Mayor Spano Requests Commission of Inquiry Into the Finances of The City Of Yonkers (CoY) to Conduct Independent Review of Yonkers Public Schools (YPS) Proposal to Rebuild Schools

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– March 8, 2013 –
Mike Spano today announced his request of the Commission of Inquiry into the
Finances of the City of Yonkers to conduct an independent fiscal review of the
Yonkers Public Schools’ recently released study on infrastructure improvements
to city schools, entitled Yonkers PRIDE: Performance-based Rapid Infrastructure

Editor’s Note: The
study has not been released to the public or to the media.

“This is an ambitious proposal and I’ve been
looking forward to reviewing the alternative options to update our schools.
While I recognize the critical importance of devising innovative and expedited
solutions for the extraordinary capital needs of our schools, the City’s need
to frame solutions which promote fiscal stability is paramount,” said Mayor
Spano. “It is incumbent upon me as Mayor to do my due diligence and vet this
proposal to see what is best for both our public school system and our
taxpayers as we navigate our city back onto the road of fiscal stability.”

Under current law, the Mayor and the City Council
are responsible to taxpayers for decisions of large scale borrowing for school
systems. The Yonkers PRIDE proposal changes that system.

Editor’s Note: It turns
everything upside down. The YPS is wagging the City of Yonkers. The YPS
District is a separate entity and is not under the direction of CoY. The only
connection between the mayor and the Yonkers Board of Education is that the it
is the mayor who appoints Trustees to the Yonkers Board of Education Board of
Trustees. The Public Private partnership has been studied for years prior to
Mayor Mike Spano acceding to office, that is, under the former administration, that
of former Mayor Phil Amicone. The majority of appointees to the Yonkers BoE
Trustees Board of Directors were appointed by former Mayor Phil Amicone.
requesting the Commissioner’s review of the proposal, the Mayor is seeking a
better understanding of the fiscal implications of that change for the Yonkers
taxpayers and the City’s school children.

The Yonkers taxpayer will
become encumbered, that is liable, by action taken by an entity over which the
taxpayer has no sway.

Mayor Spano added, “The commission’s earlier work
in clarifying the size of Yonkers’ structural imbalances was invaluable. We
believe they can make similar contributions when reviewing the YPS proposal.”

The Yonkers Public Schools this week submitted the
proposal to Mayor Spano for consideration of the administration. The 144-page
report outlines various options for a proposed Phase I capital infrastructure
improvement project, which would address substandard conditions in six YPS
schools at a cost up to $1 billion.

When YBoE Superintendent
Bernard Pierorazio first presented the Public Private Partnership, he has
already engaged the Yonkers Public School District in exploration of a solution
whose costs have yet to be revealed.

In 2012, Mayor Spano convened the Commission of
Inquiry on the City of Yonkers Finances, led by former Lieutenant Governor
Richard Ravitch, former New York State Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, Jay Bryant
and Taurrus Richardson and several experts in local and state finances in order
to obtain a more in depth look at the City’s finances.

The City of Yonkers currently estimates an $86
million budget shortfall for 2013-2014, and a four-year budget gap of
approximately $500 million by 2016. Yonkers’ budget for the current fiscal year
is $955 million while the Yonkers Public School budget is $490 million.

Editor’s Note: The Yonkers BoE budget deficit is $48 million for this fiscal year. Add
$86 million more with respect to the city side of the equation, an additional
$8 million of infrastructure destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, $5 million in
overtime costs due to the delayed hiring of a new class of Yonkers
Firefighters, and the total is $147 million, which I will refer to as a $150
million deficit.

Editor's Note: Yonkers Tribune has made an official request of Yonkers City Hall, and of Corporation Counsel, and given notice of our conduct by cc'ing Inspector General Kitley Covill, as well as having made inquiry of Senator Greg Ball's Office and also of Senate Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins. Assemblymember Shelley Mayer has advised she has now information over the P3 project because she is not engaged in the YPS Disctrict's Capital Improvement Plan.

eHeziMayor Spano Requests Commission of Inquiry Into the Finances of The City Of Yonkers (CoY) to Conduct Independent Review of Yonkers Public Schools (YPS) Proposal to Rebuild Schools

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  1. is it true ties to ONAPS are owners of a new main property the city purchased at “fair market value??”…where is the inspector general?

  2. Why did the city condemn the property’s on New Main street to daylight the river with the $8,000,000 given to them by the state? There is NO approved developer? Cappelli is out how did Struver become the new guy? Were are they getting the rest of the money if they have spent over $5,000,000 buying the property’s at discount prices? Now there will be a bunch of vacant building there for years to come…

  3. The wheels on the bus keep turning round, turning round, turning round. The wheels on the bus keep turning round, turning round, turning round!
    I’m sure we are all going to be fine. Saint Nick will deliver oodles and oodles of money for Yonkers by having DelBello push for more mega developments throughout Yonkers. They won’t be happy until this city looks like Detroit.
    The Scarf and Re-Run have lots of “snugs” to keep them warm and fuzzy at night, so we are good there on the corner of entitlement and pandering streets.
    Lesnick the Liar is dreaming of 1,000 ways to screw more money out of our pockets while he is moving up the parasitic ladder.
    The Republican Counsel has been emasculated from the start.
    Sabatino is looking for whatever Sabatino looks for.
    I know nothing about Terrero, so feel free to chime in on this rant!
    And little Fredo has all the strings that his family is pulling (because he is too fucking stupid to actually pull the strings himself.)
    Whatever happened to the lawsuit compelling the BOE to “open their books?” Oh, that’s right, I will just appoint some Republicans to various boards as so I can have them in my pocket!
    I would love to see the list of “approved contractors” who will be doing all of the proposed improvements to our wonderful schools.
    Do I really need to get going on all of the political appointments from this Mayor?
    Sue “Out of Town Dog Face”
    Rosa Parks Department (from out of State no less!)
    All of the financial waste emanating from this BOOB is mind numbing….
    But in reality, it’s the “The Family”, don’t ever forget about this family!
    The Spano’s have been running things for over 40 years in this shitty town.
    Thank God for this website. This is the only place you can tell people about these cock suckers and what they are doing to us all on a regular basis.

  4. But Hezi, it doesn’ t make any sense… Why would the Mayor spend the better part of a year going after the FD when their o.t. budget makes up only .5 of 1% of the overall budget? It just doesn’t make sense??? Was the Mayor just trying to enact some sort of personal vendetta against the firemen with blatant disregard for the taxpayers of the city he was elected to lead? I’m so confused…..

  5. hezi im in your camp .it did not cost 5 million dollars for the delinquent hiring of the fireman.all these numbers dont add up .i know the numbers and appreciate your due dilligence but it is now becoming a complete farce.when the comptroller appoves it .it has credibility.I KNOW THE NUMBERS AND THEY ARE well as the rest of the numbers the city officials throw up/out. grab a deck of uno cards and shuffle and throw …thats what you got here .there is not one c p a who would touch these numbers to certify for fear of lossing his certificate /licencse. they are ficticious and any body with any business sense could see through that quickly

  6. Thanks mayor spano, you were listening or common sense has caught your attention. The p-3 will be a ruination of our city tax base.
    The BOE just gave the teachers a raise in a 6-0 vote.
    This in spite of the fact that the teachers are already appx. 2% ahead of other workers.
    Does this not give you the indication of how the BOE intends to control the budget, They dont!
    I am not telling you to ask anybody for a giveback, change in employment benefits or anything in that line of thinking.
    I would just ask that you balnce the budget, cut where you need to without impinging on contracts or workers rights so it holds and we do not have to go through shit like this,
    Who would ever give 60% of the workers in yonkers a raise when you have a possible 10% shortfall.
    Oh, me, me, me, teacher I had my hand up first, “The board of Ed”. By a 6-0 vote.

  7. o let me get this right Hezi….Shit Head Spano wants to give the Schools 1 BILLION dollars thats right with a “B” , to improve the infrastructure of the Yonkers Schools, after we already give the Yonkers Schools $490,000,000 Million every year of the entire $950 million budget… The graduation rate is less than 50% and out of that 50% only 17% finish a 4 year college….. Mount Vernon has better stats….
    Yonkers Pays 23k per year per student.
    I cant sell my house in this shit city because of the Schools and all you want do is throw more money at them…..
    Oh yeah and we just gave the Teachers a raise

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