Anti-gang and Gun Violence Program Widely Successful in Yonkers

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SNUG-Don't Shoot NYYONKERS, NY – State and local leaders in the City
of Yonkers are fighting to keep a successful gun and gang violence prevention
program called SNUG fully funded. At the Friday, March 8, 2013, press
conference, Senate Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Senator
George Latimer, Assemblymembers Shelley Mayer and Gary Pretlow were joined by
members of the Yonkers City Council, Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles
Gardner, SNUG violence interrupters, local activists and members of the clergy
to call on the State to provide steady funding for the SNUG Program.

SNUG has successfully helped reduce shootings and
quell violence in Yonkers and in many cities throughout New York State.

The press conference was originally schedule to
take place at the corner of Elm Street and Oak Street which is the heart of
Nodine Hill, one of SNUG’s target areas, but was moved to the Yonkers YMCA due
to weather. SNUG has been highly successful in Nodine Hill. In 2010 – the first
year of SNUG – there were 8 shootings in Nodine Hill, but by 2012, that number
dropped to 2.

Citywide, the statistics are also dramatic. In
2010, there were 34 shootings in the City of Yonkers. In 2011, the number
dropped to 21, and by 2012, there were only 8 shootings in the City. This was a
76% drop from 2010-2012. The Yonkers Police Department says SNUG has been key
to reducing citywide shootings.

Democratic Conference Leader Andrea
Stewart-Cousins, who initially brought the SNUG Program to Yonkers, commented,
“SNUG has been enormously successful at reducing shootings in Yonkers and many
other communities throughout New York. But year after year, the future of this
program is uncertain due to funding concerns. The SNUG Program has saved lives
and helped young people understand that violence is not the answer. It has been
and will continue to be a great investment in our communities. SNUG was created
by the State, and it has produced real results, so the State should keep it

Senator George Latimer said, “The Yonkers Police
Department does an incredible job keeping the people of this City safe. Any
opportunity that we have as Legislators and representatives of State Government
to assist them in doing that job is a top priority.”

Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer said, “I am pleased
to stand with my colleagues in calling for full state funding for SNUG.
 It has been a tremendously successful program in Yonkers, helping to
reduce gun and gang violence.  It represents the types of investments that
help us reduce costs over the long term.”

“Due to the hard work of our Yonkers Police
Department and community leaders, Yonkers has seen a double-digit decrease in
crime in the last year,” said Mayor Mike Spano. “The highly successful SNUG
program, working with our police department, has contributed to a multi-faceted
approach in this reduction in gun and gang violence. Let’s keep up the momentum
– I urge our State leaders to recognize the value of SNUG and the many young
lives it has saved and can save in the future by continuing their support of
the program.”

Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick
remarked, “I applaud our state delegation for fighting for further aid to
properly fund SNUG. Quite simply, SNUG works and has proven results that the
program solves crimes, reduces gang violence and curbs shootings. While we have
come a long way in crime reduction, Yonkers needs SNUG along with our
Police Department, to continue to make our streets safer.”   

Councilman Wilson Terrero commented, “On behalf
of the Second Council District, I would like to thank Senator Andrea
Stewart-Cousins for her efforts in fighting for additional funding necessary to
maintain and continue the operation of the SNUG program here
in Yonkers.  As you know, the City of Yonkers, Mayor Michael
Spano, the Yonkers Police Department, local elected officials and I, are
determined to mitigate all types of violence and protect the safety and
security of this city’s many diverse communities.  Gang violence, and
violence in general, is not a problem that we address alone; we must work
together with the City's residents, businesses, and community and faith based
leaders to ensure that all type of violent behaviors are eliminated as an acceptable
social norm.  This program, and our partnership with this program,
supplements the fine work of our Police Department and Mayor Spano in
implementing successful efforts that have reduced crime and violence—and thus
has made Yonkers a safer place for everyone.  It is imperative
that this program continue.”

Councilman Christopher Johnson commented, “SNUG
has played a vital role in the decrease in violent crime in Yonkers. Thanks to
Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Democratic Conference Leader, and her colleagues this
effective program was brought to our community. Now we are asking for that same
support to be continued, so the trend of non-violence becomes the norm.”

Councilman Michael Sabatino said, "I urge
the NY State Senate and Assembly to approve funds towards this successful
worthwhile program.  Yonkers is the 113th largest city in the country and
one of the top ten safest cities.  Programs like this help our city to
maintain that high level of safety to our residents by working with our youth
to prevent gun violence."

Police Commissioner Charles Gardner commented,
“We support the SNUG program which has been an important component of our
department’s very successful & multi-faceted strategy to address gun related
violence in Yonkers.” 

Dr. Jim Bostic said, "Yonkers has made great
strides in reducing gang violence, and this has been a direct result of the
work of the Yonkers Police Department and the staff of project SNUG. They have
been the arms and the legs of the City of Yonkers' Violence and Gang prevention
coalition on the street."

John Thompson, Yonkers SNUG Program Manager said,
“One of the best things to happen in Yonkers is that it learned how to handle
many of the challenges of the streets.  One of these answers was project

The SNUG Program – which is “guns” spelled
backwards – was created by the New York State Senate in 2009 with a $4 million
allocation in the State Budget. The funding was distributed to targeted cities
throughout the State, and Senator Stewart-Cousins was able to secure $250,000
to bring the program to the City of Yonkers. After a competitive process, the
Yonkers Family YMCA was chosen to administer the program.

Since then, despite the program’s success, the
future of SNUG has been a yearly concern due to lack of funding. In 2011, when
SNUG funds had run dry and the program was in danger of shutting down, the
State Division of Criminal Justice Services came through with a $150,000 grant
to keep the program running for the remainder of the year. Recently, the
Yonkers City Council and Mayor Spano allocated $100,000 to keep SNUG running
until June of this year. State and local officials on Friday said this
uncertainty is not necessary.

Modeled after the Ceasefire Program in Chicago,
SNUG is a frontline violence prevention initiative which directly reaches out
to at-risk youth. SNUG violence interrupters are on call every night to respond
to and intervene in situations that could result in violence or escalate. The
SNUG workers in Yonkers are mostly ex-offenders who have turned their lives
around after serving time.

SNUG programs utilize grassroots neighborhood
outreach, public awareness campaigns and community mobilization to engage
youth. It’s a hands-on, street-level approach to prevent violence by shifting
attitudes, changing ways of thinking and interrupting disputes before they
spiral out of control.

eHeziAnti-gang and Gun Violence Program Widely Successful in Yonkers

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  5. Councilman Michael Sabatino said, “I urge the NY State Senate and Assembly to approve funds towards this successful worthwhile program.
    Councilman Christopher Johnson commented, “SNUG has played a vital role in the decrease in violent crime in Yonkers.
    Just to let you know Mr Sabatino and Johnson the guy you made a phone to keep as the Capt of the 4th Pct talks horrible about SNUG and puts them down every chance he gets….

  6. Hezi, Antonio sounds like a perfect candidate to interview for your show. Someone who will tell the truth behind this dog and pony show! Much respect Antonio. We need people like you fighting the good fight.

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    will keep gun violence down. So says
    Little Mario, aka spawn of Satan, Cuomo!!

  10. You can’t believe this dog and pony show bull, you need a machine gun and bullet proof vest to walk in Ghetto square at night.

  11. Not true! The gang and gun violence has stop and/ or slowed down because, of community activists like me, who have taken ourself to help educate and promote positivity within our community to make Yonkers, NY a better place to live, now our focus is on the corruption with the body of government which was elected to run this city.

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