EXCLUSIVE: The Borough of The Bronx and Brooklyn Fight to Host Nick Spano By HEZI ARIS

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Spano_nick22YONKERS, NY – March 2, 2013
– Not even one week has passed
since Nick Spano, the former New York State Senator, was released from a
Federal prison in Pennsylvania to a residential “Re-entry” facility in The
Bronx. The Bronx facility seemingly lost the “honor” of being host to the
famous / infamous inmate to Brooklyn, specifically to the Metropolitan Detention
Center (MDC). Or did it? It now seems Brooklyn has lost the “fight” for Nick Spano. Was
it a battle between the boroughs or did something else insinuate itself into
the equation? We are at that point in this “drama” which begs the question, “Where
is Nick Spano?” Despite having served the time demanded of him, will Nick Spano
be lost in one borough or another; a victim of misplaced paperwork? Is Staten
Island next in line?  

eHeziEXCLUSIVE: The Borough of The Bronx and Brooklyn Fight to Host Nick Spano By HEZI ARIS

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  1. it aint over till the fat lady sings.the first night in the joint is the worst .after the shock wears off its just inconvienience and fear . let a little fear sink in , incovienience.then the feds show up with a deal.a couple of years at club fed go by fast .you do yoga right nick? couple of nights at attica with the sodomites go by real sloooww.well see

  2. No, that’s the emperor club for you!
    These oleaginous bastards will stop at nothing to gain total control while exerting power over the “little people.”
    New flash: The Spano’s have no power over me.
    May they rot in Hell.

  3. i read online an old article about joel steinberg yonkers alummni and child abuser/ killer in new yorker magazine . as the press awaited his release he was trailed from dannemora to N.Y.C. TOLD not to stop for any reason piss in the back of the car if neccessary and keep a low profile .who told him ?the dept of parole .fast foward nick the felon gets a pass zooms home to his turf and puts on a STAGED MEDIA EVENT at the old parkside diner .remember the teflon don? well finally it stuck .we all done shit we aint proud of but, dont parade around in your dirty laundry THATS ARROGANCE!

  4. Just research “Empire Strategic Planning.”
    Many answers will be received.
    The Spanos have had their greasy nubby fingers into everything in this city.
    We are truly fucked now.

  5. The triumphant Kennedy-Spanos thought that they would put on the media show, depict Nicky as a returning hero and put in the Fed’s face.
    That is testament to their ignorance.
    As a result, tonight, Nicky sleeps in a cell, behind bars with the worst of the worst as cellmate.
    When Zehy starts talking, and that will be very soon, the Spanos will be once again reduced to their appropriate level, among the lowest of the low.

  6. go suck some oil out of an olive or nickys nuts for that matter.they both come from the same organized crime mentality /crowd as well as yourself.

  7. Nick is at Mike……Running City Hall from his brother’s nest. Yonkers is a pathetic place and the Spanos are a bunch of liars.

  8. Been trying to sell my house in Yonkers for three years and my realtor keeps telling me to drop my price. I have given up. But, I guess following the moves of a convicted felon is news worthy.

  9. No he didn’t. His brother the mayor said on tv that the family didn’t know why he went to jail. You are so full of shit.

  10. So true…Spanos and Yo have something in common. both have gone to shit and there’s no way to turn either around. No good news.

  11. I find it interesting that when he went to the diner it was major news. Now he is on his way back to jail and these news outlets give us what? Stop sucking his ass and do your job and report! These rumors have been floating for days now and this is all you have. Pathetic.

  12. the fact is that nick was in danger at the bronx
    half way house and requested to be housed in a
    safe detention house in brooklyn…..so even if you
    don’t like nick for whatever reason he is entitled
    to be safe from gang attacks until he is fully released
    from federal custody

  13. Could it be because the media were walking into the halfway house in order to try and get interviews with Spano? Anyone watch news12 last week on this????

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