EXCLUSIVE: Yonkers Inspector General Covill’s Findings Substantiated By HEZI ARIS

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COVILl-Kitley SNaming Names – The Rest of the Story

YONKERS, NY — March 23, 2013 — Robert Surlak’s resume, amassed by the fall of
September 2008, is superlative in the negative. He is the poster child for what
is wrong in Yonkers. Imagine, three times imprisoned, allegedly intoxicated on
the job while driving city-owned vehicles and his own pick-up truck, and still
abusing prescription pain medication. His days have grown into a routine
tolerated and enabled in the basement of 87 Nepperhan Avenue, blatantly before
the eyes of City Hall to these days in 2013.

Back in 2008, Surlak began his daily grind by picking up three,
six-packs of beer at the Convenient Market, near the Marble Works on Saw Mill
Road every morning. He also purchased a bag of ice. He had an agreement
with the Convenient Market where they allowed him to use about ¼ of the ice
package at a time. He placed about ¼ of the bag of ice into his tool bucket,
specifically onto the bottom of the tool bucket, and after placing the beer
cans within, concealed it all with a false bottom. He returned again for
additional ice around Noon time, and mid-afternoon, still driving a city truck,
and again in the evening, though this time in his sapphire black Chevy S10

2013, he parks his truck # 209 right in front of 87 Nepperhan Avenue and hides
in the basement drinking and drugging. All of the supervisors are fully aware
of what he does, but his stepbrother, General Services Manager Joe Celli
protects him. Many reports have been sent to Inspector General Kitley Covill (pictured)  [
Download IG Covill's March 22, 2013 DPW report ]. Surlak is  now slated to report to work at 168 Saw Mill River Road, but he is
late for work every day and yet nothing is ever done to correct his conduct.

Back in 2008, throughout the day, he was seen with a Pepsi in
his hand. In reality, he was holding and drinking a can of beer over which was
a can sleeve emblazoned with the Pepsi logo to hide the liquor that maintained
his inebriated state.

His supervisor then (and now) was step-brother Joseph Celli,
director of the Yonkers Office of General Services, who is personally familiar
with the challenges of driving while intoxicated, having years ago had his
city-truck seized by the  Cortland Manor Police Department upon his DWI
conviction. At that time, Celli took a voluntary suspension and an additional
rehab program before being permitted back to his city post. Back in 2008, Celli
drove his own vehicle but had lost the privilege of driving a city vehicle.

Retired Detective Joseph Surlack, known for his work in the Son
of Sam case, is Robert Surlack’s father. Unbeknown to the senior Surlack,
Robert Surlack has allegedly gotten away with being too often let go by YPD
when flashing his father’s PBA card and the obligatory chit chat that has
allegedly permitted him exit from further scrutiny.

Despite all the opportunities to change his ways, he has only
become more adept at cheating the system. For example, the license plate found
mounted on the rear of his S10 pick up truck was the same license plate number
that was placed on his wife’s vehicle. The plate placed onto his wife’s car was
detached from the front end of the S10 pick up truck. Both vehicles were not

Before being given a cell phone with GPS, Robert Surlack was
often seen sleeping the entire day away in his city owned truck. He is known to
boast about how he often abuses the system. Acid-tongued bloggers tell how he reveled in
noting that upon arriving at a job assignment that was considered a four hour
undertaking, yet upon inspection only required a 5 minute screw tightening; he
had instead allegedly logged it as a four-hour assignment.

Surlack has been caught of late in The Bronx buying drugs by NYPD Officers in
The Bronx, as well as allegedly stealing from various New York
City police
precincts, but because of a friend, he was let go. He has gotten
into numerous accidents with his city truck and never drug tested. He continues
to be a potential liability to Yonkers that may eventually be born by the taxpayer. Yonkers is self-insured. Obviously there is no supervision because
this city worker consistently plays the system devoid of any meaningful scrutiny.

It was
about two weeks ago that I.G. Covill questioned Mr Celli; questioning Mr Surlack the following day.

Celli has let his stepbrother get away with
robbing the City of Yonkers for years without anyone flinching. Surlak has been
drinking on the job everyday and doing drugs freely in city buildings while under
Celli's  direct supervision. Joe Celli is
just as much to blame,
letting him report to work whenever he wants yet doing no
work all day. His being allowed this conduct is a slap in the face to all city
employees who have known about his being allowed to indulge his habit, getting
paid on the taxpayer’s dime, and diminishing morale among those who do the
work they are required to perform.

two weeks ago, Joe Celli made Robert Surlack a supervisor of General Services,
letting him sit in the General Services office at 168 Saw Mill River Road and
doing nothing to earn his keep.

silence that permits Mr Surlack’s climbing the ladder from maintenance mechanic
pay to supervisory pay is a slap in the face to colleagues who abide by the
rules and give the best they can. Fellow employees are disgusted by Joe Cell’s
twisted conduct and likewise resent Robert Surlack’s dismissive attitude of
authority who protect him while robbing the Yonkers taxpayer.

Mr Joe Celli and Robert Surlack must be fired.

Surlack has stolen items of tremendous value that were supplies meant for the
Office of General Services, allegedly ranging from air conditioners to city
plows; all under Joe Celli's watch.

It was
conjectured that Joe Celli would be let go when
Mayor Mike Spano would take office but that was countered by Mr Celli’s
bragging of his having the Spanos in his pocket, which now seems to be true.
Alas, he continues to be compensated $140,000 annually.

mentioned this crisis to DPW Commissioner Tommy Meier last month. When
we learned of I.G. Covill’s scrutiny of many of the issues we raised as far
back as 2008, we instead awaited her report before divulging this writing.

telling is meant to further substantiate the findings of I.G. Covill. Since no
names were mentioned in her report, we await Yonkers City Hall dismissing
these alleged culprits from their respective jobs.  

eHeziEXCLUSIVE: Yonkers Inspector General Covill’s Findings Substantiated By HEZI ARIS

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  1. If you wanna talk shit about people you should learn how to spell their NAME correctly. Obviously you have nothing better to do with your time then talk shit about people you don’t know.. GET A LIFE…….

  2. Meier is clueless he releys on his Manangers maybe hire a commissioner whos qualifyed not a someone who ran a veterans affairs and if its true with that guy tiederman he should be looked at as well and the long lunches they have

  3. Yonkers. That’s how it’s spelled. It is “to” not “too”. I didn’t read further because I don’t have my red pen to correct your grammar.

  4. Joe Celli is a punk!!! Celli throws his weight around and is nothing but a @#$%ing PUNK!Surlack is a dime a dozen in the DPW. Nothing will change, dont you know that.

  5. Put your money where your mouth is HEZI!! launch an investigation into the credentials of our current acting city clerk!! but we all know you won’t ask him for a certified copy of his “high School Diploma” because little fredo feeds you bogus information he gets two days after it breaks!! I want to see how HONEST you are! we are all counting on you to put this to rest!!

  6. Truth be told, I hear many allegations but don’t always have a method by which to check things out because many people do not corroborate the allegation? If you have probable info, I will print it but I need to know the entire story.
    Kindly, Hezi

  7. Hezi whwn is the story about FRANK THE DRUNK McGOVERN.You know the big bully tough marine that the whole office HATES is he still grabbing the asses of those LATINO girls there come on Hezi PRINT IT .

  8. How about Investigating the Teamsters also why
    Is the Chief Steward of Yonkers and A Business
    Agent from Elmsford who supposedly represents
    The Yoners DPW Workers Allowed too get there
    Kids Jobs on the City of Yonkers ? That sounds like
    Union sellout to me as well as Nepotism in which
    Violates the City of Yonkers Ethics Laws.
    Oh yeah I Forgot the Inspector general paid
    By the Mayor will only go after people outside his circle !!

  9. These guys are cut from the same cloth as that group of Yonkers DPW Goons who verbally abused that women reporter several years back at City Hall during a City Council Meeting. The days of the “Good Old Boys” network is coming to an abrupt end. These “GOONS” will not only lose their cushy jobs, but a number of them will likely end up on the unemployment line, where Federal and State Investigators will be lining up to file additional charges of corruption against them.
    Then when all of this is said and done, I would love to see that Women Reporter question them as they are being led out of a courtroom in handcuffs and ask them how does it feel now (With the most likely response will be a bunch of unrepeatable foul langage spewed back at her again.

  10. How come the Spanos hired deputy county executive Plunketts girlfriend in Yonkers ? Was there no Yonkers man or woman that could do this job?

  11. Nothing will happen to to him he got a good clean record compared to 90 percent of his co WORKERS if you can call them drunkin druggin newspaper reading scrap metal gas and diesel car truck parts stealing Overtime no show lazy BUMZ.Drive down most dead end streets you will see them all sleeping 930-12 then move to another dead end 1-215 everday.Nothing will happen maybe a raise thats it.

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