appropriate
class subject matter to best translate education standards demanded. It
seems Mr Pierorazio is still pondering issues that continue to evade his
intellectual ability to grasp his charge as Yonkers Public School

The next logical expression of thought is for Pierorazio to quickly
blame Albany for its allegedly callous disregard for the YPSD. This supposition
was delineated with notice of all the deficiencies he recognized but still, he
offered no remedy to even one. He continues to speak over the heads of those to
whom he was offered a venue only show the august body that they may be clueless
and how brilliant he can compose a dissertation. The human student element is
devoid of the presentation I write herein. He has not gained respect for the
YPSD's plight, nor has he convinced anyone that a solution toward remedy

Lastly he promotes the need for rebuilding a Public Private
Partnership dynamic when he has not afforded Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano the
relevant information by which to judge the validity of the P3 paradigm, as Mayor Spano personally assured this reporter.

What right does Pierorazio have to promote an unproven
fiscal concept without advising the public at large as to the costs? Why should
Yonkersites trust Pierorazio his contention when he has afforded no proof to
the concept? YPSD Chief Adinistrative Officer Joseph Bracchitta has become an
advocate / spokeperson for the P3 concept, but he too, offers no numbers to
substantiate the grand concept. For whom  does the P3 concept work? For how many years
will the cost encumber the Yonkers taxpayer? How much will those that espouse
the concept make as consultants to the firms engaged in this concept for the
City of Yonkers (CoY)? Plus, there are many more questions that have yet to be
asked, much more. There are no legally codified protections afforded the Yonkers taxpayer from being taken to the cleaner should hiccoughs exist in this yet to be completely revealed concept. The Tax Incremental Finance (TIF) scheme
was nirvana when it was first presented. Yonkers
trashed it within days for not serving the needs of CoY. Where is
the proof that P3 is a valid concept for Yonkersites?

The most unnerving issue is that in mid February New York
State Comptroller
Thomas DiNapoli presented Yonkers a Fiscal Profile, an analysis scrutinizing Yonkers state of fiscal affairs. Unfortunately, the
figures tabulated were based upon figures a year old. Nevertheless, Comptroller DiNapoli’s data
analysis presented a baseline from which future Fiscal Profiles may be appended
so as to ascertain progress or lack thereof.

Almost two weeks later, Yonkers
learns of Pierorazio’s presentation in Albany. Why does Pierorazio
not advise Yonkersites of the fiscal state of affairs of the YPSD? He advised

Read the figures and weep!

Anticipated Revenues as of 1/23/13 are $507,586,500, but the
Estimated Expenses of $550,176,813 reveal an Estimated Budget Shortfall of
$42,590,313. Editor’s Note: Yonkers Tribune stipulates a $100,000,000 shortfall on the city side. Together,
the Budget shortfall is approximately $150,000,000. Though no one in City Hall
or Yonkers City Council has divulged its grand scale.

Instead of finding some solutions to the fiscal plight
facing Yonkers becoming central to every waking moment incorporated by the
executive and legislative branches of government, Yonkers continues to engage
in pointless drama. 

Editor's Note: Considering no one is discussing the impending fiscal crisis, it is likely not a crisis and this is all B.S., including Mr.Pierorazio's presentation, except for the promotion of the Private Public Partnership concept that will encumber Yonkers for the next 30 years with debt promoted by those in power today who will meet their demise while Yonkersites continue to pay the bills those who promote P3 will have incurred in the name of all Yonkersites.

eHeziYonkers Faces $150 Million Budget Deficit; Don’t Tell Anyone! By HEZI ARIS

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  1. “An Interesting Week “
    Yonkers P.B.A. President Keith Olson continues to attract a pungent odor when he was spotted entering the Internal Affairs Building on January 22, at 36 Radford with P.B.A. Attorney Andrew Quinn to face one of several pending Internal Affairs investigations against him. The investigation was brought to light, when Olson attempted to uncover the facts himself, but was caught on surveillance tape spray painting city property. Rumor has it that he even summoned one of his own members to his office that apparently fueled his vehicle that day, and verbally threaten him. Come on Olson, where is the “Benevolence “? One has to wonder what was discussed. Did Olson come clean; did he provide an excuse that would not be extended for the ordinary street cop in the same scenario?
    Keeping in step with his stellar reputation of being known as person having no credibility within the department, the city, and throughout the county, the public is wondering what was discussed. They are also wondering if your members have the option of requesting such fine representation when they are being question. If that was not enough for the week, then it was reported that there was major shuffle within the department that included high ranking transfers, and Captain John Mueller of the 4th precinct was amongst the list to be transferred. Mueller, who is known for his boyish smile, and a reportedly troubling personality, he is also known to be ostracized by his own peers. Keeping in step with Olson, it was reported that Captain John Mueller exhibited shameful leadership skills when he and P.B.A. President Keith Olson merged and plotted a campaign to change a request of transfer in a public forum.
    Sources report, that Olson himself became very belligerent toward City officials by pestering phone calls to the Mayor’s office, and then responded to the fourth precinct and misguided a bunch of young rookies into going out and contacting the community urging them to flood the Mayor’s office and the Police Commissioners office with calls to support Mueller. It is clear that both Olson and Mueller used the police personnel for their own political use. The mission is the ultimate goal, not the individual. What’s that pungent smell?

  2. The best antidote is to get your kids OUT of the government schools.
    The “public school”, including the “charter school”, is BY FAR, the largest, most expensive, most subversive, and most destructive entitlement program in the country.
    The “public school” is better understood as the “government school collective”.
    It is silly to imagine that you can fix the public schools, because the very concept itself is collectivist.
    Any child that comes out of the government school collective with their moral compass and common sense intact does so in spite of the government school indoctrination, not because of it.
    If you want to win the culture war, have lots of children and homeschool them or form your own school cooperative with your church or synagogue and like-minded friends and relatives.
    Nobody loves your children more than you do.
    Nobody can teach your children better than you can.
    Nobody knows your children better than you do.
    Your children would love nothing better than to be taught by you, if you start doing so before they are corrupted by the government school collective.
    It is hypocritical for you to submit your children to an authority with whom you fundamentally disagree. And your children will know it.
    If you have children, make whatever sacrifices you must to get them out of the public schools.
    Especially not with your own children.
    He that pays the piper calls the tune, and that’s especially true for any government entitlement program.

  3. May be true facts about the school systems failure to educate, I am not sure.
    I just want to know how they gave raises with a projected 84 million dollar shortfall.
    I think it is 84 mil total, not 50 and 84?
    Anyway how the raises if truly in the hole by that much?
    BOE vote was 6-0 in favor. Did that order come from Cuomo, because no other rational person would do it knowing they would have to cut more teacher,dpw,police and fire jobs four months from now?
    Can you say one day a week garbage,forty kids to a class,one patrol car for the west side in the evening,one brigade for the downtown area?

  4. I agree with you 100% This would be the
    best answer to the problem in the Yonkers
    Public school system. I would offer a
    voucher amount of $10,000 and still save
    us $6,000 per student.

  5. If they did that, they would lose 25% of the student body along with all of those State Dollars.
    YPSD: Craping out illiterate morons for 40 years….

  6. If the enrollment is really 26,530, then we are spending Approx. $21,000.per student.
    We need to give each student a $5,000. voucher to any private or parochial school in Yonkers (so the money and jobs stay here). As a result we could be
    SAVING $16,000. per student per year for a total of $424,480,000.

  7. I heard today that Mikey has a 4 page document he is showing “us” supporting his gag order over “us.”
    Hey Mike, Fuck you!
    I will never remain silent you bag of shit!

  8. Thank you for getting this info out. I knew something was afoot ever since they passed the teachers contract like it was buisness as usual.
    They must have bought the teachers silence over the P3 plan, but they havent bought mine.
    How do they give a contract with raises one month and proclaim a 150 million dollar hole the next?
    Not to mention the teachers are about 2% ahead of other workers in yonkers.
    Nobody think they will want the same treatment?
    Did this raise come from cuomo for the teacher review plan in hopes it would spill over into NYC?
    How did that work out for ya?

  9. Very few politicians, civil servants, semi proffesional or otherwise would ever send children to these cesspool schools in yonkers,this should not be a surprise to anyone that doesn’t have their head in the sand. You have to feel for the people who are stuck in the system who can’t afford to pay for private schools.

  10. Yonkers Board of Ed’s problem is with the city administration having no longterm fiscal plan combined with an antiquated state aid formula for growing school districts like Yonkers. But, nobody cares when the Supt.’s kids went to Ardsley schools, the council pres.’s kids go to Riverdale schools and Mayor Spano’s kids go to private school in Yonkers. That says it all folks…..

  11. Supt. made sure HE received a multi-year contract with total benefits over $300k per year, while the teachers received a 1.5% raise, that isn’t even noticeable with the payroll tax increase. NO LEADERSHIP! Nobody believes these Sh#theads.

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